My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bohus Zone

Revvin’ up your needles
Listen to the wooly roar
Angora under tension
Beggin’ you to touch and go
Stockinette to the Bohus Zone!
Knitting into the Bohus Zone!
Headin’ into a purl row
Spreadin’ out the stitches right
Stitches jumpin’ on the needles
And knittin’ into overdrive
Stockinette to the Bohus Zone!
I’ll take you
Right into the Bohus Zone!

(Abject apologies to Kenny Loggins)

Remember how I said I could really get into a zone with the endless stockinette? Well, last night? Not so much.

You ever have one of those evenings? You can’t get comfy, no matter what. You struggle with your knitting and every stitch seems like a chore. Last night was one of those nights.

So . . . not a whole lot of progress was made.


Hopefully I’ll find the Bohus Zone again tonight. Assuming I can stay awake past 8pm, that is.

In case you’re wondering if I really am enjoying Bohus knitting, this should confirm it:


It’s the kit for the Large Collar Bohus that I received in the mail today from Solveig. Wheeeeee!

And that’s not all:


This is a skein of Solveig’s gorgeous hand-dyed silk — all in shades of green. My photo doesn’t begin to show its beauty. It really is spectacular!

Mmmmmm . . . Glögg!

Jennifer asked what glögg tastes like. It’s heaven in a glass!

The glögg I like is made with burgundy wine, vodka, and spices. It’s served warm, with almond slivers and raisins in the glass. Yum!

(P.S. to Stinkerbell: Sorry my dear — no lutfisk for me! And for the record, there are Swedes who think lutfisk is heinous!

Once Again, It’s Thursday!

And once again, it’s contest time. This is the third week of the Birthday Month Contest. Another easy question this week:

On what day of the week was Wendy born?

Submit your guess (one guess per person, please) to The Official WendyKnits Contest Email Address by 3:00pm EST on Sunday, December 18 with your guess for the day of the week on which I was born. I’ll draw a name for the winner from among the entries with the right answer. You have a one-in-seven chance of getting it right! The winner and prize will be announced in Sunday’s blog entry.

Lucy Sez


“You talking to me?”


  1. Stop please! I’m starting to hyperventilate. It was a snow day (ice day really) for me and I’ve been trying hard not to blow my budget by ordering the large collar kit but the silk, oh my god, the silk. I didn’t see that on the website – what did I miss.
    Satan, get behind me.

    Catspaw in icy Afton.

    p.s. I’m a Mass…. too, born and raised in Methuen and 2 points if you know where that is.
    Moved here from Reading 16 years ago.

  2. There was also that Joni Mitchell song the “Boho Dance” which could be adapted to the Bohus….

    Cool silk, too.

  3. That looks like absolutely gorgeous silk. I’ve haven’t ever knit with silk, but someday, when steady paycheques start a-comin’ in, that’ll change. Oh yes, that WILL change.

    The Bohus really is looking good!

  4. Beautiful work! I made the “Large Collar” cardigan (c. 1994) — in fact, I made the one that is in the picture in the book. (Not the “Large Lace Collar,” though [?]) After it was sent to be photographed, I got to keep the sweater (natural shades of handspun angora, to die for), which has been in my cedar chest since then. The original instructions called for knitting the front in pieces back and forth, and I figured out how to do it in the round so I didn’t have to purl stranded color changes. Good luck!

  5. Don’t put yourself down–your Bohus is progressing at amazing speed nevertheless. And, the temptation of the new kit will spur you on. You can knit one Bohus while wearing the other! And the silk yarn, my oh my, you will need to quite work just to knit!

  6. I’m a Swede. Lutefisk is disgusting. There ya go.

  7. First of all thank you for replying to my question last week! Second, as a teen/college student of the 80s, I love your poetry! LOL Third, this Swede (maiden name also Johnson)can’t stand Lutfisk or many other Scandinavian fish dishes! Fourth, I’m still thinking about upsizing a Bohus and now I am wondering about the Angora. I’m generally allergic to it. I’m wondering what you think might be some good substitutes. It doesn’t seem like it would have quite the magical effect without the Angora. I wondered about some type of mohair…maybe too hairy? Last but not least, your Bohus is breathtaking! (sorry for the long comment!)

  8. I love the Bohus sweaters, haven’t made one though. Yet. But I did knit a shawl out of Solveig’s silk yarn. It’s a wonderful yarn! I hadn’t eaten lutfisk until I spent the first Christmas toghether with my husband’s family. It was not a very pleasant aquaintance. And I’m a Swede.

  9. Lucy is sooooooooooooo adorable with her crossed eyes. I just love that picture of her. Your bohus is extremely beautiful. I am very jealous of your talent at knitting shawls, sweaters ect. But keep up the good work you may just inspire me to keep trying to learn how to knit as good as you do.

  10. Hey Lady- I don’t touch the stuff and I am fully aware that there are Swedes who dont touch the stuff- most of the friends and coworkers belong to the Pepperkokker instead of Lutfisk group. I am also away of PROTESTS in Little Sweden (Ballard-Seattle) when lutfisk was prohibited from sale in the US. Just saying one or the other should prove your heritage ๐Ÿ™‚

    Me I say “vi ses pa systembolaget” and Ill drink the glogg happily ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I will never get over how cute Lucy’s crossed eyes are.

    Do you think you could provide the Official Contest Email Address in a non-Java Script format for those of us who use Linux and check their email with Pine and essentially can’t use Java pop-ups?

  12. Your Bohus is *gorgeous*, simply beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping I will produce such lovely knit pieces when my daughter is older. She is only 2.5 now, and I try to spend most of my time with her, but I still long to knit.

  13. jenny from duluth says:

    Ohh, who’s a fuzzy-fuzzy-hooshie-booshie kitty snookums?

    (there, got that out of the way. whew!)

  14. I’m not a Swede, but am norwegian and agree that lutefisk is disgusting (being someone that was forced to have it at all major holidays). But I do LOVE the lefse!!! Ooooh, and Krumkake!

  15. That sweater looks soooooo soft and pretty!!

    Will you share your glogg recipe? I’d like to try that.

  16. I’ve been having days like that a lot lately. I think a bit of the holiday funk has taken hold. I’m hoping shopping and wrapping this weekend will cure me, but…

  17. Just received my bohus in the mail today! The yarn is so beautiful. I can understand why you started yours right away! Thanks for sending me the details. I’m enjoying watching your progress (which will be tons faster than mine).

  18. I am confused by the name of your new Bohus kit — Large LACE Collar (?). Is it the same as the Large Collar that is shown on the museum webpage?

  19. I blogged about your bohus… he he….you’re such a super fast knitter!!!

  20. The silk is just stunning. Stunning. Any plans for it yet?

  21. Your Lucy is so gorgeous. That’s all I have to say. What a beautiful kitty. That’s why I read your blog, you know. Meow!

  22. As a Swede married to a Norweigen (in these parts, we call that a mixed marriage), I can attest to the fact that here in Minnesota, where more lutefisk is consumed than in Norway (it’s true! Look it up!), there are a great number of Swedes who won’t touch the smelly stuff.

    I’ll take my lefse warm with butter and cinnamon sugar, please.

    Judy in MN
    stepmonster to “jenny in duluth” of fuzzy-fuzzy-hooshie-booshie kitty snookums fame

  23. Susan Maurer says:

    I dunno much about glogg or lutfisk, but a few of my favorite Swedish things are red licorice fish AND this time of year: Angel Chimes. Do you know what these are? My mom used to put them out every Christmas (odd since we’re Welsh-German). Angel Chimes include a small golden plate on which are balanced four candles. When lit, the candles’ emitted heat causes three suspended angels above them to move. On the angels are little chimes that ring bells underneath them. Clear as mud? I’ll have to find a photo on-line if you don’t know what I mean. They’re pretty neat. Ever see them? Not knitting related per se, but I’m not sure glogg and lutfisk are either, except for the good feeling they give you while you’re knitting. Which these candles do too. As long as they’re not TOO close to yer knittin’.

  24. Love the knitting.
    Love Lucy.
    Hate Lutefisk, and was lucky enough to marry into a Swedish family that feels likewise.
    Love glogg, especially if it comes from System Bolaget.
    Grew up in the U.S. with Swedish angel chimes, and it was one of the first things I bought upon moving to the country 20 years ago. Fire hazards, my father says.
    Prefer the solice of the Swedish Christmas with infamal snow (Kiruna) and cozy darkness. And the candles of the Advents ljusstake. Miss that here right now in the U.S.

    Am moving home (Kiruna) very soon, but thank my lucky stars that Wendy and Lucy will allways be internationally on line.
    Isn’t this a wonderful thing?
    Knitters unite in cyber space. Kinda Dr. Who (with the scarf, I mean).

  25. Susan Maurer says:

    I took a digital photo of my Swedish angel chimes, but have nowhere to post them. If anyone wants to see what they are, I’ll be happy to email the photo.

  26. That silk is amazing and has great color in the picture. If that doesn’t so it justice, I can only imaginehow gorgeous it must be in person!