My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just Do It

Kelly in New Mexico commented:
I do have a question related to the mermaid though. It quite obviously takes alot of knitting, so here’s my question. How do you not get bored and want to move onto something else when the knitting is basically the same throughout?
I’m bad to have socks on needles to go back and forth on when I’m doing a long project, but you seem to stay true to the project. Just wondering. It might help me when I feel like my knitting will never end on some projects. Thanks!!

My response? Just do it!

I did not allow myself to knit on anything else while working on Mermaid. I started one of the Frostrosen mittens while at the Knitters Review Retreat at the beginning of this month, but stopped working on it when I got home, and knit on Mermaid exclusively. I figured having the promise of other projects I can work on when I completed Mermaid would keep me going.

Did that work? Judge for yourself:


I just did it. A completed Mermaid.

I finished the last of the sewing aout 5 seconds before my guests arrived last night. When they left, I soaked Mermaid in warm soapy water and rinsed. Then I put her in the washer on the spin cycle for a few minutes, then laid her out on towels to dry. She was perfectly dry this morning, so here is the official “in the bathroom mirror” picture.


I love my Mermaid!

So I resumed work on my Frostrosen mitten:


And the flip side:


Current Spinning

This is Portland from Spirit-Trail, purchased at the Knitters Review Retreat.


The colors are lovely. This is very easy-to-spin roving.


Reader Talia emailed me this morning and told me about a Yahoogroup set up for new spinners — it’s called Spin-Free.

Suzanne asked:
Do you like the Kookaburrah Woolwash better than Eucalan?

I actually have both and like them both. I think the scent of the Kookaburra is a bit stronger than the Eucalan, but as it’s a nice “herbal” scent, it doesn’t bother me.

In answer to Shelley, the Autumn Spice is worsted weight, and the skein is about 160 yards.


I went out Christmas shopping and to lunch with my dad. Here’s my dad at lunch, being a good sport and letting his insane daughter take a photo:


Lucy elected to stay home and rest. She said that she needs her beauty sleep.


P.S. to Linda — that little critter behind Lucy in yesterday’s shot is actually supposed to be a cougar (mascot of the Kane County Cougars) — that’s not a dpn stuck in its head — that’s a whisker!



  1. Fetching Mermaid there! But your Dad is even better-looking! 🙂

  2. You mentioned you put the Mermaid in the washer in the spin cycle for a few minutes…is there another reason why you did that other than to dry it out? I always thought that putting a hand-knit object into the washer is a no no.

  3. hi wendy, your mermaid is gorgeous! i love it, the color, the fit, everything.

    Obviously you follow the advice you gave to Kelly.

  5. Your Mermaid jacket is so beautiful! I’m jealous. How sturdy is the fabric? Is it truly jacket-like, with some stiffness, or is it more sweater-like? I’ve never made a knitted jacket, so I’m very curious about this one.

  6. Mermaid is fabulous. I appreciate your advice on finishing projects. I’m working on 3 Christmas projects right now and am going crazy. I so can’t do the multiple projects at once thing.

  7. ok – the Mermaid looks great! That’ll be my holiday present to myself. tell us about the sizing – do you think it would block out larger if you wanted? does it fit right for you? (looks like it does).

    happy T Day!

  8. Pretty Mermaid! So what’s next on the needles?

  9. Bee-yoo-tiful! I love it. Mermaid looks wonderful Wendy.

  10. You flatter Mermaid, I think she looks better on you than on anyone, including the pattern picture.

    Funny, I thought for a second it was a dpn through the snoot, too-did a double take.

  11. Clearly Lucy is lying in wait for that flock of bronze fun fur Thanksgiving turkeys to go strutting by. And I must say she chose the perfect color of camouflage yarn-shrubbery to lurk behind – it flatters her beautiful eyes!

  12. kelly in new mexico says:

    WOW!!! That jacket is gorgeous!!!!! I wondered about the fit in the end but WOW!! It really is quite flattering and it makes me want to knit myself one. You did a wonderful job of course, as if that need to be said, and hey no offense but I agree your dad is quite a striking man!
    Oh yeah thanks for the advise…I will just do it!! That shall be my mantra when I feel the knitting shall never end …..Just do it!!!!

  13. You have a great looking Dad!
    Mermaid is wonderful. Now I totally want to knit one, too.

  14. Um, dumb question, but where can I buy a Mermaid kit? That baby is so going on my Christmas Gimme List. Beautiful, just gorgeous, and long enough to hide my ample rear asset.

  15. Mermaid is great! Wow! Isn’t it great to have a Dad who lets their crazy daughter take a picture? I’ve got one of them too. And aren’t you soooooo good to be doing your X-mas shopping now. Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy.

  16. Beautiful Mermaid!!

  17. I am blown away. The Mermaid. The Frostrosen mitten. But, I think most of all by the so-gorgeous-I-want-to-EAT-it Spirit trail roving and yarn. LOVE IT. Wish-I’d-won-the-spinning-wheel-naming-contest-so-I-could-have-it LOVE it. It’s a joy just looking at it.

    Kudos on your fantastic results with all three items!

  18. The Mermaid looks beautiful on you! Looks very comfortable to wear, too.
    I wondered about the flare at the bottom but now it makes perfect sense to me.
    Heh heh, me, too, on the dpn!
    Dad’s looking good.

  19. Congrats on the finished mermaid. She is just beautiful. Good for you!

  20. Kane County Cougars! Oh my Ilive in Geneva,IL ARE WE NEIGHBORS?

  21. That is a really outstanding jacket!

  22. Um, spinfree isn’t for new spinners per se. It’s for spinners who don’t want to be shoved into a little box and moderated to death. It’s a nice little list if you can ignore the too frequent, IMOSHO, ads.

    Given a choice between Spin-List, the big spinning list, and spinfree, I’d take spinfree.

  23. Wow fabulous Mermaid. Well done for sticking at it. Beautiful mittens and the colour of that spun yarn is to die for. Once again I am in AWE!

  24. Mermaid looks fantastic. How is the fabric, is it soft to the touch, but sturdy enough to be called a jacket? You are an inspiration!

  25. Wonderful work, Wendy! Mermaid is so beautiful! I love that jacket! I think next year I have to knit one, too!

  26. Lovely! Mermaid reminds me of the old syle of “swing” jackets. I love the fitted shape and it looks great on you. Well done!


  28. Beatiful Mermaid, mittens and spinning. The colors of that roving are lovely!

  29. The company that sells “mermaid” is going to get a big push in orders now that it’s been seen in it’s completion!! I only wish it came in fuller figure sizes. They really ought to give you some commission!!!!

    Your dad is a nice-looking man. How old is he? My dad is nice looking too –83 — and he cooks! I kid him about being a “hot commodity”!

    May you, Lucy and the King of all Remote Controls have a terrific holiday.

  30. Love your Mermaid! I’ll be finished with mine by tomorrow. I saw a finished Mermaid in Stitches East at Atlantic City. Theirs had a double chain stitch in the gusset color across the shoulder seam. It tied into the sleeve stripe. Although it doesn’t mention this in the directions, it looked great, and I’m going to do this. Happy Holidays!

  31. Beautiful, beautiful Mermaid. My kit is still sitting here at my feet, and I’ve done nothing with it. Someday!

    Love the autumn spice yarn you spun up as well. Gorgeous!

  32. Hi Wendy,

    I guess you’re the reason I suddenly have dozens of people joining SpinFree in the last 24 hours. Wow!

    Thanks for the plug for our humble group!

  33. BEEYOOTEEFUL! Your Mermaid is divine–so very cool to see how it drapes. Bravo!!

    And happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Kane County Cougars? I have one of their t-shirts. Have you seen that crazy guy who does all the slapstick stuff sometimes at the beginning of their games (or during). Can’t remember his name now. And I have been oogling the mermaid now for ages. AMAzing to see it knitted up – Pleae post some more pictures and describe your journey to completion in more detail.

  35. Another amazing creation!! A spinning question as I am a new do you know how many yards of yarn you have after spinning, plying? Are you able to get an acurate measurement using the niddy-noddy? i.e., so many “wraps” around equals certain yardage??? Thanks and the spun yarn rocks!

  36. And here I thought I would be the only one who perked up at a mention of the Kane County Cougars. Carla, you and I used to be neighbors … I used to live in St. Charles. And my husband used to take the kids to Cougars games all the time. What a small world.

    (Beautiful Mermaid, Wendy … I would have mentioned that first, but, you know … the Cougars.)

  37. Mermaid is beautiful — what else did we expect! I love that you get your pictures in the bathroom mirror. But do you think you could maybe get the King to take a better picture of it on you? I’d love to see how it really looks and drapes on you without all the arms & camera etc. in front of it.

    Happy T-day!!

  38. I posted pictures of my Frontrosen mittens yesterday on my blog. I love the pattern, thanks for suggesting Nordic Knits, they have great service.

    My mitts are black and heathered gray.

  39. Kane County Cougars??? *wondering where you live* My daughters love the Cougars and manage to find their way to a game (or two or three) every year! *humming It’s a Small World while*

  40. The will of iron has its benefits—it’s gorgeous! xox Kay

  41. Beautiful Mermaid! Yeah the sweater’s nice too, LOL! Very very pretty Wendy!

  42. Mermaid looks great and the dad is a handsome fella! Are the mittens you are knitting done with intarsia or fair isle?

  43. Hey there,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I feel honored.
    Mermaid looks FABULOUS, and FABULOUS on you! Is it a sideways knit?

    You know, as long as I’ve been knitting, I don’t understand why mittens intimidate me. DPN’s don’t, at all.

    But, now that I have had my Beautiful suede gloves appropriated at a pre-Thanksgiving party, ironically after having a conversation about knitting gloves; well, maybe that’s a sign. Yours look lovely.


  1. yummyyarn says:

    Norwegian Knits-Along: Week 3

    Remember these baby socks? Well, little miss Poppy can finally wear them! She was born last week and proud Papa emailed me some gorgeous shots of her wearing *my* socks! So how much knitting will be done by the end…