My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Buttered Ghost Hand

Phyl, last night we decided that’s what your husband should rename his band.

We had an elegant soiree last night and had this classy centerpiece on the table.


One of the guests accidentally hit it with the butter knife and exclaimed “Buttered ghost hand! Hey, great name for a band.”

Three-Quarters of a Sweater

That’s what I’ve got. I’ve got the front and back and one sleeve done, so I put those pieces together. Mattress-stitched those seams and the pieces just went together like a dream.


So there you have it.

I’m working on the last sleeve — having a lazy afternoon. I can afford to do so, because Lucy remains ever vigilant!


Wendy Needs

Just for grins, a little exercise that’s been floating around blogland. Google “[your first name] needs” and post the ten best results:

10. Wendy needs every measuring cup and teaspoon she can find.
9. Wendy needs 4 for muffins.
8. Wendy needs mental help.
7. Wendy needs to grow up.
6. Wendy needs our support now more than ever.
5. Wendy needs $300,000.
4. Wendy needs to know that doing whippets can cause frostbite of the nose, lips, or vocal cords.
3. Wendy needs help building a soccer field.
2. Wendy needs her energy for crashing cocktail parties, scoring drugs, and
fending off passes,

and my personal fav:

1. Wendy needs to calm her nerves with a f*ck.



  1. If said f*ck calms your nerves, you’re just not doing it right…

  2. How come I didn’t *need* such cool things? I posted this on my blog today too and Pumpkin had better *needs* than me!!

  3. I Googled my “needs” a couple of days ago! My favorite one is “Karen needs a frontal lobotomy fund.”

    Maybe a lobotomy would remove my obsessive need to acquire yarn…

    Great job on the sweater. Do my eyes deceive me or does that sleeve have a mock turtleneck growing out of it?

  4. Evidently I also need to grow up and act my age. How did they know?

  5. I saw this meme a couple of days ago, but when I tried it, I got exactly ONE result. Way more fun if you have stuff to choose from.

  6. martha in mobile says:

    It seems I need a butch b*tch for protection. My life online is so much more interesting than my reality. I think I’ll go to bed and knit (perhaps something for my butch b*tch?).

  7. I did my “Heather Needs” and found some very funny ones! They are on my blog, but my favorites were:

    Heather needs men…NOW!


    Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.

  8. I did that too, but using my full name (Jessamy) means I didn’t even get one result!

    Your ‘needs’ are a fun read.

  9. Alice in Richmond says:

    Alice needs…a corporal being to work in. I really like that. Cuz I don’t have one. Ghost in the Machine as it were.

  10. Oh,no! Look what you dredged from my childhood memories! Three little ghostesses, Sitting on postesses, Eating buttered toastesses. Oh, what treatsesses, To see such beastsesses, Having such feastsesses!

  11. Oh, to have a name like “Wendy”- much funner results from that exercise.

    By the way, I love the afghan that’s just casually in the shot of Lucy. I can only try to imagine your apartment in its entirety- strewn with ab-fab afghans, knitted toys, zillions of choices of sweaters to wear today…

    If anyone needs a good band name, please feel free to steal the following: A four year old friend of mine knows a little girl named “Destiny” so she will often go on a PLAYDATE WITH DESTINY. Maybe they could open for Buttered Ghost Hand.

  12. Susan Maurer says:

    Only $300,000? That won’t buy nearly enough yarn!

  13. Jo needs to be brought back to play for a larger crowd at next years’ Americanarama Festival. (Guess I’ll have to learn to play something if I’m going to be brought back.)

    Second choice: Jo-Jo needs someone to watch him dance

  14. monkeytoe says:

    5.Robert needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world and long luxurious baths.
    4.Robert needs very attentive supervision in situations where strangers or others could take advantage.
    3.Robert needs help with food plant BOD reduction.
    2.Robert needs to create a black and white drawing
    of what the picture will look like.

    and best of all:


  15. that is a riot!! my googled needs were no where near as impressive!

  16. I think needs should be fulfilled!!! Enjoy!

  17. Do you have a sister named Jennifer, who is a science geek? I have a sister named jennifer who knits and has a blog like yours.