My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Holiday Weekend Wrap-up

Why, yes, I did finish the Frostrosen mittens — late Wednesday night.


So I started a new project on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

Question: What is the antidote for knitting Mermaid in garter stitch on 3mm needles and colorwork mittens on 2.75mm needles?

Answer: A quick-knit project on big-ass needles: Skeppsta, from the new Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book, Noro Revisited.

How quick a knit is this? I finished it this morning.


I made the smaller size (which is still pretty large) that calls for 7 skeins of Noro Transitions. I added some length to my version, and I still only used 5.5 skeins. Your mileage may vary!

This body of this sweater is done in strips of short row squares — a total of 8 for the front and back. Then you sew them together. My mattress stitch skills got a workout here!

It’s a fun quick knit and makes a big cozy sweater.

So . . . what’s next?

Anoter design from the Noro Revisited book, Kolsva.


The pattern calls for Noro Kochoran, but I’m making mine from Noro Iro, color #40. Surprisingly, I got gauge with the Iro using the recommended needle size (U.S. 9).

I’ll show my progress tomorrow.

Why two large gauge knits in a row? I’ve got a kit for a fine gauge colorwork sweater on it’s way to me and I’m gonna want to start that next, so I’m fiddling with fairly quick knits in the meantime.

I also finished spinning the blue/purple Portland.


Niddy-noddy action shot, courtesy of The King of All Remote Controls.


This is 250 yards for a 4 ounce skein.


And in the meantime, Lucy investigates my new baskets from the Knitter’s Review Boutique!


Hmmmmm . . . she doesn’t quite fit.



  1. poor Lucy …. what is it about cats climbing into baskets and bags? the new noro sweater suits you and the mittens are fabulous. It’s amzing how much effort goes into making mittens on 2.75mm needles. looks like you had a lovely weekend

  2. Love those mittens! (Must be the Swedish in me talking!) What a productive weekend and it’s not even Monday yet!!! You go, Lucy — you can fit in much smaller spaces than we might think!

  3. Those mittens are outstanding as usual, Wendy! I have a question for you…are you aware of any patterns out there for Nordic gloves? My nephew has made his first gift request ever, so the hunt is on (of course, mittens just don’t cut it for a teenage boy). Thanks!

  4. Please correct me if I’m wrong…. you finished an entire sweater in Noro Transitions in one morning? Is that humanly even possible?

  5. Amazing mittens – the roses look so delicate and feminine with the curly bits. When I first read the name of your next sweater, I pronounced it as coleslaw in my head rather than kolsva, and though it was an unusual name for a sweater. I suppose that happens quite a bit though when words in one language sound like something unintended in another.

  6. I’m a little late to the Mermaid party… I was thinking about getting it, too, because I like the set-in sleeves and the tailored look. But… are the sleeves of yours too long? and the shoulders not quite on your shoulders? It’s hard to tell from the self-portrait, I’m hoping it’s just the angle you’re at. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. The mittens look beautiful. The curly bits makes it look alive.

    Lucy is soo adorable!

    One sweater in how many days?! Even if it’s a quick knit…

  8. My one little Rosebord waves at your 2 FrostRosen. Took you less time to make a pair than for me to make one. Well, then again, Thanksgiving involved 3 days of cooking and an equal number of days of eating. I also have FrostRosen, but obviously I should finish Rosebord first. I also want to buy some new DPs as the ones I’m using for Rosebord are in a set of 4 and I really need a 5 set to work it more evenly. My only quibble with these mitten patterns is the garter stitch wrist. I think I’d prefer a turned hem, or a turned ribbing wrist. Maybe I’ll diddle FrostRosen when I make it. OTOH, I should finish the second mitten before I start diddling with another pattern because I need the darned mittens to wear, my previous ones having been destroyed by marauding domestic animals.

  9. I am in love with those mittens. I am totally fascinated by the detail of the patterns and quite impressed with your handiwork. Great job!!!

  10. The mittens are lovely and would really like to try my hand two colour knitting. Unfortunetly, I can not find anywhere in the U.K. to get hold of a suitable hat pattern to have a first go with. Any suggestions?

  11. You are a fast knitter!! The mittens and sweater look wonderful. Keep up the good and fast work.

  12. I just ordered myself Yoroi and Transitions to make the Kolsva. I figured I’d choose which one to use after making a swatch. Perhaps I’ll just use the Transitions for the Skeppta, I like it! Great sweater.

  13. stunningly amazing…a sweater in what…4 days. With seaming? It came out lovely.

    Also would those mittens be a good first timers project for fair isle?

    My knitting resolution for 2006 is to knit a fair isle project… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. WOW-

    You need a crown for speed queen or something— oh my WORD that cowl drape sweater is GORGEOUS!

    quick— post your progress- dying to see it !

    thnx for sharing your pretties!;)

  15. Don’t ya just love long weekends (and vacation)? So much productive knitting time. I love the mittens and the quick knits. I’ve been after that basket for awhile, but it’s always sold out. Lucy is a very resourceful kitty – I’ll bet she figures out a way to make that basket work for her.

  16. You and Kristine are going to kill me with that Noro sweater…

    Going to take the metro where I will be green with envy and hopefully that is all… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Wendy, both your Mermaid and your Frostrosen mittens are stunning!! Brava!!

    And I have no idea what it is with cats in bags/boxes/anything open that they can crawl into. Mine do too. The other day, I was sitting at my desk, and I looked down to find cat #2 (Elvis) all curled up in my purse, happy as a little clam. Go figure.

  18. I *knew* you’d finish the mittens in record time, Wendy! They are beautiful. Is this a present or for yourself?

    Also, can I borrow the picture for the Norwegian Knitsalong gallery?

  19. You rain at the moment as the mitten queen. They are so beautiful! And you knit a sweater in a weekend?! Nice work!

  20. Okay, I’ve seen them now on enough blogs that I have to ask — what is the purpose of a niddy-noddy? Obviously you wind your spun yarn on it after you spin it, but why? Does it help set the spin or something? Sorry for such a beginner question….

  21. YOU MATCH LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Boston Dotty says:

    HELP saw the square neck striped sweater on your site could you please tell me where to get the pattern. i used to knit when my kids were little then stopped , ( just a beginner ) i started knitting again when hubby got sick , started with scarfs and hats as i sat at the hosp now i want to start a sweater . LOVE your site


  1. yummyyarn says:

    Norwegian Knits-Along: Week 4

    I’m in the process of setting up a gallery, now that some of us have finished our projects. It’ll be up by next week! Thanks to the commenters on Wendy’s blog, I’ve found a few other online source for Norwegian-style…

  2. yummyyarn says:

    Norwegian Knits-Along: Week 4

    I’m in the process of setting up a gallery, now that some of us have finished our projects. It’ll be up by next week! Thanks to the commenters on Wendy’s blog, I’ve found a few other online source for Norwegian-style…