My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Thank You!

I mean . . . wow! Thank you! I really appreciate all the comments and emails you’ve sent me in response to my posting the link for my upcoming book. I am so flattered and honored that so many of you let me know that you’ve put it on your wishlist or pre-ordered it, sight unseen. Again . . . wow!

To answer a few questions . . .

The book is a combination of prose and patterns. There are 20 patterns included. For all sorts of stuff. A few of them I’ve shared on my website, but most of them are ones you don’t have.

I’ve slightly reworked the felted kittybed pattern, so that’s one of the ones you’ve seen before. So, yes, Lucy appears in the book, as she is modeling the bed in the photos.

Book tour? I’ve no idea. How all that is done is up to the publisher. But I’ll know sooner or later. As soon as I know, you’ll know. I really haven’t a clue how book distribution works, but (in answer to a comments question) I’m pretty sure it’ll be available for sale at Knit Happens, among many other places.


Current Knitting? Bleah, Barf.

That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Those two skeins of yarn I pictured in Thursday’s entry did, indeed, become the moss stitch hat from Louisa Harding’s accessories book. There is no photo of it here, because I was underwhelmed by the finished hat and it is no longer in my possession.

Then, knitting ennui set in. This afternoon I cast on for at least seven different things and discarded at least seven different things.

So I think I’ll stick with the poor little qiviut scarf until I become inspired to start something else.

Here. Proof that I haven’t ripped out the poor little qiviut scarf.


More on the Baby Ugg Booties

I had a question about the Ugg booties — is there enough to make another pair? There’s definitely enough of the Plush used for the trim and the Suede used for the sole. The darker color of Suede — I dunno. The yarn is wound on a cardboard spool and I can’t judge how much is left. It looks like enough . . . but I dunno.


  1. Agnes Riley says:
  2. Glad to see that Long-Suffering Lorna (the quivet scarf) wasn’t frogged. How long will it be and much more is there to be knitted?

  3. i hope you know we here at NU want you for any book tour – and we are just assuming ms. redshoes will have a big slumber party or something afterwards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sooo quivit…… it all that irresistible????? I’m a tactile- touchy soft fiber kinds of knitter—I’ve been stalking the quivit pages– contemplating an order for a treat—- but WENDY— you’re FAST— u finish pjcts before i can cast on—-I’m a bit concerned the quivit isn’t “all that” I mean…if you loved it….. well it would be done…less it’s on like 000’s or something—input would be helpful! thnx! hate to blow $75 on yarn— dream about it’s lusciousness then be disappointed…..;)

  5. Wendy, I’ve also pre-ordered your book. After reading and enjoying your blog and seeing all the beautiful projects you’ve finished, I know it will be a wonderful addition to my knitting library!
    Congratulations on getting it published and up on Amazon!

  6. w00t!!

    Congrats. Am looking forward to seeing/reading your debut tome. Just wondering… what sort of arrangement for royalties you’ve made with Lucy for modelling… : )

  7. Wendy, maybe you could make pair #2 with light top and dark bottom?

  8. I’m quite sure the book will catapult Lucy’s modeling career. She’ll probably end up with her own talk show (a la Tyra) next season!

  9. I just saw your entry for Oct 21 — How exciting! I’m gonna tote mine to DC next September for the annual conference so I can get your very own personal signature on it (hopefully)!! All that recent editing has paid off!

    And it sounds like you have Knitters ADD, but little qiviut does wish for attention. |-)

  10. michiganlady says:

    Wendy, is the lacey cardi in that book?? I’d love to have that pattern.

  11. I loved the sweater and the Uggs! I’ve been thinking of making the Uggs myself, but I also read Crazy Aunt Purl, and she mentioned that there were some pattern difficulties. I realize that she is a new knitter and you are Definitely NOT a new knitter, but did you encounter anything wrong in the pattern? If so, what changes did you make? Congrats on the new book. I’ve pre-ordered myself!

  12. I hadn’t realized that the quivit was a multicolor. I just thought it was navy blue but wow, its even prettier than I thought!

  13. I’m curious how your book came to be. was this something you’d always planned to do, or did your appearance in the Washington Post’s story on knitting last year inspire an agent to find you?

  14. Susan Maurer says:

    I just preordered the book on amazon too! If you do go on a book tour, it would be really nice if the band Buttered Ghost Hand goes with ya! I’m still crackin’ up over that one! Can’t wait to see the book!

  15. I wonder if you switch the darker suede for the soles, and the lighter color for the shoe, if you’d have enough. They’d also be a coordinating set, instead of matching. Or two different gifts, eh?

  16. Hi Wendy,
    I managed to ger two pairs of Ugg Booties with the Suede yarn. It was close though…not much left. I think the suggestions of switching colours are a smart option. Good luck with that!

  17. Congrats & BRAVO! I added your book to my Amazon wish list! Love to Lucy!

  18. Underwhelmed is such an apropos description of the Louisa Harding line. Aside from the fact that she doesn’t have any patterns for men, the yarn is just not fun.

  19. The Ugg booties that I’ve seen were done with the colours reversed. Could you make another pair doing that (dark for the sole, light for the boot)?

  20. Thanks for answering my ugg bootie question! The suggestion to make a light pair and a dark pair sounds like a good one to me!

  21. Oh hehehehe I put mine on Roy the Cat. I know it was probably rude because I am sending them off to a person with a baby, but in truth just about everything in my house gets cat hair on it anyway, why not in it too ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yours turned out soooo cute! I had some issues with the pattern, being a beginner knitter and so on, but I loved them so much I am making another pair for a knitblogger who is in a family way. And there is enough yarn left over to make at least two more booties — I know because I actually made three booties (one bad bootie, two good ones) and still have tons of yarn leftover.

    I am off to amazon to put your book on my wishlist!!!