My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mermaid Monday

Nope, I didn’t finish Mermaid over the weekend, but I did make some progress.


And I still have the sleeves to do as well.

Pssst! Johanne — here’s a close-up of L-B’s Mermaid colorway.


So. A brief weekend wrap-up.

This was the fourth annual Knitters Review Retreat, and the second one I’ve attended. It was unseasonable warm, and I had the a/c on in the car, both driving there and back. But that didn’t seem to affect the lovely fall colors.


I was fortunate enough to be rooming with someone who has emergency training. You know. Just in case.


And of course, there was our other roomate, Maggie.


So apart from Mermaid knitting, socializing with other knitters, and eating way too much, I did a little spinning — some Black Welsh Mountain.


Oh, and I did some shopping.

Here’s my beautiful new “A Year in Yarn” calendar.


I also shopped at Spirit Trail.


Both of these are 100% silk, dk weight. I got enough of each for a sweater or shawl.

And L-B gave me a great gift — my own design, Liam, that she knitted for me from Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed.


And a close-up of the center cable, albeit with very inaccurate colors!


And Lucy sleeps through it all!



  1. kelly in new mexico says:

    yippyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wendy I got my mittens in the mail today. I ordered the rosebord in charcoal and white, and forstrosen in red and white.I’m soo happy but I couldn’t believe how small the pattern is?!?!!
    I will have to enlarge it to see even with my bifocals but thats ok.
    Now I’m going to have to get a year in yarn,
    you simply have to stop cuz what you get I want!?!?
    I’m sure there’s others like me out there, I still love your knitting and reading your blog.
    Happy to see the mermaid, it’s beautiful!

  2. Lovely progress on Mermaid, Wendy!

    Every time I have my toddler in my lap at the computer and we look at your blog, she WOOFS at Lucy! I hope it doesn’t give Lucy a complex. My daughter is just confused. heh

  3. Hello from a homesick Virginian! 🙂 I’ve been living in other parts of the country for the last 11 years, and don’t get back to Virginia often enough – particularly not during the fall, when it is SO BEAUTIFUL – so it was really lovely of you to post those pictures. Just about made me cry. (Other parts of the country are beautiful too, of course, but y’all know about home.) Glad you had a good time at the retreat, and that Lucy had some quality time with the King! 🙂

  4. Hi, L-B! That’s a terrific outfit you’re wearing in that picture!

    I’m sure Bobby Hill would like an outfit like that because… it comes with a hat!!

  5. Ooh, Mermaid is looking SO pretty. I just love the colors, and the vertical shaping is just so gorgeous. Glad you had such a good time at the retreat.

  6. That color looks like it’s great with your hair.

  7. I love both colorways; I think Mermaid is such an appropriate name!

    And, Maggie looks familiar. You must have ended up in the same room as last year, then?

  8. I *love* that the pic with the “emergency outfit” has a clear shot of the spinning wheel in the background! Yes, we knitters & spinners take our fiber extremely seriously!! 🙂

  9. That blue silk from Spirit Trail is gorgeous! And I’m so jealous of your warm weather and fall colors. Here in Seattle it’s “Rain, rain, go away…”

  10. WOW- now LB is a *really* great friend. 😀 Was it a “just because” present, or for an occasion?

    I poked around online to see other finished Mermaids, and I have to say that it will be really spectacular finished in the colors you chose. And what a flattering fit! Gotta love short rows!

  11. Maggie looks like just the sort of roommate I’d want to have. That other one, though…well…emergency preparedness is all well and good, but it looks like it could be noisy.

    I’m glad you had a good retreat and good shopping. I think I need a Year in Yarn.

  12. Wendy, I love that Mermaid! But I have a favor to ask. There are so many great lace knitters here I was wondering if some one could help me decipher a pattern? I’m working on the Hooded pullover in vouge spring/summer of this year, and I can’t seem to get the lace inset right. I’m thrown off by the first line! It’s design number 11. If someone is willing to go through it with me, I can e mail the lace patter to them (Don’t want to post a copy righted pattern). I’d really appreciate it! I have all the other pieces done, and I’d really like to finish it.
    thanks, Lex

  13. Oh the mermaid is looking divine – how lovely!!

  14. Oh,but, Snow, Maggie was hitting the tequila whenever we left the room!

  15. Maggie is just as beautiful in her photo (“I’m ready for my close up, Ms. DeMille!”) as she is in person.
    And the other photos are lovely too.
    Nice to have seen you again.

  16. Welcome home. Looks like you had a great time.

  17. Your Mermaid is beautiful so far. The colors you chose… well, they melt in my mouth.

    As for this LB person, I’m beginning to think that she is your own alter-ego, sort of a Fight Club sort of thing. You two seem to be knitting the same projects quite often, and you are always sharing progress photos for “her”.

    Wink, wink.

  18. Glad you made it home safely! And I’m even more glad to see that Lucy has forgiven you for heartlessly abandoning her. Casey sends a meow.

  19. Hej Wendy!
    Thanks for posting a picture of L-B´s Mermaid. And L-B, that´s a beautiful colourway you´ve chosen.

    And don´t be too hard on your roommate Maggie.
    The poor little creature was probably terrified, after seeing what you were doing with all that wool.
    She must have thought that you were after her fleece, too. No wonder she needed to calm her nerves with some tequila.
    Or maybe it was just the sight of L-B in that outfit…

  20. Making fun of my Emergency Response Training garb,eh,? I’ll have the last laugh if I rescue you in a disaster. (dropping a stitch in a Mermaid gusset doesn’t qualify). Anyway,Wendy would have slept through breakfast if it wasn’t for my NOAA radio alarm! 😉

  21. Does L-B’s Mermaid have three colors? I love Mermaid and just wish I were thin enough to wear it!