My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mermaid, Y’all

First, a progress pic. Not so much different from yesterday, eh?


Couple of reasons for that. Number one, I spent some of my knitting time last night spinning.

Number two, it’s freaking garter stitch on 3mm (that’s a US size 2!) needle. The row gauge is 50 rows to 4 inches. Gasp. I did get gauge on the recommended needle size, btw.

But seriously folks, I really don’t mind knitting for hours and hours and having no progress. This is such a fun knit, even garter stitch doesn’t suck too badly.

This garment is a masterpiece of shaping. You start at the left side front with an i-cord, and pick up stitches along that i-cord. Then you knit from the left side around.


While you knit, you are instructed to form this very nifty edging.


Also while you knit, you incorporate shoulder shaping, not to mention short-row gussets to shape the body.


I discovered something else that’s pretty cool. While there is a lot going on in this pattern, what with the striping and the decreases and the shaping, there’s really no need for a row counter.

Everything is done by counting the ridges of garter stitch (one ridge equals two rows). It’s very easy to keep count because there are plain sections and stripey sections, so you’ve got a very finite universe that you are working with at any one time.

For the shoulder shaping, you are instructed to decrease a stitch after “x” number of ridges, “x” number of times. This shaping spans a couple of different “sections” of the knitting. Rather than keep count with a row counter, I’ve used safety pins. I pinned several pins onto my knitting, and as I finish each decrease, I mark it with a pin so I know at a glance how many I’ve done and how many remain.


More Mitteny Fun!

I had so much fun with the Norgi mittens I just finished, that I bought another mitten kit from Nordic Fiber Arts, the Frostrosen kit.


This is a finger gauge mitten — knitted with Rauma Finullgarn. The gauges is 7, 7.5, or 8 stitches to the inch, depending on which size you want to make.

My colors are cream and chocolate brown. That wasn’t one of the stated color combinations for this kit, but Nordic Fiber Arts is happy to make up any color combo you want from the colors available in the yarn.

I think I’m going to keep this pair for myself, so I wanted chocolate brown. I recently purchased a chocolate brown down coat for winter wear.

So I’ll be stylin’.

Lucy Sez

You can’t go wrong with chocolate brown!



  1. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, either! =)

  2. Gawd, that Mermaid is looking beautimous. Almost makes me wish I had the manual dexterity to knit with something smaller than a US8. 🙂 I can’t wait to see more. Oh, and the gloves are stunning, but you knew that, right?!

  3. Chocolate brown — the very best of yummy colors! Am really curious watching your mermaid progress because it really doesn’t look like what it’s to become!

  4. Ooops. But what I meant to say is that LUCY is the most beautimous of ’em all!!!!

  5. You make the Mermaid seem so simple! I might just need to dive in on this one.

  6. I’ve been eyeing those mitten kits for awhile — specifically Rosebord — so I can’t wait to see how you like the yarn and pattern!

  7. I love Mermaid and I have to HAVE TO find a nonwool yarn I can make it in. I love all that garter-ridge counting and the nifty shaping and all the perfect knitterly details and also the colors you’re knitting it in.

    Mermaids for the Wool-Allergic! xoxo Kay

  8. Odd how sometimes we (me) can fall into knitting that matches our pets.

    Mermaid….. damn, that’s tempting.

  9. Mermaid looks like the beginning of yet another beautiful knit.
    That’s right, Lucy. Can’t go wrong with chocolate!

  10. Finulgarn is one of my favorite yarns. Besides colorwork, it makes great textured knits. And Mermaid is great – it looks like a sweater that you would wear all the time. I love the shaping.

  11. Mermaid is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see it progress.

    Do you have any pointers for someone who wants to learn to spin and (quite possibly) eventually invest in a spinning wheel? I read your blog nearly everyday and I’ve seen your wheel in pictures several times but I’ve never seen you say much about it…

  12. Out of curiosity, have you ever conjtacted a company to order a pattern and had them email you back saying they recognize your name and read your blog?

  13. Wait a minute! I thought Mermaid was to be knit on retreat next week. Aren’t you getting ahead of schedule? What if you run out of things to knit at the retreat? Quick! You’ve got to go out and buy more yarn!

    Who’s going to blog for you while you’re away on retreat? Does Lucy type?

  14. I bet you’re having a ball with that construction. It looks fab, too.

  15. oh I don’t know – I think that looks like quite a lot of progress:)
    I have my trigger finger on ordering a Mermaid kit, but I really am nervous about the size – the large says about 42-43″ – I need a good 46-48″ finished size. As you are knitting on, do you think adjustments larger would be manageable? Or would I drive myself nuts? (which could happen anyways).
    I’m also thinking a good blocking could add a couple of inches – it is good ole wool after all.

  16. I have a Mermaid on order from the UK, and I can’t wait to start!

    Wendy, how are you finding the instructions, are they clearly written? One of my biggest knitting peeves is a crappy set of instructions; it will completely kill the project for me, no matter the designer or design style. It’s rare that I’ll bother to decipher them, something in the back of my mind reminds me that if they don’t care enough about good quality instructions, the finished project cannot be too compelling, regardless of the photographs.


  17. Yeah. What Snow said! 😉

  18. I’ve knit two Hanne Falkenberg sweaters. Studio in #2 colorway and DeCapo in #8 and I love everything about them. The instructions are perfect, the process is interesting, and the finished product is elegent. You may change your mind about your favorite designer when you finish Mermaid. When I divide the # of times I wear them into the cost of the kits, I think that they are bargains. They are the most versatile items in my wardrobe. The jumper wt. shetland in garter stitch is a perfect wt. for most offices and I wear them from early fall to late spring. I’m planning to knit another as soon as I decide which one and which colorway.

  19. i just cannot seem to wrap my head around your mermaid. first i thought it was a scarf and now with all the talk about shoulders and shaping i am completely lost. do you have a link to a picture of the completed sweater?

  20. I love Mermaid. It’s just such a clever pattern and of course you make it seem much easier than it is (well if I tried it). I like the brown and cream – very nice with your brown coat.

  21. I got the Frostrosen kit too! It came Monday and although I am painfully slow with the two colors, I’m knitting away and loving it. Mine are in Charcoal (really almost black) and red – and I’m loving the way the colors look… on the front side.

    My innards, however, look absolutely nothing like the innards of your last pair. (I bow, once again, to the knitting goddess that you are.) But this is my very first fair isle work… so I’m just a bit proud no matter what the insides look like.

  22. I think Hanne Falkenberg is a masterpiece of a designer–I have three of her sweater kits (have yet to knit one!!!), but as I look at the garments I marvel at her using yarn and knitting like a draped sculpture. Being an engineer, I also get excited about the way she designs – with an eye to minimal seaming – her sweaters remind me of when I was in my drafting class many moons ago and had to visualize and draw ‘flattened’ 3-d items and then rotate them. She does that but with yarn!

    Plus she has great a color schemes in her designs – heck, it’s hard not like most of the Danish designers of anything – I loved it in Denmark being surrounded by good design.

    Thanks for the great blog and progress shots.


  23. I’m so tempted by Mermaid! It is a gorgeous jacket and one I know would be worn often. It looks slightly felted. Is it?

  24. Love it, love it, love it. I love that colorway of mermaid, but I can’t wear that sort of green with my skin tone. 🙁 I will console myself with the pink, someday.

    Chocolate anything sounds good to me!

  25. I love seeing these mittens! Makes me want to take the plunge and do a pair. Keep posting pics of them.

  26. Your Mermaid is gorgeous already, pins and all. I have just spent a few weeks hooked on another HF pattern, Ballerina. Same short row gussets and lovely bottom edging. I wasn’t bored once and grew to absolutely love the feel of her shetland wool. What a talented designer.


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