My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bohus . . . Is a Very Very Very Fine Hus

(Are you wondering how long I’ll be able to keep bastardizing song titles? Um . . . I think I’m about done. Maybe.)

There was a question in the comments about the new Bohus kit I bought — the Large Collar. On the Bohus museum webpage it’s listed as the Large Collar and on my pattern it’s called the Large Lace Collar. They are one and the same. Susanna, who translated the pattern into English, cleared up the mystery:

The exact translation of the the design “Stora spetskragen” is The large lace collar. It would appear that the museum is calling the design the Large Collar. Similarly, the Rose Collar/Yellow Collar are called Rosa spetskragen/Gula spetskragen so in this case the museum has omitted the word for lace [spets] in the English translation).

So there you have it. The straight dope, directly from the source.

My progress on my Bohus:

I completed the back.


And I’ve started on the front.


The front employs short rows on each side to lower the neck in the front. I’ve got the short rows done, so now I’m working on the armhole shaping.

The pattern has you complete the sleeves before starting the front, but I decided to do things out of order. You know — just to be ornery.



Here’s a quickie: 50 yards of “Whipped Cream” spun from 1 ounce of Cotswold lamb/alpaca blend roving from Nistock Farms.

Birthday Contest

I chose a winner at random from the 66 correct answers to the day of the week on which I was born. The correct answer is Wednesday. The winner is Diana H.

Diana wins this:


Two 50 gram skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Possum Cotton (146 yards each) in the Winterberry colorway.

Thanks to everyone who played! Next contest will be announced on Thursday.

Ho Ho Ho


The King of All Remote Controls and I put up a tree Friday night. With help from Lucy.


Lucy really doesn’t get what the big deal is.



  1. How about…ahem….We will, we will BOHUS!
    Love your tree.

  2. The angora blend appears to have a lovely drape in those pictures. I’m really enjoying watching the progress from afar.

    Also, the tree (and Lucy of course!) is adorable!

  3. Wendy, this is one of your prettiest sweaters ever!! I love how the halo of the yarn makes the colorwork all blend together! And it looks so soft and floaty ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you put up your tree, I’m sure Lucy was missing the festivities!

  4. You’re dating yourself with that title!

  5. I love the pic of Wendy checking out the tree! LOL I’m glad we don’t have a tree . . . i’m sure our cat would rip it down in a matter of seconds.

  6. ‘And just why is that green thing getting all My attention?’, Lady Lucy queries. Glad you got your tree up! I tried to go a year without a tree and really bad vibes ensued — so, up the tree went.

  7. Lucy is thinking, “it looks like a tree, but it sure doesn’t smell like one!”. (It’s artificial, right?)

    Anyway, the sweater is progressing swimmingly. So lovely.

    And darn — I guessed the right day and still didn’t win! Congrats to the winner!

  8. Drat! I guessed the right day and forgot to enter.

    I am in love wirh your sweater, however I have shoulders like a linebacker. Need I say more? The colors are so perfect

    Lucy is almost a beautiful as my furry one. I enjoy her photos.

  9. Two of my four cats would be delighted to demonstrate for Lucy exactly what the big deal is about Christmas trees. They’re the perfect place to roost, and a great place to hide your catnip mouse. If those pesky lights and ornaments get the way, you just knock them down and chase them around the house a little.

    Bohus is gorgeous. You knew that, though.

  10. You can’t be done with song titles until you do at least one Holiday one. (Deck the Halls with Balls of Bohus…?)

  11. Hi Wendy !
    I’m back home !
    I’ll be getting my Chrismast tree up this afternoon, and my five cats are expecting it with delight : a tree full of glitering toys ! YEAH !!!

  12. I thought the Bohus collar was knit in the round, and then you separated for the front and back…so you did the colorwork ..dun dun dun…flat?? Wow Wendy, you really are amazing…

  13. I think there’s lots of opportunities for continuing in the “hus” theme as others have suggested above. How about C’mona my Hus (Rosemary Clooney), Little Hus on the Prairie (not really a song, but…), This Old Hus (another not song).
    Oh, well. Maybe not! But I’ve gotten a giggle out of ’em so far.

  14. So I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I finally have to ask (and I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered before): approximately how much time do you spend each day knitting? I know you knit on your commute and at home in the evening, but I have no sense of the total amount of time.
    I am lucky if I get 45 minutes in while I watch TV at night, so I am envious of how much time you have to spend working on projects.

  15. Yay – a tree. Bohus looks great.

  16. Wendy! I got my Bohus package on Friday. I ordered the Blue Shimmer. I am in love! I started it on Saturday and have about 10 rows of the pattern done. I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yarn. I might have to order your pattern.

    I will post pictures on MY blog tonight and will also link to you.

  17. Hi Wendy and Season’s Greetings from unsunny Leeds (England).

    I’m a bit confused – I have decided I’d like a Falkenberg kit for Christmas and passed on the link to your Mermaid to the lucky purchaser. The link you have on your finished items page sent them to the Virtual Yarns site whereupon they read the prices of the kits and came back looking somewhat pale!

    Did you buy your kit direct from Hanne’s site?



  18. Back to the Hus at Pooh Corner? Little Hus on the Prairie? The Hus of the Rising Sun? Stop it! oxox Kay

  19. Wow…the colors in your Bohus are simply fabulous. I’m so jealous.

    Cuddles to Lucy!

  20. I’m so impressed with the colorwork you’ve done on the Bohus. It’s so intricate and I love the colors.