My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bohus Diary

Friday, 7:00am:


Friday, noon:


Friday evening:


By Saturday, the Bohus was ready to go out and party, so I took her to the Washington DC American Scandinavian Association Lucia Festival. (Update: Check out The King of All Remote Controls for a report and more photos of this event!)

She got to see Estonian folk dancing:


And Nordic dancing:


You can see how well-behaved she was, sitting quietly in her seat:


This morning I finished the yoke pattern:


Here’s a close-up:


A couple of you have asked how I would rate the difficulty of this knit.

I think you’d want to have some experience in stranded colorwork for this. There are some three-color rows in this design, and some of those three-color rows have purl stitches on the right side, so there’s a lot of manipulation of yarn going on.

It’s also knit at a very fine gauge on small needles. In a yarn with a bit of a halo — it’s half-angora.

So this is not a beginner sweater. Still, there’s nothing hugely difficult, technique-wise. If you’ve done some colorwork and feel comfortable knitting on 2.5mm or smaller needles, do not be afraid to try a Bohus!

Lucy has been a big help in the knitting, by keeping my knitting bag weighted down:


Birthday Contest, Week Two

There were 70 correct answers, identifying my place of birth as Worcester, Massachusetts. Fairly easy question, as the information can be found in more than one place on my website.

I did a random drawing from among the correct answers, and the winner is Bethe (who actually lives in Worcester!), who wins this:


A skein of Kaalund Expressions laceweight mohair in the Toucan colorway. Bethe, I’ve emailed you.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a guess!

Tune in tomorrow evening for some further Bohus adventures . . . and for a shocking photo of Lucy!


  1. Oh, that is so gorgeous! I think I’ll try just a regular sweater first though ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think Lucy is doing her job very well.

  2. What fun, a Lucia celebration! Did they do a processional with the wreathed Lucia and Star-Boys? I love it when they use real candles, even though it’s a bit dangerous.

    I love the Bohus! It’s great to read your blog because I get introduced to all sorts of things I never would have come across otherwise. That pattern is really fascinating.

  3. YAY for birthday month! We’re getting close!

  4. Just as lovely as I thought it would be! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I made that bohus sweater! At least I think it’s the same. I found Poems of Color and had Schoolhouse Press make up a kit for me out of their shetland. They chose “natural black” (which is really espresso) with shades of beige, grey and cream. It was complicated but SO beautiful. I am very proud of it. I’m no Wendy, but I have a lot of handknit sweaters, and after many years I still wear that one a lot.

  6. The sweater DOES look gorgeous, but 3-colored rows? (Shudder) I simply can’t coordinate two colors in one hand . . . or haven’t been able to yet . . . anything above 2 colors in a row is therefore anaethema! One thing for sure, though–it certainly pays to learn. Gorgeous.

  7. Your Bohus is amazing – absolutely gorgeous. Do you think the yarn would be itchy right against the skin? Of course one could wear it over a lightweight top. I ordered Poems of Color last week and see a kit in my future.

  8. Beautiful Bohus and Congratulations Bethe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Good thing Lucy keeps your knitting bag from flying up into the air. Those pesky things can fly, you know. I certainly hope tomorrow’s picture of her isn’t too terribly shocking. A lady has to maintain a good reputation, you know.

    Bohus is beautiful. You’re making me want to knit it. Stop that!

  10. Grrl, you are one speed demon knitting. It’s beautiful!
    Lucy, Lucy what have you done now?

  11. The sweater is beautiful! You certainly picked a good day to stay home and get so much of the sweater done. You will be wearing it soon! Good thing Lucy is so much help to you!

  12. Bohus is breathtakingly BoHueTiFul!

  13. That is truly gorgeous. Drool. May I ask in which hands you hold your yarns? It looks beautifully even. I’ve only done three colors in lopi, and I held all three in my left hand, since I seem to be right hand challenged. :/

  14. Oh my.

    I thougth I would be able to resist Bohus for much longer.
    Now, clearly, I must find a kit…
    Where did yours come from? Did I miss that post in my recent fog?


  15. Oh boy! It is stunning Wendy! I can’t believe you completed the yoke so quickly.

    Now for the miles-of-stockinette saga… Though maybe it won’t be that bad since you, and we, can enjoy the yoke while you knit the less interesting portions of the garment.

    I enjoyed seeing the additional Lucia celebration photos over at the Remote King’s blog, especially those of the Johnson family.

  16. great costumes! and the colors in the bohus are truly lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oh! Two of the dancers look familiar! Now, you know how Alex and I spend our Friday nights!

  18. Laura DeFlora says:

    Bohus is beautiful! I imagined a lovely scene of you, Bohus, Lucy, snow and a cup of tea as the sweater collar progressed. I’m asking for “Blue Shimmer” for Christmas. Yours will be finished by then! I thought the lighter color would be a little easier to knit for the first Bohus. Will you be changing needle size for the plain bit?


  19. Your “bohus” is actually amazing, what beautiful colors, design and yarn… I knitted once a part of a sweater with this methode of knitting and purling two colors (yes just two !) on the same row and I found it quite hard. It demands a lot of attention, not to forget to slip the yarn behind or not. But you are a “pro” (to say “professionnal” in French) and I am sure you don’t forget the string where it doesn’t have to be. I was wandering if some strings are floating ont the right side ?

  20. Wow, it looks great, Wendy! And thanks for the link to the King’s blog — what sweater did you wear to the festival? Looks like a Dale. Stay warm!

  21. A beautiful yoke! (But I’m drooling even more about the idea of Estonian folk dancing. I am clearly a Bad Knitter.)

  22. Stunning. ‘Nuff said.

  23. Okay, I’d love to knit this 8.5/inch gauge but I just can’t seem to knit tight/small enough! I’m such a loose knitter that most of my 5 sts/inch garments are knit on 3 needles. Guess I’m too laid back! Any suggestions about how to “knit smaller?”

  24. Wonderful. I love your Bohus. I wish I diden’t already have yarn for two sweaters.

  25. Hi Wendy… Your Bohus is a beauty! I’m curious, how many stitches does the yoke have per round?