My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



This morning’s sunrise:


I blame the Sky Queen for my sudden interest in taking photos of the sky.


I liked Mary’s suggestion of the name “Skye” for my new sweater, so Skye it is! But thanks to all of you for your suggestions — they were all fun and very creative!

I’ve made some nice progress on Skye — here she is.


I really love knitting with Calmer — it is close to being a perfect yarn for me. As much as I love wool, and as much as I love fair isles and arans, they are not really practical for wearing, when I get right down to it.

I spend my days in an office, so my poor fair isles and arans get very little wear, as it’s too warm for them most of the time. But I’m not a fan of acrylic yarn, and I really don’t like knitting with cotton, either. But Calmer is a joy to knit. It’s soft and squishy and sproingy. Ahhhhhhh . . . even the name makes me happy. Seriously, it’s hard to be anxious or angst-ridden when one is knitting with something called Calmer.


Other Yummy Yarn

Yep, Calmer is right up there. But so are wool/silk blends, like Alchemy Synchronicity, which I just used for my Hourglass Sweater.And you know what else is really really nice?

Cashmere/silk blends. Pardon me while I pause to drool.

Lookie here:


This is Filatura Di Crosa Trilly Cashmere Blend — I got 10 skeins of it (146 yards/skein, dk weight) on eBay. Paid less than half retail price, thank you very much.

I’m having fun dreaming about what it will become!

Help the Kitties!

A note from Ginger:
I am the cat adoption coordinator for my local animal shelter — Trenton Animal Control Bureau. As you can imagine, being in an urban area, we have way too many cats and kittens breeding, being abandoned and abused. More than we can find homes for. I have four sick kittens recuperating at my house now on antibiotics in addition to my 4 permanent cats from the shelter.

I was just wondering if you might list my information as a place to donate catnip toys to? I am planning to make some and take a basket with me on Saturdays and Sundays to adoption day at Petco and sell them for donations. We will probably “donate” one or two to a cat or kitten in a display cage as well. All the money will go to the care of the cats and kittens we are trying to get adopted. We have an account at a local vet office (who discounts for us) to get medical care. All of our food and litter is donated by Petco (they give us broken boxes and bags), so 100% of the money goes either to the Vet or for cleaning supplies for the cages.

Ginger’s blog is here and you can send her an email here.

Beauty Tips from Lucy

Jaimie L. asked:
I wondered what type of brush you use on Lucy. Do you use a wire slicker or a nylon one?

Lucy gets groomed with two brushes. First, this one:


She loves this brush, particularly when it is being wielded by The King of All Remote Controls.

After that brush, she gets a once-over with this one:


And after that, a bit of a lie-down is always good. Preferably in the middle of my knitting.



  1. Maybe Lucy isn’t too pleased about her grooming secrets being told!Very nice Trilly….

  2. My puppy needed a hug after he was brushed…it was so cute!
    Calmer is such a great yarn. So much yarn…so little time.

  3. Cute kitties! I have that purple cat brush too! My cat runs away from it, thinking it’s the scary purple hair eater. So what does he do? He finds my brush and uses it. He’s a weirdo, but I love him anyways!

  4. Wendy, thanks for choosing Skye! That’s the first time I’ve ever named a piece of knitting. Maybe if I started naming my UFOs they’d have a better chance of getting done?

  5. Ohhhhh, the Zoom Groom! I have to hide ours when it’s not in use, because one of the girls loves it so much she chews on it. But when I pull it out of it’s drawer, they both come running and fight over who gets zoomed first.

  6. In my house, all you have to do is say “zoom groom” and the dogs all RUN. (They also know “nail clippers” so I started calling them “toe choppers” and they learned that, too).

  7. What do you do to get all of her fur out of your projects? I’m currently knitting the Feather and Fans shawl from Gathering of Lace for my mother and my Oliver’s fur is all over it and in it… Usually I just ignore the fur when I’m working with thicker yarns, but it really shows up in the lace. He may be a shorthair, but he sheds a lot.

  8. Chappy has the doggie equivalent of that Zoom Groom brush. It grabs an enormous amount of hair . . . I love that!

  9. I also adore calmer, I think it’s like knitting with marshmellows ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Calmer rules!

  11. My kitty has that same purple cat-shaped brush. Alas, Muffin’s most jealous of Lucy because Muffin doesn’t get brushed as often or as thoroughly. Perhaps that is why she’s been leaving some hairball prezzies around the house for us…particularly on the cream-colored carpet.

  12. I hear you on the office temperatures. I’d like to experiment more with wool yarns and Fair Isle, but since my office is well-heated during winter (and winter here = 3 days in January where it might get below 40F), they aren’t practical for me to wear. Fortunately I can still tolerate acrylic!

    (Also, are there some line break tags missing in your Recently Completed list? Hourglass, Dew, and Varblommor are all showing up on one line in my browser….)

  13. Excellent choice in naming the sweater!
    I want to knit my friend a wedding shawl (more detail on my blog) and can’t seem to find the perfect yarn or pattern…I’d rather make up my own then buy one. I greatly admire the shawls you’ve designed and I have a question: how do you decide what lace stitches go together and how many repeats to do before changing to the next? Thanks for your help!

  14. A sweater named Sky, why didn’t I think of that? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Glad to have company, from one sky freak to the next!