My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Why, Yes, That is a Mock Turtleneck

In answer to Karen B.’s comments question.

The top of the sleeve extends to make a mock turtleneck collar. Cool, no?

I did attempt to try on my three-quarters of a sweater yesterday – yeah, that doesn’t work so good. But I did get the impression that I’m really going to like this sweater, assuming it ever gets cold enough here to wear it.

So . . . the second sleeve. Here it is.


Sorta like a deja vu from a week ago, eh?

Well, when I finish this sweater, I hereby swear to myself that I will finish my poor little qiviut scarf. But maybe not right away. I’ve got another fun little project I need to whip out. Soon as the yarn gets here, that is.

Hey, guess what else I’ve been doing?

Spinning! Wheeeeee!


This is a wool/mohair that’s been sitting on my wheel since May. I bought it the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last May from Tintagel Farm. I’ve got 12 ounces of it. I started spinning it mid-May. My goal is to have it spun up by the end of the month.

Yuh-huh. We’ll see.

Hoo-ya, it’s a full moon. Evidenced by the incredible number of things that went wrong today, and the stupidity of our IT department in their bumbling Three-Stooges-esque way of reacting.

Hope Lucy doesn’t decide to howl by the light of said full moon.

Though I wouldn’t blame her. I’m sitting here putting this music onto Neville the iPod nano:


Lucy is sitting under her lamp, trying to ignore me. But when I started singing along with the Small Faces “Lazy Sunday,” she gave me this look:


Aw, come on. My singing ain’t that bad, is it?


  1. Lucy is just spellbound – that’s a classic deer (oops, cat)-in-the-headlights look if I ever saw one!

  2. How is it that our cats have that uncanny way of looking at us like they think we are completly stupid? Gorgeous yarn you are spinning. Any plans for it?

  3. Wait until you start dancing with Lucy like Rabbitch did in her post today!

  4. Hello Wendy – I have been quite hooked re the construction of your ribbed sweater. One possible modification is to knit the neck part in the round, and there would be no seams showing on the neck. Bummer that it is a free but “private” pattern – if you ever see a similar pattern for sale to non-Debbie Bliss Clubbers, can you let us know? Irina. PS – I love Lucy!

  5. Lucy would never lower herself to howl. Cats are just above that. It amazes me that you have over 1000 people subscribed to your blog. I enjoy your blog so it makes sense that way but who knew there were that many knitters and spinners out in the cyber space world.

  6. Your kitty does look concerned about something. I prefer to think you are a great singer and your kitty is pondering global warming or the break-up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Maybe??????

  7. I think she’s still thinking about that pen…..

  8. Lucy’s look is priceless — does she realize she’s “wearing a lampshade on her head” — must’ve had a great time at the Halloween bash this weekend?!!!

    You’ve inspired me to do so many things — spinning must be next on my list. I hope your back is doing well — must be, hence the spinning?

  9. I used to have a cat by the name of Emma. Emma would bite me on the nose when I sang sad songs. I always thought that was very funny.

  10. May I take you back to your Colinette throws and the edge of the scalloped one, please? I’m making the perugino and carrying the yarn up the side, looks really bad to me. Did you do that?/cut each change of yarn?/crochet up the edge? I’m picky and it’s a gift. Any suggestions, please? Thanks.

  11. I saw the finished DB sweater at her stand at Ally Pally on Friday. It is lovely in person but I think the chocolate color will look better. Her new Home book is fab too!

  12. that face and the lamp…. PRICELESS

  13. The pic of Lucy is hilarious! Thanks for sharing that with us. Have you had any trouble with your Nano? I’ve heard they’re a little “unreliable” as compared to the bigger iPods.

  14. Yep, let’s chalk everything up to the full moon for now. Otherwise, I’m going to think that the universe hates me.

    I need to get back to my spinning. I keep saying I’m going to, but I guess my first love is still knitting.

  15. Wendy,
    This is a totally non-knitting related topic, but you mentioned you have an ipod nano. I very much want to purchase one, but am put off because of all the news about its surface scratching so easily. Have you had this problem?

  16. I LOVE that picture of Lucy… She is such a beautiful girl! I often would wonder what the cats were thinking or saying —

  17. Mike Jack and Della says:

    hey wendy, at yer convenience, please email. We got you something at rhinebeck. xoxo lisa

  18. Laura from beautiful West Michigan says:

    My cat, who is not usually one who cuddles anywhere near my face, was completely fascinated when I began whistling while she was on my lap. She walked up my chest and tried to see in my mouth. Perhaps she thought I had a bird in there!

  19. That’s a face that says, “Small Faces? Mommy, let’s PAARTY!!!!”. See– she wants to wear the lampshade and be one of *those* guests. 😀

  20. Luuuuuuucy! So cute on this picture. I just can not help coming back to your blog to see how Lucy is doing. I used to have tha same cat named Shamie, who were with us for 18 years. Miki