My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


On a Clear Day, You Can See the Skye

Well, it’s not a particularly clear day . . .


But here is a natural light photo of Skye, for Liz, who asked about the accuracy of the color in my photos.


I think this one is pretty close. (P.S. to Liz — I agree that cowboy boots are great year-round footwear, but sometimes in Washington DC summer humidity, a girl’s just gotta wear sandals. Today, however, I was wearing black lizard Dan Post boots.)

Other Skye Hijinks

I took time out from Sleeve Island to join Skye at the shoulders and knit the neckband.

I did the shoulder shaping using short rows, wrapping and turning.


Then I did a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders.


Picked up stitches around the neck.


And finished off with a neat little neckband.


By the Way . . .

I’ve added the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice to my Amazon wishlist, thanks to you guys. I quickly realized that it is something I need to own! Stephanie, I went on a hunt for “A Month In The Country” and found that it is apparently not available in a US format DVD (or videotape either, for that matter). No fair!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Lucy and I have a sleeve to finish.



  1. I would advice you *not* to plop Pride & Prejudice into the DVD player the second you get it home (as I did), or you may end up staying up to 3am just to get to see Colin ‘go swimming’ ;).

    Skye is lovely btw. I love the way you finished the neckband, nice & neat.

  2. I’m loving BOTH of your skies!


    check it out! not sure if you have seen this, your #1 lol

  4. The swimming is just soooo over-rated. All the talk about the flying mutton chops is not something I can understand, and I love period pieces That said, however, I do own and greatly enjoy that DVD set! As for “A Month in the Country,” I own a VHS copy that I came across on e-Bay (where else?) a couple years ago. It was put out by Norstar Home Video Inc., 86 Bloor St. West, 5th floor, Toronto, Canada. M5S 1M5, if that helps. There is a number on the side of the box, that may be its stock number, 1153A. No UPC I could find, but the sleeve it came in had been cut and mounted in a red plastic blockbuster-style case. It was a used copy. So it is out there somewhere, just probably not a current release.

  5. The neck is fantastic. It’s got a great shape.

  6. That’s a very neat neckline on Skye.
    Lucy’s coat looks very soft & beautiful today. 🙂

  7. Colin Firth! I happen to own that DVD…and it’s awesome to knit to…2 whole dvds of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth! (Special edition…oh yes)


    PS love the neckband on Skye…I’m really into those lately…that and the boatneck.
    Perhaps a boatneck next?

  8. martha in mobile says:

    Love the Skye! If I may inquire, how did you finish the neckband? And since I am inquiring, is Lucy’s back always that dark, or is that her winter look?

  9. Wendy, check the listing at:

    I think it’s the VHS version you want. (Currently shows 9 new and used available)

  10. Do you always do a three needle bind off for your shoulders? Have you ever grafted the shoulders together?

  11. When I grow up I want my picked up stitches to look just like yours. I started a neck last night and it doesn’t look anywhere close to that good. Practice must really make perfect.

  12. Hello Wendy I often come to see your knittings and I love your lovely cat too, she very elegant

    Dominique (from France)

  13. Monkeygurrrl says:

    As always, Lucy and the Skye (with diamonds?!) are *gorgeous*. I have a severe case of knitters envy.


  14. Thanks for the natural light shot. Very pretty color. I have had a long period of preferring reds and purples and some pinks but I seem to be gravitating towards blues lately so I’m always interested in a good blue.

    Speaking of Firths, I highly recommend Northanger Abbey with Peter Firth. He’s not quite as yummy as Colin (I don’t know if they are related but I do know they aren’t brothers), but Northanger Abbey has always been one of my favorite Austen novels – she satirizes the Gothic novels of the time quite brilliantly. I think the movie could stand a bit more drama to be true to the novel, but it’s very good nonetheless.

  15. Hi! Thank you for your kind welcoming words. I have been reading your blog for a while and always get inspired, your summer lace projects were all so beautiful.