My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Woke up this morning to a weather forecast with the mention of snow, starting this afternoon. Woo-hoo!

So today I wore my Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Ribbed Sweater to the office. One problem: Lucy apparently thought it was another animal and tried to attack it when I put it on. Perhaps she thought it was a cat and was jealous? Or perhaps she considers herself a fashionista and was trying to tell me that I looked like hell. No, that can’t be it — she allows me to slop around at home in some fairly appalling get-ups.


Given the temperature in my office (lower 60s F.), the Ribbed Sweater was welcome today. There have been notices plastered around in the federal building where I work announcing that they have turned down the heat to save money. And because one wall of my office is windows, things are a bit chilly there! Finally. I get to wear sweaters. Yay, sweaters.

I also put my Frostrosen mittens in my bag, in case I needed to clean snow off my car for the drive home.

I only hope it snows enough tonight that I can stay home tomorrow. But I doubt it.

Here’s the view out my window shortly before 5:00pm:


It looks promising, but at moment I don’t think it’s snowing at all. Rats.

For the Record

When it first became apparent that Lucy was unwell Saturday morning, I turned into a hysterical mother. It is clearly a very good thing indeed that I do not have a child. For if I did, that poor little kid would be the most over-protected child in the history of the universe.

A couple of you suggested in the comments that I could break up the Greenies into smaller pieces before giving them to her. I am hesitant to give her Greenies at all anymore, after reading a couple of articles about how canine Greenies contain some “undigestible material” and there have been some cases of of dogs suffering from intestinal blockage requiring surgery, and in some cases causing death. I don’t know if feline Greenies contain undigestible material, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not worth the risk to Lucy’s health to continue giving them to her. Call me an over-protective mom (see above).

Here are links to articles about canine Greenies. Judge for yourself.

Lucy is now completely recovered — thanks for all your good wishes for her furry self.


Oh Yeah . . . Knitting

Here is my progress on Bettina — I finished the lower back and one lower side front. This sweater is constructed similarly to Klaralund — the sleeves extend into the top of the body.


Two rectangles! Exciting, no?

Spinning! Don’t Forget Spinning!

I love the BFL/Border Leicester yarn from my weekend spin. In answer to Holly’s question in the comments, it is pretty soft. Holly, I’ll try to remember to put it in my bag for my next trip to Knit Happens so you can fondle it in person.


I also spun up some wonderfully soft merino fiber that L-B gave me:


This is bulky weight — about 120 yards.

(By the way, L-B a gallery of my handspun is a good idea — it’ll help me remember what I have spun and how much I have of it. I’ll get right on that!)

My current spinning:


This is Shetland/Cotswold — the black bits are Shetland, the blue Cotswold. And there’s a little bit of glitzy stuff mixed in. It’s not quite as fuzzy as it photographed. Very easy to spin. I’ve got 15 ounces of it, which looks like masses of roving.

Excuse me now. I must go perform a Snow Dance.


  1. Good luck with the snow. I’d give my right arm for some to drop here in Florida.

    You continue to amaze me with the amount of knitting, spinning and such that you accomplish in just one day. I know I read once that you said you tend to continually knit when you’re not at work, etc. But… just out of curiousity… how much sleep do you get? I don’t think I could knit as fast as you if I kept at it for 72 hours straight! The only thing I can figure is you must not sleep. Ever.

    You amaze me.

  2. I am with Kris – how much sleep are you getting? You crank out a tremendous amount!

    Don’t think we will get snow any time soon. Had air conditioning on at work today – got up to around 80, but I do know we are in for a bit of a cold snap in south Georgia (just over the Florida line).

  3. OOOOHHHHH!!! Snow in D.C.!!! How I *loved* that!! Of course, where I lived, I didn’t have to drive into town. But, boy, the metro was PACKED. I’m so envious. But that’s probably only because I’ve been in Cali for 15 years (!!! ALREADY?!?!?!!!) and have forgotten how cold and damp it can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad Ms. Lucy’s feeling better.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I was curious about your sweater blocking methods. Do you wait to block your sweater until after it is sewed together for a particular reason? My last knitted sweater (cardigan) I pre-blocked all the parts before sewing it. That was 1981 and I still wear it occasionally. I’ve tried to find information about this without much luck since I’d like to resume knitting sweaters again.
    Lucy is a lucky girl to have a mommy like you, so many cats/animals aren’t so lucky.

  5. Cat lovers of the world UNITE!

    Knitty has posted a knitted cat without a tail or whiskers. What is this world coming to?

    No, I don’t think was meant to be a whiskerless Manx!

  6. Poor Lucy! How wonderful she is feeling better. I have something she might like a little better. It’s in the mail;-)

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the Greenies. I just bought a bag for my dog and of course he really likes them! But I agree with you, it’s just not worth the risk.

    I’m glad you’re spinning again, I love seeing the pretties you spin. It’s also motivating me to get back to the wheel and do some myself!

  8. I read the thing about canine Greenies a few weeks ago and I was going to pass the information on to you, but Lucy liked them SO MUCH. I didn’t want to appear to be bad-mouthing her favorites, especially since you went out and bought a butt-load of them. Now I feel guilty for not mentioning it sooner! Every time I see Greenies in the pet store, I want to run away screaming.

    You can keep the snow for now, I’m sure we’ll have a ton of it later this winter.

  9. Remember that wish you had of living in a barn in Vermit? Well when it snows here, we do NOT get a snow day. The only time I had off from work was when we had an ice storm 7 or so years ago. Yep, icebound for 3 days. With no heat. Or electricity. Be careful what you wish for…

    And glad Lucy is doing better. Just say no to Greenies.

  10. I am the pits when one of the cats gets sick. With Bu, when she broke her hip (compound fracture of unknown cause) I even put a rubber baby sheet under her so that she could sleep on the bed where I could watch her and carry her to her ‘facilities’ when needed. I’m in a panic now with Sam’s upcoming neutering. They want me to leave him. He will NOT understand, neither will they. We get a bit crazy. SO glad she’s feeling better.

  11. You’re singing the blues on the snow, baby. Should have done what I did and get a doctor’s excuse!

  12. Oh, Wendy, how frightening for you and Lucy! When I get my free greenies, they are hitting the trash! I can’t risk it! Fig eats things whole all the time. He’s a bit of a hog, truth be known. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah, SNOW!

  13. Say it isn’t so!
    I’ve been reading about Greenies for ages now, and Lucy’s response thereo, and feeling like a bad neglectful cat-mommy…. and now, having finally yielded to bad-cat-mommy guilt, and bought some Greenies for my lovely kitties, you tell me that they might be BAD!
    And Zara likes them so. ๐Ÿ™

    Off to read articles on Greenies.

  14. Wendy- with the Winter approaching, what sweaters do you find yourself turning to again and again? Do you get many chances to wear your Starmores?

  15. Gorgeous Silk Garden colorway! I love it. Do you ever try to deliberately make the stripes on your sleeves match with self-striping Noro, or is that just too much of a pain to figure out?

  16. I am hoping against hope that the snow will stick tonight so we don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Mind if I join you in your snow dance? I have some socks I want to finish.

  17. Gail Lucille says:

    Yes, Woo Hoo on the Snow !!!
    Just wondered…by the look on that pretty face of Lucy in the last photo, had you just told her..
    No more Greenie for you kiddo…Loved the photo.

  18. Oh, that bulky weight merino looks completely gorgeous, and it’s my favorite color range. Makes me want to rub my face in it!

  19. When my free Greenies come they will go from mailbox to garbage can and never come in the house.
    I’ve raised two children and 2 dearly loved furry babies, your reaction to a sick kitty is quite normal. I’m just happy your beautiful Lucy is ok.

  20. I’m jealous; I miss the snow (being a California girl who went to school back east). Very happy to hear that Lucy is feeling better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hope you get snow! Glad to know Lucy is feeling better… well, obviously, as she is in “warrior cat” mode.

  22. Dear Wendy, Hello again. Now, I am relieved to see your Lucy is fine now. Your picture of “Lucy recovered” made me so happy and laugh for 2 min. So cute. I am writing to you because I wanted to tell you how happy I was to see the snow in Washington DC. It even makes me in tears. I used to live in DC more than 15 years ago. I went to Mount Vernon College on Foxhall road. I was a young foreign student from Tokyo. One of the things I still miss about DC is snow. Thank you very much for your photos. I am enjoying your DC sky photos as well. They make me so happy ! Miki

  23. I am a fairly new knitter and a long time reader of your blog, and I am constantly amazed at how fast you zip through your projects. I think Lucy is an absolute doll and I was sorry to hear about her incident. I myself am a new “mommy” and I tend to be very protective of my little Puggy. Thanks so much for sharing the info on Greenies. I haven’t purchased any yet and I think it just may stay that way.
    P.S. I really like Kolsva.

  24. Hm I wish they’d turn down the heat in the federal building where I work… I have to wear all my great sweaters at home, it’s strictly cotton at the office.
    We got about 3 inches of snow up here so I’m figuring you got more where you are.

  25. Dulcinea47 says:

    Crazy cat lady here again… two tidbits for ya.

    One, cats don’t chew. Their teeth are designed to tear things up into chunks and from there they pretty much swallow it.

    Two, Greenies contain some form of fiber and fiber is indeed “undigestable material”- it helps move things along the digestive tract for precisely that reason, it’s not digested. I wonder if the dogs who are having problems are eating *way too many* Greenies? Anyway… as a paranoid cat mom myself I totally agree with anyone who’s gonna stop feeding them. And I’m glad Lucy’s okay. =)

    On a knitting note… I’m now fiending for Noro… all the lovely stripey-ness… Mmmm.

  26. I have made a decision that the extent of my weather forecasting information will be me going to the window in the morning to see if it is snowy enough for a snow day. Enough of meteorologists giving me false hope! Our dire snow forecast is sunny and blue, not white! But since I am near the lakeshore in Michigan, I know there will be at least one wonderful snow day for me this winter!

  27. I’ll do a snow dance too – and try to send our snow your direction. What’s the status on the colorwork project? Still “lost” in the mail?

  28. I have a spinning question for you: Do you usually do 2-ply when you ply?

  29. As my office follows the federal government, I too was hoping that I could stay home today and knit. Sadly, the 3″ of snow didn’t stick. Everything sure is pretty though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Thanks for the info on ‘Greenies.’ I’ve given them to Luna and will NOT anymore!!!!

  31. I am in lust with your spinning. A gallery would be great. Have you ever thought of spinning specialty yarns like boucle or garnetted, or are you more of a smooth yarn spinner?

  32. Hi Wendy

    You think you are an overprotective cat Mummy? I rushed my Kitty to the vet when he choked on what I believe was a piece of cello tape. He is young and foolish, because he did not throw up. He was hungry, why waste good food?
    Of to the vet we went, whatever was stuck in his throat, moved on and ??? Apparantly cello tape gets disolved by his stomach acids. I never knew that. My daughter did ask me, would I have rushed her to the doctors to?
    Do you have a walk in wardrobe full of hand knit sweaters?

  33. a) It sounds like some wristers or beaded pulsevante would be good for your office, too…and a lightweight scarf as well (lace, perhaps?) With the cost of heating fuel now (and tuition) we’ve been keeping our house at those temps, and I need all those layers to keep comfortable, even though I’m usually hotter than the average person.

    but also b) HOLY CRIPES. I did not know that about Greenies. I only just started giving them to Vincent…I think we’re on our second bag…and lord knows he’s had enough bowel problems and surgery in his life, we don’t need that, too. Thank you for posting this.

  34. You might check the label on Greenies for ash content. Our cat suffered urinary tract blockage from food that contained ash. Once we switched, he didn’t have any more trouble.

    I hope you get all the snow you desire – we don’t want it here in Oklahoma. No one knows how to drive in it!

  35. Thanks for the links on Greenies but I can’t read them. I’m told I am overprotective. I think I’m not. I do know that Bosco and Sophia’s dentist was very much against them and we are no longer purchasing them in bulk. If I knew the details I’d probably have them tested to see if there was any trace of harm. (Okay so maybe I AM a little protective. I can’t help it.)

    Thanks for knitting the Kolsva. I’m glad I went with the other pattern for my Yoroi. It’s working well. Do you ever frog complete sweaters when the fabric isn’t to your liking?

  36. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy’s distress! (I have had to work every night the past few days so did not have blog-reading time!) I feel so badly that I did not know to worry about her at the time! I am glad for the warning about Greenies, though, as Pippin tends to scarf things down whole as well! And about the alpaca blends – I did warn you about Pippins reaction to my Alpaka blend yarn when I knitted with it, but I guess you did not have time to read that comment since I am usually late posting! I still LOVE alpaca, though! Yay! School opened two hours late (my day-job) today (Tuesday), due to the snow!

  37. Really? my dog LOVES greenies! They are also expensive!