My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mitten Innards

Here, by popular demand, one of the Vinternatt mittens turned inside out.


(Yes, they were knitted on dpns.)

Now wave bye-bye to them, because they are going to the Knitters Review Retreat with me on Friday, to be donated to the Dulaan Project, which is the charity project chosen for the 2005 retreat.


Here’s a page that lists my book for pre-sale at several different Amazon sites — the U.S., Canada, the U.K, France, Germany, and Japan. So yes, in answer to several questions I’ve gotten, it will be available outside the U.S.

Did You Notice?

The Poor Little Qiviut Scarf is no longer listed as a work in progress in the sidebar?


Yay!!! Lucy checks it out:


It’s a bit over 6 feet long — a nice size, I think. Here’s a close-up:


Mermaid Beginnings


I’ll talk about Mermaid tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Friend in Bulgaria

Sunday night my dad sent me the following email, with the subject line “Your Friend in Bulgaria”:

This photo was taken on October 19, 2005, in the village of Erkech, Eastern Bulgaria. We went there for a yogurt party.


Isn’t she wonderful??

Um . . . Mom & Dad? How was the yogurt party? You party animals, you!

It’s All About MemeMeme

The lovely Stephanie tagged me, so here I go:

What’s Your All Time Favoite Yarn To Knit With?

Really really tough choice, but when the chips are down, I’d have to say Jamieson & Smith jumperweight shetland wool. A huge range of colors, and one can knit fair isles from it that are glorious.

The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Knit?

Another tough choice, considering I’ve been knitting for over four decades. When I was a teenager, I knitted a pullover for my brother out of bright blue acrylic that I got at Kmart, or some comparable store. ‘Nuff said.

Your Most Favorite Knit Pattern? (Maybe You Don’t Like Wearing It, But It Was The Most Fun To Knit)

Inishmore, from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting. I’ve knitted this sweater three times, which should tell you something.

Most Valuable Knitting Technique?

Cabling without a cable needle. When you knit a lot of arans, knowing how to do this saves a great deal of time!

Best Knit Book or Magazine?

Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting. another touch choice, but I’ve knitted more designs from this book than any other I own:

St. Enda (three times)
St. Brigid
Fulmar (twice)
Na Craga (three or four times — I forget!)
Irish Moss (twice)

Favorite Knit-A-Long?

The “fearless fair isle” knit-along I hosted early on in the history of knitblogs.

Your Favorite Knitblogs?

Yeah, there’s a question that is not easy to answer. I have 172 knitblogs in my Bloglines list.

Your Favorite Knitwear Designer?

Alice Starmore. No question.

The Knit Item You Wear Most Often?

This is yet another tough one, but I’d have to say it’s the Wave Cardigan — from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting.

Lucy Sez

Pay attention to me now!


I’m going to go do just that.


  1. Does Lucy get Greenies for trick-or treat?

  2. Happy Halloween, Wendy and Lucy!

  3. Hope Lucy didn’t get too frightened this Halloween. Not a good evening for a cat… Wish you’d do another fair isle knitalong! Scarf really is pretty. Happy All Saints’ Day tomorrow!

  4. Yay! Now you can get that scarf-guilt over with. I have many, many UFOs in my closet.

  5. I have to say, I’m intriqued by Mermaid. I’ve been blog-hopping for awhile, eager to see it come together and watch someone knit it, and I was very excited when I saw it appear on your blog last week! I’m eagerly watching your progress (which will, inevitably, lead me to the ultimate decision – to knit it or not?)

  6. Sheesh, even the wrong side of your work is pretty. The scarf is great. I so wish I could knit as fast as you do. I’m super slow.

  7. Mermaid is looking great. I’ve been drooling over it for months now and this is not helping.

  8. I think that Mermaid design is beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing your finished jacket.

  9. I love that Mermaid pattern. Well, the pictures of it anyway.

    I never thought I would see the words “yogurt” and “party” together in one sentence. Party on! With dairy products!

  10. Thanks for posting a pic of your mitten innards – I just started learning Fair Isle, and this will help me know what weaving is supposed to look like. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am so curious about your Mermaid! I love the Hanne Falkenburg designs but I think my garter stitch usually looks like crap. ๐Ÿ™

  11. The Bulgarian spinning lady looks amazing, what is the kind of long sleeveless coat affair that she is wearing?

  12. why wendy, you’ve made a reversible mitten! thanks for photographing it inside out. I’m always curious to see how neat the wrong side of the knitting can be.

    bye-bye mittens…whoever gets you is one lucky person.

  13. I was hoping that particular MeMe would reach you, interesting to see your answers!
    Cheers, j.

  14. I will be in line to get your autograph when you come to NY!! I’ve pre-ordered your book! Yipeee! Love the mittens! they looks very warm. Neat work on them. Nice picture of the Bulgarian party animal! I love pictures of people with interesting faces. I am going to add her to my collection. Hugs to Lucy!

  15. Yay! Another Starmore junkie! I’m with you 100%, Aran Knitting is my favorite too.

    So, can I ask what technique you use for weaving? I’m not sure how to do so that it wouldn’t take up so much time…

  16. yay, yogurt party… some fun loving parents you have.

  17. I’d love for you to recommend a good beginners book for fair isle…or a good first timer project for fair isle. I do spend too much time drooling over your completed ones.

  18. Wow, can I have the mittens if I promise to knit something extra for the Dulaan project? What a nice offering!

  19. I found the mermaid kits a few months back while surfing the web. I think I need to purchase one of these. I think the construction and color changes could outweigh the boring garter. Ear scratches to Lucy.

  20. big mwah! to you for starting the fearless fairisle group ๐Ÿ™‚ have a wonderful weekend!

  21. martha in mobile says:

    Lucy’s bloomers are even more luxurious than those found under the hoop skirt of an Azalea Trail Maid. They look warmer, too.

  22. Thanks for answering the meme – very insightful and fun. The inards of that mitten are marvelous and I hope the inards of mine look half that good. Mermaid…fabulous already. I’ve put that pattern on my “to knit someday” list because it’s just wonderful.

  23. Every time I read that the Dulaan Project was chosen as a focus for the Knitter’s Retreat, I am amazed and awed. Thank you, Wendy, and everyone at the retreat for your support of this important effort! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Ryan, The Knitting Coordinator, The Dulaan Project

  24. The mittens are gorgeous. As is the scarf. Yum.

    Wendy, I have a question from a week-or-more-old post. [I tried to find it, but I can’t, sorry] You mentioned that you always knit socks on size 0s. Most of the sock yarn that I have specifies a size 1 needle. So the question is, do you consistently go down a needle size with all your projects, or just socks? If just socks, why? Or could it just be a difference in the yarns themselves? And while I’m over quota for questions here, what are your favorite sock yarns? Thanks.

  25. Your Bulgarian friend there looks like she could use a yogurt party to cheer her up. I like her socks.

    All of my favorite things to knit have been anything I finished that didn’t wind up getting chucked into a bag and semi-forgotten, like that poor old Celtic Dreams sweater in my closet.

  26. Alice is my heroine too….for all of you who love her, go on a Jean Moss Knitting UK tour like I did a few years ago….she was one of our instructors who also showed slides of where she lives…absolutely priceless to be able to converse with her and get to understand her better…from Janet