My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Well Whoop-de-do: A Finished Kolsva

Yeah, finished it Friday night as predicted.


What do I think of it?

Well, in retrospect, Iro was not a great yarn choice — it knit up into a very firm fabric and I think I’d like this sweater a little softer. There you go. Learn from my mistake.

But I do like the sweater — just think I’d like it better in a different yarn.

I dislike sewing together sweaters that are done in reverse stockinette stitch, and when it’s a bulky yarn, it’s particularly heinous. You have to use lots of short lengths of the Iro for sewing, as the stress of pulling on it can pull the yarn apart after a while.

Christina asked:
How difficult is it to set in sleeves? I only have experience with raglan and drop shoulder.

With set in sleeves, I almost always sew the cap into the armhole before sewing up the side seam. Sometimes you have to ease a bit of fullness in the sleeve cap into the armhole, but if you pin it in place carefully, and pay attention, it really shouldn’t be too big a problem. You want to sew the sleeve cap in as neatly as possible, as it’s a seam that shows.

I think it helps me that I’ve got years of sewing and tailoring experience — I used to sew all my clothes and made quite a few tailored suits and used “advanced” patterns. For the record, I never enjoyed setting in sleeves when I used to sew, either.

What’s New?

I didn’t get my anxiously-awaited colorwork kit in the mail yet (rats!), so I started knitting “Bettina,” the cover sweater on the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Noro Revisited book. Photo on the Knitting Fever site here.

It’s made from Noro Silk Garden. Carodan Farm had a really great Day-After-Thanksgiving sale, so I ordered the Silk Garden then — color 226.


Spinning News

I finished up the BFL/Border Leicester. This is 190 yards of aqua-blue goodness.


I’ve washed it and it’s drying now. The skein was perfectly balanced (yay!) so I didn’t weight it when I hung it to dry (it was pointed out to me in the comments by a couple of spinners with far more experience than I not to weight a skein that’s balanced while it is drying.)


First Birthday Month Contest Winner

The first winner is Laurie in Manchester UK, who came the closest to guessing my time of birth. Her guess was 7:12am. My actual time of birth was 7:17am. Pretty frickin’ close, she was!

Laurie wins this:


2 skeins of Lornas Laces Shepherd sock yarn in the “Knit Happens” colorway.

Thanks so much to all of you who sent me guesses — it’s so fun to read them all! Tune in next Thursday for the next birthday month contest!

Hoax Cookies

I spent some time today making cookies for my office’s holiday party. My very favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is the one that has been purported to be from Mrs. Fields or Neiman Marcus and is the subject of a hoax of some longevity — I was first given the recipe in the mid-1980s. You can read the story and find the recipe here. The recipe can be easily halved — which is what I did today.

I do think I’d better eat one, though. You know . . . to make sure they are edible.


Becky, note the presence of the tequila bottle in the photo.

Proof That I Am a Widdle Cuddly Puddy-Tat Snookums

I took a “What Kind of Wolf Are You?” quiz:

NOT wolf
Dude, where did you come from? You’re not a wolf!
Go away before you’re discovered and killed!

What kind of wolf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Speaking of Widdle Cuddly Puddy-Tat Snookums


Lucy had a very rough day on Saturday. Near as we can figure, she got a Greenie stuck in her esophagus. She had a couple of Greenies on Saturday morning, and soon after it was evident that she was in distress. She did manage to dislodge the Greenies and barfed them up whole, which was probably explains what the problem was — she swallowed them whole.

She’s fine — she slept all afternoon and was herself again (though a bit subdued) by early evening. But we’ve decided she’s not getting any more Greenies. She’s not getting ANYTHING that she might want to swallow whole that could cause her to choke.

I’ve heard a variety of stories about dogs having problems with canine Greenies and I don’t know if feline Greenies pose any significant risk — just wanna pass on to you Lucy’s experience.



  1. I LOVE Kolsva – and your new project is going to be just as beautiful – I see that book in my future! I am so sorry about Lucy and her Greenie espisode. That must have been scary for you both. Poor Lucy it wore her out, but then she is a cat and they love their sleep!

  2. Poor kitty! I am glad she is alright.
    Can I come to your office party? Those cookies look yummy:-)

  3. Exactly how much TEQUILA is in those cookies?!

  4. I give my five pound Yorkshire Terrier Greenies, which are shaped like a toothbrush. I take the stub away after it gets short enough for her to fit the whole thing in her mouth. She’s the kind of dog that would try and swallow it (Ask me how I know!).

  5. Wendy, the Kolsva is be-autiful! Nice, nice job.

    Sorry about Miss Lucy and the attack of the Greenies. I’m having second thoughts now that I just bought a dozen bags for my felines. Have to watch them very closely, I ‘spose.

  6. Re the greenies, why not break them into smaller pieces? Kibble size?

  7. Ha, ha, ha. I have that cookie recipe, too. We once gave our friends’ dog a Bully stick, which he swallowed whole and had to have surgically removed. Yikes. Glad Lucy’s ok, and has such a nice bed to recuperate in!

  8. My Oliver barfed up a whole bunch of Greenies once. He managed to get up onto my kitchen counter (which I didn’t think was possible for my 10 1/5 year old 16 pound cat), knock down a bag of Greenies, chew the bag open, and eat the whole thing. Needless to say he vomited a whooooooooole lot of un-chewed Greenies. Needless to say I now keep them up in one of my cabinets, and he only gets two or three at a time.

  9. Ahh, beautiful Kolsva. Aww… poor Lucy. Those greenies were so good she wanted to inhale them! Darn, Mommy. Can’t you cut them into smaller pieces or irregular shapes or something like we have to do with grapes and hot dogs for our baby? Poor little Lucy. All that greenie goodness and she can’t have any? ::pout for her::

  10. I got some Greenies for Mister and Packet because they’re supposed to clean their teeth, but yeah – they don’t chew em either. I just hear a slight “woof” noise and then a pitiful mewl, asking for more.

    How do they know they like them that much if they just inhale them?

  11. Tequila and chocolate chips–my two favorite food groups!

  12. Greenies are available in little chips for animals who try to eat them whole or are too small for them. You might want to try that. Our pup gets half a petite greenie everyday. We’ve never given him more than that because it seems to disrupt his digestion. He loves that morning Greenie though!

  13. Okay, I went to that website to copy the recipe, and on the recipe it has two asterisks next to the oatmeal, but doesn’t really indicate what those asterisks mean. Do you know?

  14. By the way, the cookies look yummy, and so does the gorgeous yarn you spun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Certain chapters of the American Red Cross offer pet first aid classes. It can be worth it to take one because knowing what to do for an animal is sometimes counterintuitive from what you would do for a human or even for a baby. For example, reaching into a cat’s mouth to try and pull out an obstruction can actually hurt them because their windpipes are so narrow and the bones are so soft. One thing they suggest is holding them upside down and trying to shake it lose.

  16. Kolsva very pretty, even if the fabric is firm. And Bettina picture — wow! So very glad Lucy is doing OK now. Office party, eh? HMmmmmmm.

  17. What a coincidence! My cat yakked this weekend, TOO! She left us a VERY special present in the hallway just in time for GUESTS. I think her digestive system is psychic, but thankfully, does not proffer any swallowed-whole items. Just lots of partially digested food. Yum.

    And now I have shared it with the internets.

    P.S. Glad Lucy is better and your sweater is *just gorgeous*.

  18. Poor Lucy!
    I’m glad she is doing better.

    Kolsva is beautiful!

  19. I’m worried about the cat Greenies too after reading about how the canine version don’t digest properly in their systems. Mattie, my cat, has suddenly and strongly gone from loooving the Greenies to turning his nose up when he sees them – maybe he’s made some connection to his upset stomache after having them, which was starting to happen. Anyway, if you hear anything confirmable, please let us know.

  20. I have that cookie recipe, too, and agree it’s pretty fabulous! Yours look delicious, the sweater looks great, so does the spinning. . . . yeah, yeah, gush gush gush.

  21. You could try crushing up the greenies into a powder and sprinkling the poweder over her food or something like that. Have a good birthday.

  22. My yellow lab puppy at 6 months old was a greenie addict – but then she started swallowing big chunks, and would throw them up at around 3 or 4 in the morning. We were very worried that she would get an obstruction and need surgery… so, no more greenies or the like. We have yet ot find a safe chewing item, unfortunately.

  23. Whew! Our furry ones can scare us to death. I’m glad she is ok and you had the cookies and tequila to help you recover. I think my Sassy will just have to do without Greenies and stick with other treats.

    The yarn you are spinning is beautiful!

  24. A-ha! Now I know your secret to excellent knitting and finishing. Margarita + cookies! Think it’ll work for me? (Any excuse to consume either will do.)

  25. That BFL/Border Leicester looks great! So pretty… it looks quite soft – how does it actually feel?

    Poor Lucy. Thank goodness she’s feeling alright now.

  26. SO glad Lucy is ok!! Big hugs from Teakie, Soonie and Jacob in Richmond………….

  27. What a cute furry face!!!

  28. I’m so glad Lucy is ok – how scary. I’ll remember that and make sure I supervise all greenie eating. Your sweater looks lovely and that handspun is divine.

  29. Wow what a post. Your sweater is gorgeous, so is the WIP too…you knit like a “house on fire” woman! Poor Lucy…awful to see our pets in distress isn’t it…? hope she rests well and doesn’t have any problems.
    Copied the recipe, wow, those are definitely diet cookies all right..

  30. Lovely sweaters!
    I got my little princess some Greenies, thinking she’d love them like Lucy does since Moka is mostly indifferent to treats, too. It was so disappointing that she didn’t like it! Miss Princess just barely tasted one, and it’s still in her bowl of dry food – she seems to be eating around it. Too bad. I was looking forward to watching her search for hours for them.

  31. Thanks for the wolf quiz! I am an Alpha Male. Not bad for an old lady! Can you knit wolf?

  32. Susan Maurer says:

    So glad Lucy is okay. Guess she’d better stick to cookies with a tequila chaser from now on.

  33. I love your new sweater – great colors, and right call on the neckline, if you ask me (which, uh, you didn’t).

    That wolf quiz was funny. I’m an alpha female – apparently I make babies. My kids will be glad to know I am fit to have made them!

  34. I’m an Alpha Female wolf! Be very afraid! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And,as such, I will dare to suggest that you begin a handspun skein listing under your Completed Works! Or, am I the only one who rolls back through your blogs trying to recall colors/fibers you’ve spun?

  35. I am sorry to hear that Lucy had a difficult weekend. I have found that sometimes when kitties love certain items too much that theyinhale them instead of chewing them. (Kind of like little kids!) Mimi loves her Greenies but she seems to like the crunch that they make. But I will have to keep an eye on her when she eats them.

  36. My old cat once tried to eat a piece of dogfood, but got it caught across the roof of his mouth. The way he was foaming at the mouth, we thought he had been poisoned. After rushing him to the ER, we were very chagrined when the vet simply stuck his finger in there and pulled out a slightly soggy bone-shaped piece of dog food.

  37. Poor little Lucy. I’m Glad she is feeling better. It is just awful when our sweet little pets are suffering, I have a little black pom. She has arthritis in her hips and she is only 6 human years old. We give her a third glucosamine and chondroitin pill every day to help the fluid in her joints. There is nothing else that can be done. No opperations that is that can help it. Anyway all of you knitted items are beautiful. I envy your beautiful work.

  38. I’m trying to find out if is still operational — I would love to send them more blankets. Let me know if you have any information. Thanks!