My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Goodbye Blue Sky


The sky at noon today.

Scary Math?

Ann in CT asked:
About fudging the increases and decreases because your row gauge is off. I’m about to face this problem. My pattern calls for 30 rows to 10cm and I’m getting 32 rows. What kind of scary math do you have to do to make the adjustment? (And I realize I haven’t given enough info on my pattern, but I figure there must be a general rule of thumb. For instance on the sleeves it’s increase 2 sts on the 13th row and the 4 following 16th rows.)

Let me say first off that math is not my forte. So I try to do things as simply as possible.

Figuring from what you tell me, the increases are done over 77 rows. (That’s 16 times 4 plus 13 equals 77 — right?) 77 rows in the pattern row gauge of 30 rows to 10cm (4 inches) gives you a length of about 10.25 inches over which you are doing your increases.

Your row gauge is 32 rows to 10cm (4 inches), so you will knit 82 rows to achieve the same 10.25 inches. What I would do is increase on the first three 16th rows and the following two 17th rows — that’ll give you 82 rows total.

Or something like that. Did I do the math right?

It’s New Project Monday!

Wheee! A new sweater to knit! A new sweater to knit!

I had a goodly amount of Rowan Calmer in my stash, in shade 480 (Peacock), that has been calling out to become a nice, comfy sweater.

Because I’m not quite yet over the Summer of Lace, I started by knitting a lace edging for the bottom. I do so love a good lace edging.


I picked up stitches along the straight edge of the lace, and started knitting up for the back of my sweater.


This is going to be a long tunic style sweater, with a little bit of waist shaping, with long set-in sleeves.

I haven’t thought of a name for the design yet — nothing is calling out to me!

Lucy Sez


When I strike a cute pose, I get more greenies.


  1. That is a very pretty blue color. It is dreary and rainy here in CT. Plus, it is warmer outside that it is in.

    Thanks for the link before on the greenies. Some are on their way here and I am sure the 2 kitties (plus the dog) will thank you when they get here.

  2. Naming the new sweater? How about a contest? I nominate Skye!

  3. Hi Wendy. This is very un-knitting related but wanted to ask you what download program you have for Irving and (can’t remember your Nano’s name). My daughter wants an iPod and wants to subscribe to an online music store and I haven’t a clue. I do own an iPod mini, but I only download the knitcast. :o) Thought you’d be the one to ask.
    Thanks for a great read every night! And hi to Miss Lucy.

  4. Guess you could name it ‘Rita’…

  5. This is my first post on your blog ๐Ÿ˜€ I just had to tell you that every day I anxiously hover over your blog for a new entry. I truly aspire to have your wealth of knitting knowledge someday. My knitting supervisor is a rabbit, and my quality control is a parrot who is in charge of durability/destructability testing. I do love seeing all the beautiful things you knit, and I use your tips quite often. Well, I didn’t intend on writing a novel here, but I just wanted to tell you what your blogging and inspiration means to me. Thanks for sharing your hard work and creativity.

  6. While we’re voting for names, I nominate “Plume”. That color is absolutely scrumptious.

  7. Totally random name came to mind, so I’ll jump on the suggestion band wagon and submit “Persephone.”

  8. Skye sounds like a wonderful name, I’ll second it ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as sweaters… you know, I wish I could actualize a design half as well. I seem to be perpetually in a state of “Ooh, and this sounds good too… and this…. and this ….”

  9. Nice! Some day I will be able to knit sweaters on the fly!!

  10. The edging of the new sweater looks beautiful and the color very pretty. For some reason, I feel like I’m hearing soft music when looking at it; so I’ll cast in “Melodious Note”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yay! More cute poses, Lucy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. But even your cloudy about to rain sky is gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Eternal optimist am I, eh?
    LOVE the hourglass sweater! And it looks great on! Perfect fit, as per usual. I especially love the interest and character the pooling gives.
    great edging. And yes, Lucy, you are the cutest here!

  12. Be thankful that you’re not from Pittsburgh. That’s what the weather is like here all year round.

    And that’s a beautiful blue. How can I get people to start giving me nifty yarns to knit with?

  13. Of course, you should call it: WHISPER. A Whisper won’t call out to you and it IS being knit in c a l m e r……

    my $0.02,
    EyeStamp in Ohio

  14. Absolutely beautiful colour, much like the hue of the sky here yesterday evening. I would call it ‘Wuthering Heights’as that was the kind of wild and windy rainy night we’ve had in London.

  15. On my monitor the new sweater is the same color as Lucy’s eyes. With due respect to Frank Sinatra and the fact that you already have a sweater named Lucy I am suggesting “Blue Eye-lit”

  16. Susan Maurer says:

    Sheesh, folks are so fast around here. And much more clever than I. I was going to suggest “Blue Sky” for the sweater name. But Rita may be more a-propos. I’m from Pgh (in Fla now), and Alisa’s correct on the weather there, but that makes for good stay-indoor-and-knit time! Can’t wait to see what the sweater tells you its name is. Are you gonna publish a second book o’patterns? Blue Sky Rita looks like a good design startin’…

  17. Thanks for the math lesson Wendy. I had looked in my Voge Knitting and it made my eyes cross. And Calmer rocks.

  18. I love the lace edging. That, paired with the tunic length and feminine waistline plus the color make me think of Arthurian legends. How about Guinevere? Or Avalon? It is a sort of misty color…a bit mysterious, don’t you think? Also, I wondered what type of brush you use on Lucy. Do you use a wire slicker or a nylon one?

  19. Sweater name suggestion…what about “Calm Waters”… ?

  20. Nano questions. Have you been keeping track of all the complaints about the Nanos? I haven’t had any issues with mine but then again I am being very careful with her! What about you?


  21. A comfy sweater — geeze, it’s 104 here today in central Texas.

    I’ve noticed that you’re knitting with a lot of blue lately, maybe because of your grey skies? I’m choosing a lot of grey and purple, maybe because we get too much sun?

    One wonders …


  22. Well, higher math – I’m out on that one but what you said sounds good to me. Also, new project Monday – only you Wendy only you! You are more like new project Monday, new project Tuesday, new project Wednesday . . . the new sweater is beautiful! You continue to inspire!