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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Qiviut. It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore.

Don’t get me wrong.


There’s nothing wrong with the Poor Little Qiviut Scarf. It is actually quite lovely. Qiviut is the most glorious fiber it has ever been my privilege to fling a needle into. This particular qiviut is as glorious as any other qiviut it has been my great good fortune to fondle.

So why do I keep dumping this scarf in favor of other projects?

Good question.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am a one-at-a-time knitter. I am not happy with more than one project on the needles at any time. The only exception is if I’m knitting something that’s impractical to take as commuter knitting. Then a small project is acceptable.

I made the mistake of starting this scarf at the same time as a sweater. So I dumped the scarf for the sweater. (Size does matter, you know.)

Scarf is currently about 54 inches long. I’m thinking it will be done at 72 inches. Or when I’m out of yarn. I do plan to knit until I run out of yarn, and I’ve already cut the fringe. When I finish this poor little thing, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief!

That is, of course, if I don’t dump it in favor of another project.

Speaking of Another Project . . .

I got my mitten kit in the mail today, from Nordic Fiber Arts. Just in time for Sandy’s Warm Hands Mitten-Along!

Here’s the pattern:


And the yarn — natural and forest green:


Will I be faithful to the qiviut scarf? Will I cast on for a mitten? Tune in tomorrow!

Speaking of Sandy

Here is the sky at 4pm today. Forbidding, no?


More Ugg

I really liked the readers’ suggestion that one could knit another pair of booties switching the two shades of Berocco Suede. As you use less for the soles of the booties, there’s probably enough of that yarn to knit the tops of two more booties. Brilliant idea! Assuming I had any plans to knit another pair.

There was another question about the pattern — did I encountered any difficulties or make any changes? No, and no. At least I don’t think I made any changes. Sometimes I don’t pay particularly close attention to patterns, so if there was an error, I might not have noticed it.

You Say It’s Your Birthday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the King of All Remote Controls’ birthday! Yay! Yay! Happy Birthday, oh King of All Remote Controls! And he just got himself a new blog. If you are so inclined, head on over there and leave him a happy birthday comment!

And Finally . . .

Lucy is in good voice! She’s been practicing her song all day!


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Daddy who give me treats, brushes me, and throws paper balls for me,
Happy Birthday to you!

I tried to get her to do a little Happy Birthday dance, but she refused to put on the tap shoes. Sheesh.

Thank You!

I mean . . . wow! Thank you! I really appreciate all the comments and emails you’ve sent me in response to my posting the link for my upcoming book. I am so flattered and honored that so many of you let me know that you’ve put it on your wishlist or pre-ordered it, sight unseen. Again . . . wow!

To answer a few questions . . .

The book is a combination of prose and patterns. There are 20 patterns included. For all sorts of stuff. A few of them I’ve shared on my website, but most of them are ones you don’t have.

I’ve slightly reworked the felted kittybed pattern, so that’s one of the ones you’ve seen before. So, yes, Lucy appears in the book, as she is modeling the bed in the photos.

Book tour? I’ve no idea. How all that is done is up to the publisher. But I’ll know sooner or later. As soon as I know, you’ll know. I really haven’t a clue how book distribution works, but (in answer to a comments question) I’m pretty sure it’ll be available for sale at Knit Happens, among many other places.


Current Knitting? Bleah, Barf.

That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Those two skeins of yarn I pictured in Thursday’s entry did, indeed, become the moss stitch hat from Louisa Harding’s accessories book. There is no photo of it here, because I was underwhelmed by the finished hat and it is no longer in my possession.

Then, knitting ennui set in. This afternoon I cast on for at least seven different things and discarded at least seven different things.

So I think I’ll stick with the poor little qiviut scarf until I become inspired to start something else.

Here. Proof that I haven’t ripped out the poor little qiviut scarf.


More on the Baby Ugg Booties

I had a question about the Ugg booties — is there enough to make another pair? There’s definitely enough of the Plush used for the trim and the Suede used for the sole. The darker color of Suede — I dunno. The yarn is wound on a cardboard spool and I can’t judge how much is left. It looks like enough . . . but I dunno.

News Flash!!

Look at this!

Ugg, Baby!

Yeah, the yarn was for Ugg Baby Booties. Though I did like the suggestion that I was knitting another Lucy. It wasn’t until after I received the yarn that I realized the colors are “her.”


The pattern is available, free, here.

And here are mine:


An extremely quick, easy, fun project. I knitted one bootie while watching creepy movies on TCM last night, and started the other one during the morning commute, completing it during my lunch break today.

Must . . . resist temptation . . . to put . . . Ugg booties . . . on Lucy . . .

You know I want to. But I’m not sure that Lucy would tolerate such silly behavior on my part, and more importantly, these booties are a gift for a baby, so I am not going to send off a gift that has been worn by a cat! Even if that cat is Lucy.

Ribbed Sweater, Again

Thanks for all the very nice comments about the ribbed sweater! I love it so much I’m noodling with the idea of another one — perhaps in a dramatically different yarn. Hmmmmmm . . .

Yeah, yeah, I knew that you wanted to see the neck — just didn’t get to it last night. As the King of All Remote Controls was not available and Lucy is decidedly unhandy with a camera (she always jiggles it when attempting to take a picture), here is a photo of it without a human in it.


Dale Torino

My yarn for Torino is on its merry way to me. Where does it fit in the line-up? I’m not sure. I’ve got something planned for the beginning of November. Maybe I’ll make Torino after that.

I liked Snow’s idea of calling an Olympic knitting event a Lympalong. Heh!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cake to check on. Why, yes, it does involve chocolate!

Oh, one last thing. Can anyone guess what this will become?


Such Good Timing

Timing is everything, ya know?

As I was nearing the finish line on the Ribbed Sweater, I was thinking about future projects, getting my knitted ducks in a row, as it were.

I’m going to the Knitter’s Review Retreat the first weekend in November, and L-B and I are planning on casting on for new projects right beforehand for retreat kntting. So I don’t feel like starting anything major right now.

Then I read the Sky Queen’s blog and find this:


A mitten-along! How timely!!

So . . . I forsee some mittens in the near future.

Hmmmmm . . . perhaps a two-color Scandinavian design . . .

Speaking of the Ribbed Sweater

I finished it. Yay!


The Official Bathroom Mirror Self-Portrait.

I love this sweater. I love this sweater more than anything else I’ve made in recent memory. Even though it was close to 80 degrees when I tried it on, I can well imagine how comfy and warm and happy I’ll be wearing this come winter.

I actually used two more skeins of the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk than the pattern called for. Well, one skein and a bit of the second. I knit exactly to gauge and didn’t alter the pattern a bit. I was a little surprised, as I usually use less yarn than a pattern calls for. Your mileage may vary, but that was my experience.

Can Anyone Guess What This is For?


Lucy knows, but she’s not saying!