My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Do You Want to Run Away to Fair Isle?

A while back, the Scottish National Trust advertised for two new tenants to go live and knit on Fair Isle. Apparently, a large number of American knitters responded to the ad. I can’t say that I blame them, can you?

Here’s a request. If you are reading this and are one of the knitters who responded to the ad, would you consider talking about your reasons with David Lister, a journalist from the Times (London) who is based in Scotland? You can contact him via this email address.

I spoke to Mr. Lister on the phone today, and told him why I’d love to go live and knit on Fair Isle, but he would be very pleased to hear from you if you were one of the many who answered the Scottish National Trust’s ad. Thanks!

Fair Isle, Take Me Away

After the past couple of days the simpler life on Fair Isle is looking better and better!

Is it just me, or have electronic systems everywhere gone kaflooey this week? Huh?

Some people with whom I have dealt seem to have gone kaflooey as well.

Seriously, Now

I’ve completed the second sleeve of the ribbed sweater. Ah, low-tech processes, you never (or very rarely) fail me! Here it is:


The Long and Winding Sleeve.

Did I sew the sweater together and call it a done deal? Why, no.

I picked this up:


The long-suffering and oh-so patient qiviut scarf. Qiviut, take me away!

An Answer . . .

Connie asked:
May I take you back to your Colinette throws and the edge of the scalloped one, please? I’m making the perugino and carrying the yarn up the side, looks really bad to me. Did you do that?/cut each change of yarn?/crochet up the edge? I’m picky and it’s a gift. Any suggestions, please? Thanks.

I cut at each change of yarn, and wove the cut ends in as I knitted. I made three AbFabs and I believe did that on each of them. I also did that on all the Colinette ponchos I made. Worked well for me!

Lucy Sez


“Please take Mommy’s camera away.”


  1. I’m getting ready to do an AbFab too. Did you leave a 6 inch or longer tail to knit in? I love Lucy’s eyes. And she is SSOOOO shiny. Luna too. {heart}

  2. Wow, thanks for the virtual trip to Fair Isle…looks like some place where it would be wonderful to live!

  3. mmmmmmmmm… every single time I watch Local Hero, I decide that I’m going to move to Scotland, raise sheep, and knit. And yes, this has been going on since I first saw it 20 years ago…

  4. I’m having one of those ‘is it a full moon?’ weeks so far. People are OVER REACTING to things and being UNPROFESSIONAL and my phone rings LITERALLY every 10 minutes and a lot of the questions I am getting are VERY strange.

    Although, the lady who wanted the body parts for a haunted house fundraiser never did call back….(I work at a medical school. I think she meant FAKE body parts. I hope.)

  5. Wendy, thanks for the Colinette ends answer. The expertise you share on your blog is always appreciated. I live in Aberdeen Scotland, I looked at the Fair Isle ad too, but I miss having sunny days and don’t enjoy the dark at 3 pm during the winter here, so adding some latitude would be past my tolerance I’m sure. And I’m from the Pacific NW (US) and like our rainy, gray days there. This is different, just saying…

  6. At least for you it’s just the electronic systems that are going nuts. The gas company here was doing work and they (predictably) hit the water main. That flooded a major intersection and they’ve now turned on the fire hydrant in front of my building to ease that flooding, so now there’s flooding along the other direction on my street. But the worst of it is that I haven’t had water in two days. TWO DAYS without a shower! Eww!

  7. Full moon madness in spades. The full moon stuff happens to some extent every month, I firmly believe it to be true, but this one is a doozie! Maybe it’s all the strange weather in addition, but yes, everything has been crazy. We had 80 degrees, I’ll take that kind of strange weather in October anytime!!

  8. My Grandpa was born on Fair Isle in 1909 as his father was a lighthouse keeper. It’s one of my long term ambitions to get there for a visit! My brother is lucky enough to work for the Met Office, and gets to visit there every so often to check on their equipment, so at least he’s been able to take photos for me! Ahh, one of these days I’ll get there – funds and weather permitting!

  9. But Lucy, if someone took Mommy’s camera away we wouldn’t be able to admire your pretty face. You wouldn’t want to make all your fans (who only read Mommy’s blog to see you, don’t you know?) sad and lonely would you? Go tell Mommy to give you a whole package of greenies, ok? We luv you, Lucy.

    p.s. Wendy, you’ve got a great blog and I’ve really learned a bunch about knitting too!

  10. I so wanted to chuck it all and move to Fair Isle, but I didn’t think I could convince the hubby (you’d think he’d be all for it being Scottish, but no, he’s a fun hater!) “We couldn’t take the horses” he says! The scarf looks fabulous and that sweater will get seamed soon enough. I think the weirdness of all people of late has to do with the full moon.

  11. Do you have to know how to do the Fair Isle technique? I’d learn if I could go live on Fair Isle and knit. Who’d supply the yarn?

  12. That’s it. I’m going to run away and live on Fair Isle, with or without the knitting job.

  13. We’re definitely having tech-no-logical issues here. Our IT person was blaming it on zombies, which I think is a splendid excuse & plan to use it for EVERYTHING heretofore forward.

  14. Hey Wendy, so, how ’bout a “Fair Isle Fall”? For those of us who can’t make it to Scotland… And, it would be wonderful to share your techniques as we *try* to keep up. To see your finished projects…talk about motivation!


  15. Hello again. As I told you yesterday, I fell in love with your cat, so that I came back again this morning, hoping there may be some new photos of Lucy. I read about Lucy’s story from your blog dated back in 2003. Lucy was so lucky to meet you and adopted by you. I am happy for her. I was even in tears to know that Lucy was declawed and attacked by a dog. It is so sad that her previous owner could not imagine what could happen if cats were let go outside without their claws. Miki