My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sunday Spinning

Sunday plying would be a more accurate title.

I finished spinning singles from the lovely blue hand-dyed top from Holly Spring Homespun on Friday night. I let the bobbins sit quietly for a while, and then plied the singles today.


This wool made some very pretty yarn! Kathy, that was a great dye-job you did!

Approximately 350 yards, worsted weight. It’s soft and lovely, and enough for a big cozy scarf.

One of my favorite parts of spinning is winding the yarn off the bobbin onto a niddy noddy.


There’s something about taking yarn that you have spun and running it through your hands as you wind it on the niddy noddy that is immensely satisfying. I love looking at at and the feeling of it as it runs through my fingers. I’ve got lots of skeins of handspun that I can’t bring myself to knit up — I sort of feel like they are complete as they are, being skeins. Maybe I’ll get over it and actually knit up this yarn.

On Saturday morning, I spun up half the “Autumn Spice” roving that will become yarn for Phyl. I love this colorway.


Some Knitting Was Accomplished

I didn’t finish Mermaid, but I finished the first sleeve.


I also made a good sgtart on the second sleeve — it’s more than half done. I plan to do some serious knitting this evening, so I ought to make some good progress.


I’m off from work this week — yay! — and tomorrow night my Tuesday-Lunchtime-Knitting-Group is coming for a potluck dinner. Should be fun!



  1. Wow, Wendy! Both the blue and Autumn Spice yarns are looking gorgeous. Makes me drop my books, and go spin!

    I can’t wait to see Mermaid on you. It’s almost done, I see.

    Have a great week off,

    Rosane. 🙂

  2. Uh, um, er… I meant, those yarns make me *want to* drop my books, and go spin. Uff da!


  3. I sometimes think that the spinning is really the whole point. And I resist any suggestions to the contrary.

  4. Can’t wait to see Mermaid done. Even though I don’t spin (and resist another hobby) I enjoy your pictures. And Lucy looks less than enchanted re your potluck. Does she like visitors?

  5. I know exactly what you mean about the skeins being perfect just the way they are. So far, the only thing I’ve done with my handspun is a pair of gloves! About the niddy-noddy, though? I enjoy about the first 50 turns, and then after that, my shoulders start getting sore–a shame, because I agree that it’s satisfying.

  6. Wendy, I have a question, I just barely started spinning. Yesterday, I plied my first yarn, however, it twists on itself. How do you suggest taking the twist off–I guess, how do I balance it before winding it into a ball?

  7. Phyl Phyl’s gonna LOVE that Autumn Spice yarn! Yummy!

    Have a yummy week and a fun potluck on Tuesday!

  8. Phyl is gonna love that autumn spice

  9. Can’t wait to see mermaid!

  10. Susan Maurer says:

    I agree re: the handspun yarn. I’ve only knit two items from handspun (a pair of socks and a cardigan). The cardi is better knit up, but I almost wish I’d left the sock yarn back in its original skein, just for fondlin’. Sigh.
    Isela, your yarn may well be overspun and may not resolve itself into a balance yarn, BUT there is hope. It’s also very possible that it’s just slightly tightly spun, in which case a good soak in warm soapy water (I use blue Dawn, since it cuts grease well, just in case there is any) without agitation, and a good spin (just the spin cycle) in the washer for a few seconds to rinse it out, then hanging it (I put the skein on one hanger and weight it down with another hanger) often does the trick! Good luck!

  11. Both the yarns look lovely.
    Enjoy yourself on your week off and at the potluck dinner!
    From previous posts, I bet Lucy is thrilled at the prospect of having so many hands petting and stroking her.

  12. That is some beautiful spinning, resulting in some glorious coloured yarn. Enjoy your week off work, I am very jealous!

  13. Yup.. you know you’re hooked on spinning when you just enjoy looking at the finished skeins… and i thought I was the only one who enjoyed winding on to the niddy-noddy!!

    Beautiful yarn, great job! I’m inspired to get my wheel out again..

    Damn job.. it’s really cutting into my fiber time..


  14. The Autumn Spice is too yummy for words. I am one lucky wheel-name-guessing-knitter!

  15. Beautiful handspun. Lucky you – off all week (although I’m only working 2 days, so I shouldn’t complain). Mermaid continues to look great.

  16. Both the colourways are lovely, among my favourites. And I am enjoying seeing the progress of the Falkenberg sweater.

  17. Wow-Wendy!

    It is nice to see what spinners do with the roving I dye as I rarely get to spin it myself. I do think is important to take pleasure in every fiber process-because why else do it? But knitting with handspun has a pleasure all of its own. Handspun feels more alive and when you wear it, your mind jumps back to the time spent with it in the spinning process. Enjoy it in the skein-but relish it as a scarf! -Kathy

    PS-2 more roving colorways online-“a Cold Winter’s Night” and back by popular demand-“Olives and Pimento”.

  18. I haven’t yet knit with *any* of my homespun because I just love looking and feeling them. And I thought I was the only one!

    Does your multicolored roving get barberpole-ish? I’ve found that mine does that frequently. Maybe it’s a technique thing. Wendy, do you have any suggestions?

  19. Your spinning looks marvelous!!

  20. Lovely Yarn!!!! Such even work, makes me jealous. But who am I to
    complain just because I get tired of spinning black and gray alpaca
    [and learned to spin with (royale fine) baby alpaca].

    It must be like the difference between B/W tv and color tv.
    I suppose I will have to actually BUY some white and dye a bit.
    Followed by trying to find the time to knit.
    I can crochet up a storm, but, it seems to take a bit more yarn and when we’re talking hand spun,
    well, you know, you have to see it made up some time .

    You and those who post replies keep me MOTIVATED,