My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We Interrupt This Knitting Blog . . .

. . . for a transit tale.

(I used to call such stories “Tales of Transit Terror” but these days that just isn’t funny. Sigh.)

I had a $20 subway farecard (cardboard with a magnetic strip on it) that I discovered did not work when I attempted to transfer its value to my SmartCard (plastic card with computer chip). I went on the Metro website and learned that when one has a faulty farecard, one is supposed to take it to a station master, who will check it to confirm that it is faulty, and then give you a “fare adjustment” envelope. You fill out a form, enclose the farecard, and mail it to Metro for a replacement.

So I think to myself “Is $20 worth the aggravation?” In my experience, Metro employees are less than helpful. I decided it was worth it, so approached a station master.

Me: Hi, I have a farecard here that appears to be faulty.

Her: Well, whaddya want me to do about it?

Thank you, Madam Station Master, for reaffirming my perception that most Washington Metro employees are Unhelpful, Disagreeable Trolls. It’s people like you who give everyone in Metro a bad name.

(I did get my stupid fare adjustment envelope after some discussion, but in retrospect, the aggravation was not worth it. Note to myself: Always go with the first instinct.)

Anyway . . .

Thanks for all your comments on what movies/television shows are good to knit by. Me? I love to knit to Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns, Brideshead Revisited, and any David Lean movie. Among other things. Like Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy . . .

Which reminds me . . . must put Buffy DVDs on my holiday wishlist!


Knitting on Skye continues.


Not much knitting last night due to editing and fatigue. Not much knitting this evening, due to dinner out with my dad. (Mmmmmm . . . calamari fritti . . . mmmmmm . . . )

My Torino pattern should be here in a day or two, and I will order the yarn shortly thereafter. I will use Heilo rather than Falk, because I prefer the non-superwash Dale wool. And I will indeed knit it in the round.


Why, yes, Lucy does have nice handpaw-writing, doesn’t she?

In answer to Phyl’s question, she must have learned to write before she came to live with me. Because a day after I adopted her, I got a card in the mail from her, thanking me for being her new mommy.*

Say it with me: Awwwwwwww!

Do I think someone helped her with the card? I suppose it’s possible.

*This ought to give the people who criticize me for excessive cat sentimentality something to gag about. Hee hee hee!

P.S. to Judith

I do wear my cowboy boots — but not in the summer!

And Finally

Well, shake it up baby now


Twist and shout


Come on, come on, come, come on baby now


Come on and work it on out


Dances With Catnip Mouse.


  1. Cowboy boots are for all year!!! Of course, I’m from Texas, so I may be biased. Then again, while I may not own as many pairs of cowboy boots as you do, I do own them with playing card motifs on them. And there are cactus ones.

  2. I forgot to ask – which picture more accurately reflects the color of the Skye sweater?

  3. Karen in MN says:

    Love the Lucy pictures!

  4. Ooooh, Mr. Darcy….how I love thee….Both in Bridget and P&P…..Loverly…

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hello Wendy – have you seen ‘A Month In The Country’ starring a young Colin Firth? The film is from the book of the same name by J.L. Carr.

    Happy Knitting

  6. And after the dance, maybe a Greenie?

  7. And after the dance, maybe a Greenie?

  8. Ahhhhh…a fellow Buffy-fan & knitter…I highly recommend knitting to those DVDs (or while watching Firefly on SciFi). I’m still trying to complete the set with Seasons 6 & 7…
    (hint hint if a certain family member is reading this comment…muhahahah)
    Love Skye! beautiful color!

  9. I seldom comment…but can I just say that I loved the photo set of Lucy dancing? (I actually laughed aloud and scared my colleagues.) Nice one…give her a Greenie for me!

  10. I’m a local, so my comment is to thank you for speaking out about Metro. For the price you pay to ride, you should be treated better than this.

  11. Might as well add Angel and Firefly DVDs while you’re at it:)

  12. Heh. I did almost all my Christmas knitting last year with the help of my BtVS DVDs. The Angel DVDs helped a little too, but I prefer Buffy.

  13. it totally depends on the station master person you get. I’ve had about a 50/50 result from them in terms of usefulness/friendliness. It also seems to depend on time of day and which station you’re at. And, uh, if you can even FIND the station master (I suspect if I counted the times I couldn’t find the station master as negatives, the negative list would be about twice as long).

    [for the curious: I’ve had good experiences at Ballston, Gallery Pl, Metro Center (strangely enough), and Virginia Square. Bad experiences at Rockville, Shady Grove, Rosslyn, and Farrugut West.]

  14. Well cooked alamari fritti is one of the best things ever. Too bad its so damn easy to mess up. I think the best I’ve had was in a small city in Spain.

  15. Wow, Lucy will need lots of rest and greenies after that show!

  16. Gee Wendy…I thought New York City had a monopoly on transit (non)workers from hell!

  17. CatBookMom says:

    It’s not just the transit authority. The dying of ‘common’ courtesy is running just a bit behind the death of ‘common’ sense.

    Go home. Play with Lucy. You’ll feel much better.

  18. The poorly timed and completely unpublicized single tracking for the past two weekends aside, I’ve actually found metro employees to be somewhat helpful.

    Maybe I’m just prejudiced by the time that a metro employee got a knitting needle that I’d dropped onto the train tracks for me.

  19. Ah, transit staff are the same the world over. Cityrail in Sydney recently “improved” their timeliness by removing some of the trains from the timetable. Apparently now that there are less trains, they’ll be more likely to run on time…. Or something. Dh assures me that it doesn’t seem much different, except that theres more people on the trains.

  20. But do you sing along with Buffy and the Scoobies during “Once More with Feeling”?

    Need the lyrics:

    Great Lucy action shots.

  21. Hurrah for cat sentimentality!

  22. colin firth as darcy…

    great – now i have to resist the urge to run home, abandoning all my school and KH responsibilities, and watch pride and prejudice at least twice in a row. with the requisite “play over and over” pause at the bathtub scene. . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Oh Lord Maeve, you had to mention the bathtub scene…must go watch it again…can I throw in a shout-out to the pond scene? *sigh* ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucy, you’re a doll!

  24. Christine says:

    Yes, Metro suc-diddly-ucks. I already have my first cold of the season due to the hacking, wheezing, child germ toting parents who ride the Metro everyday who refuse to cover their mouths and cough all over the back of your head! Sweet. I’m not sure which is worse, the people trimming their nails or the coughers. Ick.

  25. Ah. Knitting to Mr. Darcy. Such bliss. Actually, I have a whole winter planned of knitting with a neighbor to Pride and Prejudice. If it works, we will have to move on to other things.

  26. Lucy is the CUTEST!! Love the dance she does!

  27. great series of lucy pictures! what a ham, she deserves more greenies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. I swear – that cat will do just about anything for Greenies! She’s a smart one (I bet you gave her some after the photo shoot, didn’t you). Skye is looking lovely and in Wyoming cowboy boots are appropriate all year round (although I don’t like to wear them to work – it’s the whole skirt thing, and they’re not that great in the snow and ice) – for some it is the only appropriate footwear. ???

  29. And she dances, too!?! Cool cat;-)

  30. Like peanut butter and chocolate, knitting and Buffy just go together. Knitting and Veronica Mars are a great combo as well.
    I like the Lucy dance. I get the same dance when I come home from work and Roxie wants food.

  31. The metro. Such convenience, such a mixed bag of employees! Perhaps WMATA should put Miss Manners on the board.

  32. I thought of you an d Lucy this past weekend because at PetSmart there was this beautiful Himilayan kitty in Lucy’s colorway (and yes I know she’s a ragdoll but this cat, coco, still reminded me of her). Her owner had to get rid of her because her elderly mother with severe allergies came to live with them. Coco was such a sweet kitty, reminded me of what Lucy must be like. Fortunately Coco is in a no-kill facility so she’ll find a good home, but if any of your readers are around Peoria, Illinois contact Petsmart and get yourself a gorgeous cat (they also had a purebred Scottish Fold for adoption) that’s as sweet as can be, they won’t regret it.

  33. You really have a knack for finding an earworm that will stick with me all day. How do you do it?

    Still…resisting…Torino…but keenly eyeing the CSprings sweater…gah!

  34. Hey there, Wendy.

    You mention you like to watch Buffy while you knit… Have you seen the show Firefly? Joss Whedon’s (creator of Buffy) ‘sci-fi’ show… but it’s really not sci-fi. It’s about people, and has some of the very best parts of Buffy along with the funniest dialog ever. If you can netflix it, cool, if not, the WHOLE SHOW is on dvd for about 30$.

    Good luck!
    Mouse (Diehard firefly fan)

  35. I’ve been watching for a “Slay-fest” Buffy Marathon given that it is Halloween season and all… Such a Buffy geek, I am.. I even have a mini Buffy lunch box that I use to hold my stitch markers.

    Skye is looking so loverly… can’t wait to see her all done up.

  36. Oh man, am I glad to see the Whedon love! I’ve been to see Serenity twice already… the first time I wore my Jayne hat. The second time, well, September in AL is still pretty darn hot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. And Lucy’s book is due out when…?

    Washington Cube Was Here. #120

  38. I think it is a requirement to be rude in order to be hired by Metro. It is also a requirement to not be able to talk so that others can understand you to be a Metro driver on the trains.

    BTW, Lucy’s handwritting is neat for a kitty. I am sure that she had some sort of help with the spelling.

  39. too funny! I love Buffy and habitually watch in the morning even if for five minutes. I caught up with Firefly on Scifi one day, so I am totally amped to watch Serenity! I need to catch up with Angel, and I am good to go.

  40. cat yoga? ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Mary Tess says:

    I am wondering why you prefer the non-washable Dale yarn to the washable. I haven’t tried either so I have no opinion, yet.

  42. I had a really good experience asking the station master to validate a farecard.

  43. On the positive side of the station master event: think of the aggravation you caused her by making her work.

  44. (It’s the Jewish holiday season, so I’m behind in my blog reading. Please forgive my tardiness in responding to this post.) The main reason I moved out of the DC area is the people. Metro is awful, it’s true, but most encounters with strangers in DC are negative. I have talked to many people who live(d) there, and we agreed that we could feel the nice-ness being sapped out of us. Everyone acts selfish and rude, even if they’re not naturally that way. I know I did sometimes, and I grew to dislike myself for it. I now live elsewhere, where people are friendlier and not in such a hurry. I do miss Knit Happens though!