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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Richmond/Powhatan Yarn Crawl

I got home a little while ago from my quick trip to visit L-B and take a tour of some of her fiber haunts.

I’m too tired for an extended entry, so here’s the quickie version of my visit:

Our first stop in Richmond yesterday was The Yarn Lounge.


A lovely shop, with lots of unique things I’ve not seen in any other shop. We we made welcome by Stewart and her adorable dog Homer.

Next up, The Knitting Basket.


The ladies there were just as nice as they could be and we had a great time.

Then Unraveled (whose website appears to be down, so I won’t put in a link).


Once again, an exceedingly warm welcome! And the Noro! Gasp! The Noro!

Then we headed out of Richmond, to Powhatan and Holly Spring Homespun.


Kathy was out on the front porch to meet us. And the staff made us feel right at home:

This is Scarlet, who helped me pick out yarn.


You can see she’s just worn out from that task.

And this is Zoe, the angora bunny.


We sat in the downstairs room and knitted for a couple of hours and Zoe was happily hopping around while we knitted. I think maybe Lucy needs a little angora bunny sister.

L-B and I spent the night at the Erin Hill B&B, which is just spitting distance from Holly Spring.


Here’s L-B this morning, ready for anything!


First stop was Kathy’s home, where we met my new true love:


This is Harry, who is a cashmere goat. Need I say more?

Then we headed back to Holly Spring, where we spent the rest of the day. Kathy provided yummy snacks in her spacious downstairs room, where a bunch of us hung out and knit and talked for hours.

As you can see, Kathy is adept at knitting with help from Scarlet.


And to my delight, Rusty from Virginia Beach (Hi Rusty!) casually whipped out this:


That’s the Bohus Blue Shimmer, which she got from Solveig in Sweden. Oohing and Aahing commenced!

The most exciting moment of the day for me? “Alice in Richmond,” who comments on my blog from time to time, arrived.

When Alice and I were in college, we worked at the same summer job two summers in a row. We immediately became fast friends and partners in crime. And we had not seen each other in at least 26 years.

So as you can imagine, a lot of hugging and shrieking and tears ensued. We managed to settle down long enough for a photo op.


Alice and I got to spend several hours catching up. We quickly realized that neither one of us has changed a bit! And we vowed that we’ll not let another 26 years pass before we get together again.

Even the train ride home was fun (although the train was an hour late) because I met two lovely knitters on the train!

So. I’m back home with Lucy, who was very happy to see her momma, in spite of turning her back to the camera here.


And it’s almost time to say goodnight, but first . . .

The Last Installment of the Birthday Contest

This one is really easy.

Send an email (one email per person, please) to The Official WendyKnits Contest Email Address by 3:00pm EST on Monday, January 2 wishing me a Happy Birthday. I’ll draw a name for the winner from among the emails. The winner will be announced in Monday’s blog entry.

I’m not saying what the prize is, but it rhymes with “loigu.”

If you are unable to use the mailto: link, leave me a comment, and I’ll email the correct email address to you.

Time to go spend quality time with Lucy. Good night!


  1. Lucky duck. I tried to do my own mini yarn hunt today. I couldn’t find the darn store. hehe So I made due with visiting Wal-Mart and picking up a purse for $3 that I’ll use for small projects.

  2. Bookmarked this for summer when I come up to richmond ๐Ÿ™‚ love it thanks!

    I got my lendrum and I am spinning away, I am ashamed how I didn’t know how to put the brake/tension thing on, oh and now I’m stuck cause I don’t know how to use a lazy kate… sad!! lol

    Thank goodness for the internet! Happy spinning!

  3. Wendy – George and I just love your blog and read it regularly. I read it for the knitting tips, and George just reads it for the pictures of Lucy – you know how he loves kitty cats! We’d like to have you up to the house sometime if you can fit it into your busy schedule.

    Best wishes,


  4. Oh Wendy!!! You now have made me miss Richmond so much! Thanks for all the pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i am chartreuse!

  6. What a wonderful trip! And how exciting to visit with an old friend. I remember my 25th college reunion – we all felt that we had just returned from a weekend and we all vowed to never grow up! I have also considered buying a sheep to give my border collies something to herd in my backyard – plus not having to cut my grass, fertilize, giving me wool to spin, etc, etc..

  7. What a great way to end the year. Happy New Year, Wendy!

  8. Jenny from Duluth says:

    I don’t think a bunny would like my yellow lab very much… Mac would sure like a bunny, though! He’d probably think it was an extra nice stuffed animal for him to carry around and drool on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year to you, the King, and of course, little Lucy. Give her a snuggle for me!

  9. Oh Wendy! So close and not so far …. wish I had known you were in Richmond, though I would have been “blog” struck and not said a word if I had seen ya! Anyhow, thanks for the blog about the local yarnshops, I just moved here and didn’t know about a couple of these places, and have only visited the Yarnbasket. Time to branch out and see the yarn sights!

  10. I’m glad you had a great time and got to catch up with old friends. Looks like you hit all the hot spots.

  11. What a cute bunny! And a great travelogue.

    I can’t seem to get the link to work – could you send me an e-mail address?

    Happy new year (and birthday, of course!)

  12. Oh what a nice goat!

    And don’t worry about Lucy turning her back on the camera. She probably just hadn’t had a chance to straighten her fur for a good face shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I looks like you had a good time. I wish we had so many lys around here. I have to drive at least 30 min one way to get to the closest one.

  14. What a fun mini-vaycay! Can’t wait to see the spoils! Since you can’t have a cashmere goat, I say go for the Angora bunny!

    Pumpkin and I wish you anf Lucy a happy healthy splendiferous New Year, Wendy!!

  15. Love your blog! Can’t use the link! I hope that you have a fabulous birthday.

  16. No extended entry? That was great. Thanks for all the pictures. I remember when you and Alice found each other (or I guess she found you by your blog) — I’m so glad you got to see each other in person. Have a rockin’ New Year’s!!

  17. Alice in Richmond says:

    I have to say that it was every bit as much fun for me as for Wendy meeting up again in person at Kathy’s shop!!! 26 (or more) years is MUCH too long. And meeting L-B was great too. Now if I can only make it up to Knit Happens….

  18. Hi Wendy!

    Great meeting you! I always do serious pocketbook damage at Kathy’s and seeing you there was a double treat. I’m almost done with the top of Blue Shimmer and looking forward to ordering the Rose Collar kit. Thank you again for sharing Solveig’s contact info. Have a very Happy New Year; I know I will! I’ve got my 25th Wedding Anniversary on the 1st. I guess I’ll have to keep the Hubby because he says he’s taking half of my yarn stash and all of my Hebridian Designer knitting books if I try to divorce him… Have a great B-Day too!

  19. That dog! I’d better phone my Dad to make sure your friend didn’t drive down to Florida and kidnap his little Mugsy. What a cutey pie.

  20. We would have to drive at least 250 miles to get to that many “real” yarn shops round here. They just aren’t that many.
    B&B are plentiful though.

  21. It looks as if you had a fabulous pre-birthday celebration during your recent road trip! That B&B looks so inviting. I hope it will be an adventure you repeat in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 1. I’m jealous of your yarncrawl. Not that I need new yarn. But it’s so nice to -look-. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Are you sure Lucy wouldn’t turn a bunnysister into a few tufts of formerly-bunny? I mean, she’s a good kitty and all, but I’m wondering about the Temptation Level she can stand, y’know?

  23. I’d love to enter the birthday contest — could you email me the address? The link dislikes my computer.

    Wow, ’tis the season for yarn crawling! I just went on my own in New Mexico (Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos) and I’ll give details on my blog soon. I find the best LYS suggestions in blogland! I’ll certainly hit all of these in Richmond someday.

    Happy New Year!