My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Columbus Day

One of the great things about being a Fed: getting a day off work for Columbus Day!

And a productive day it was. Alert the media: I vacuumed.

Lucy is scared silly of the vacuum cleaner, so to make up for the trauma I inflicted on her, I made her a new catnip mouse.


She is incredibly attracted to this mouse. Why? Because it is knitted from yarn spun from her fur.

(Spun by L-B last year. I just got around to knitting it up into a toy for the little princess.)

But that’s not my only crafty endeavor of the day. I finished the back of the ribbed sweater.


Rather odd-looking, isn’t it? That’s because the raglan sleeves extend and meet in the center to become the top of the body of the sweater.

This knits up a bit more slowly than I expected. But that’s because it’s a rib pattern and I always knit much slower on ribs. I have started on a sleeve. That way, when the sleeve is done, I’ll be half done, and I can see if I’ll have enough yarn for the sweater. I think I do, but if it looks like I’ll run short, I’ll be able to pick up more at Knit Happens.

The Alpaca Silk is a lovely yarn. I knitted two sweaters from it last year, and loved it then. My opinion has not changed. It’s incredibly soft, and knitted in this rib pattern is working up into what will be a very soft, very warm, cuddly sweater.

So bring on the cold weather!



  1. Wow, am I first? Cool! Hi Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Is Lucy fur-yarn very soft? How did you collect it?

    Poor kitty – all her daytime routines disturbed, and by the Monster Vacuum no less!

  3. Columbus day?? What did he do except getting totally lost!

    Why don’t you have a Leif Eriksson day?

  4. How odd, I was JUST wondering this weekend (as I pet my son’s super soft kitty) whether you’ve knit with any of Lucy’s fur. Does it knit up nice and soft or do the ends make it sort of coarse?

  5. Apropos of nothing, I thought I would say thanks for commenting on the existence of Feline Greenies. Otherwise, I never would have known to look for them — my dad has been giving his dog Greenies for a while and I always wondered why they never had a cat version. Interestingly, two of my cats practically knocked each other over to get to them, the third had no interest at all. Does Lucy have a favorite Greenies flavor?

  6. I actually run the vacuum extension along Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat. He enjoys it, and it impressed the heck out of the other cats.

    Ribbing is always slow for me as well. Useful, but slow.

  7. The P-Man doesn’t mind the vacuum at all! He’s the first cat I ever met who doesn’t move a whisker when the dreaded vacuum arrives!

  8. Today was a holiday? Wow, I didn’t even realize that. My university tends to ignore all of that “day off” fun.

  9. This was my first bank holiday (just started there 9/1) and how sweet it was! The parentals weren’t pleased that I got the day off and they didn’t. Heh heh heh!

  10. My cat is scared of the hoover as well, and rustly plastic bags, and letters coming through the letterbox… did one of your catnip mice recently, and it is still being loved to bits.

  11. Hな女の子達の秘密の日記だよ~!This blog is so fun. Please keep it.

  12. I recognize the Beth two comments above and I hereby revoke all congratulations on her new job! I had to work on Monday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. My cats have huge fears of the vacuum cleaner, too. They always demand comfort hugs whenever I’ve finished cleaning up, and their meows are so pitiful that I can’t not hug them. Poor sweeties. Jakob’s the worst; the hides under things, tries in vain to get into other rooms when they door’s closed, and meows like the world’s coming to an end.

  14. Besides wondering what it is like to knit with cat hair and spin it and if it smells when wet (like dog hair does), the more important question is – does it shed?

  15. There is ackcherly one situation that tops being a Fed. It’s working for the Canadian office of a U.S. corporation. You enjoy both Canadian and U.S. long weekends. Columbus Day, unfortunately, falls on Canadian Thanksgiving.
    Even better than extra holidays is that we submitted our dental bills in Canadian dollars and the Pittsburgh office reimbursed in U.S $. Why did I resign?

  16. I’ve discovered I’m using your blog to get my semidaily kittyfix. [In addition to all your wonderful knitting pictures (thereby reinforcing my belief that yes, someone actually finishes these wonderful patterns, so it *isn’t* impossible for me to do the same), of course.]

    I so wish I hadn’t grown into being allergic… I was raised by sealpoint Simese and bluepoint Himalayans (well, and my parents. But the cats taught me manners).

    Lucy is just beautiful!

  17. Violet Macy says:

    When knitting Nordic sweaters and there are a one stitch of a different color interspersed, do you carry the color along or do you add the colored stitch with the duplicate stitch? No one has ever offered to explain how to do this.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention