My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mermaid Q&A

Thanks for all your very kind comments about Mermaid!

Some Q&A:

You mentioned you put the Mermaid in the washer in the spin cycle for a few minutes…is there another reason why you did that other than to dry it out? I always thought that putting a hand-knit object into the washer is a no no.

To block, you soak Mermaid in warm soapy water and rinse, then put it the washer for just the spin cycle to get the excess water out — then lay it out on towels to block.

How sturdy is the fabric? Is it truly jacket-like, with some stiffness, or is it more sweater-like?

It’s jumperweight shetland knitted on size 2 needles — not stiff at all — very sweater-like!

Tell us about the sizing – do you think it would block out larger if you wanted? does it fit right for you? (looks like it does).

I made the size large to accomodate the front porch. It’s a bit large on me, but I like sweaters on the large size. I could definitely have blocked it out larger.

Where can I buy a Mermaid kit?

Google “Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid” and you should find sources. I can tell you that they have at least one Mermaid kit at Knit Happens in the retail store — because I saw it today.

Phyl Does Orange


I think Phyl likes her Autumn Spice.


A mini skein behind the ear is a nice accessory.


Belgian chocolate tastes better when you are clutching orange yarn.


Picking up stitches is far less painful when you have orange yarn on your head.

I am grateful for a friend like Phyl who brightens my life!

Wendy Does Frostrosen Mittens

I completed the first mitten yesterday, and made some good progress on the second mitten today.

The back of the hand:


The palm of the hand:


The right mitten:


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for all your Thanksgiving wishes. Tomorrow I’ll be up to my elbows in pumpkin pie and other good stuff, so WendyKnits will return next week.

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!


“I’m thankful for Greenies.”


  1. happy thanksgiving. Mermaid is gorgeous on you… and of course, Phyl Phyl looks lovely wearing her orange skein. Does Lucy get turkey too or will there be some extra greenies?

  2. Waaahhh! You got to go to Knit Happens and play with Phyl today and snow is in your forecast tonight! I don’t look good in this shade of green! 😉

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Wendy! Your Mermaid is lovely.. I’m pondering if I have the patience to do that much garter stitch.

  4. Those mittens are jaw-dropping!

    There’s a yarn store near me (Got Yarn) who had their mermaid kits on sale last week. Don’t know if there are any left, but check out their website:

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Mermaid looks gorgeous on you. Miss Falkenberg sure knows her way around garter stitch.

    I love the delicate intricacy of Frostrosen’s snowflakes. I have a feeling you’re already done with them, Wendy! Will we see another bathroom shot next week?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies are cooling on racks here. Nikki wishes Lucy turkey joy. Orange skeins are great! Love your mittens! Snowing here in SW PA…heading your way…

  7. Pumpkin pie is always a good thing to have!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Wendy! Enjoy the holiday.

  9. Those mittens are so pretty that I’m misty eyed. Wow.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and hope Lucy is able to snag some Turkey.

  10. SHRIEK! That orange yarn is the color of sweet potatoes!

  11. i love all the colours of Mermaid! i really want one for me!

    also, i wash my woolen sweaters (handmade and store bought) by hand, and then spin them in the washer. really helps the drying process!

  12. The mitten looks beautiful! I can’t believe you’ve already finished the first one.
    The orange yarn looks…delicious. Mmm…
    Happy Thaksgiving!

  13. Happy Turkey Day, Wendy and Lucy!

  14. Beautiful mittens, Wendy!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Hi Wendy. I got your blog from Queer Knit. You’re a fabulous knitter…all the hard and detailed stuff. I will be following your blog in the future. I’ve always wanted to knit the mermaid, but really, not for myself…. don’t have anyone to give it to. I want hanne falkenberg to have a nice man’s design.

  16. I absolutely love the mitten. It is beautiful. I love using your very simple toe-up sock pattern. It is great for someone like me…new at knitting. Can’t wait for the book.

  17. I am awed by your knitting. Just want to know where and how you find the time to do all this….or are you the world’s fastest knitter? Whew… your work is beautiful.

  18. Stitch DC had a few Mermaid kits when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

  19. Hey! We got a load of snow today. Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease borrow those FABULOUS mittens? Hee hee!

  20. Wendy, the mittens are lovely! Are those Pony Pearl dpns I see? What size are you using?


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