My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Post Project Depression?

Maus commented:
I always wondered, you go so seamlessly (no pun intended) from one project to the next. Not to speak of the speed with which you do that, but do you not experience the slightest bit of “finished project slump”? Hard to explain what I mean. But whenever I finish a larger piece like a sweater or cardi, it seems I need like a day or so to “rest”. More mentally than anything else. Its like a block that ocurrs before I can go on to other things.

I don’t often suffer from PPD (Post Project Depression), I think, because I’ve always got in my head what I’m going to knit next before I’m halfway done with a current project. In the case of my current WIP, I had planned the project after this one before I started this one.

So I’m always looking forward to the next knit, and always cast on immediately for the next project as soon as I’ve finished one.

But I do know what you are talking about. There have been a few times in the past (the last time being last May) when I’d not made a clear plan in my head about what the next project would be and had some fairly severe PPD as a result.

And I do suffer from this on work projects. When I’ve been working on something extremely time- and thought-consuming at the office and the project is brought to completion, I feel at loose ends.

But nine times out of ten, something else pops up immediately.

Knitwad commented:
Today, in the car, I was musing over the question of what you’ll knit next and wondering how you decide. It seems that, like Oprah, your choice of projects could really benefit a designer or a yarn manufacturer both financially and creatively.
Do you consider this when choosing what projects to tackle? Do you perhaps knit projects and not blog about them because you don’t want to draw attention to a designer or yarn that you’d rather not endorse? Or, the opposite – do you choose a project because you really do want to honor a designer or manufacturer?
I don’t mean to cast any asparagus (aspersions) your way or to challenge your decision-making process but I wonder if your blogging fame hampers/enhances your choice of projects? I also wonder if any designers or manufacturers have encouraged you to blog about their projects/yarns and how you handle that sort of thing. The more readers you get the larger this issue might become – I can see it evolving into the type of endorsement schemes that professional athletes have going.

Short answer? No.

I knit what I want when I want (please refer to the Bad-Ass Knitter Manifesto Principle One). The only time I don’t blog about something I am knitting is when I am knitting a gift for someone who I know reads my blog. This blog is a personal, non-commercial venture.

If I didn’t want to draw attention to a partucular designer or yarn, the only reason would be because I didn’t like a particular pattern or a particular yarn, and therefore I wouldn’t be knitting that designer’s pattern or with that yarn.

I don’t knit with yarn because a manufacturer has asked me to. I knit with a yarn because I like it and/or it’s right for a project. If I knit with a yarn and don’t like it, I’ll say so. I only knit patterns I want to. I don’t think I’d be able to drag myself through knitting a pattern that doesn’t appeal to me.

I hope this answers your questions.

So, on to the current WIP. I finished the back. I took a photo, but it was crappy and I don’t feel like taking another. So here’s one of the start of the front.


Lucy Gets a Haircut?


Who knew she was so sleek and tiny under all that fur?

Just kidding. That’s Sami, one of my parents’ Siamese kitties. Lucy is as fluffy as ever!


Lucy sez: “Fluffy is as fluffy does.”


  1. You put quite a fright into poor little Lucky!

  2. I saw the “shaved Lucy” and GASPED! What possessed her to do that?????

    *laugh* Thank goodness it was Sami.

  3. Sami is cute, but Lucy is beeeyootiful.

  4. Ahh! You had me fooled with that “shaved” Lucy picture- I almost went into mourning for her, but thankfully her hair is still there. I had a fleeting thought that maybe you’d decided to shear her so you could spin her fur!

  5. Oh my goodness! You scared me for a moment there. I had thought you’d really shaved Lucy’s gorgeous coat off!

  6. Living in a house with one kitty who does that (shave thing) to her very own belly and another who had pre-surgery shave via the vet, all I could think was “holy &%$@#!”


    Good one, Wendy!

  7. for one brief second i thought you really did what i threaten to do everytime i sweep or vaccuum. hah!

  8. You fooled me too. My second thought though was :I wonder if you could spin that hair?

  9. Thanks for addressing my questions! I had a feeling that was the case! Like you, I’m always cooking up the next project in my head as I knit the current one. Unlike you, however, I get impatient and start it up even before finishing the last one (sometimes, shamefully admitted, not finishing it). Not a good trait!
    I knew you’d never shave Lucy! She’d never stand for it, would she?

  10. Rats! You got me too Wendy … I was sure you had shaved poor Lucy. Very clever you are!

  11. You fooled me too. My second thought though was :I wonder if you could spin that hair?

  12. My goodness, I nearly had a heart-attack when I saw the ‘shaved Lucy’ picture! O_O Of course, I imagine that if you really did shave her, she’d look considerably more grumpy than the cat in the picture.

  13. Oh, I nearly had a conniption! I’m so glad Lucy’s fur is safe!

  14. Oh lands! For a moment I thought Lucy had been sheared. Lucy’s fur would make a nice yarn.

  15. It’s good to see I wasn’t the only one fooled by the picture of Sami. I couldn’t understand how you could be so darn mean to poor Lucy.

    We always shaved our dogs, but that is different than a fluffy cat. Then again, I’ve never owned a fluffy cat. Maybe I would have ended up shaving it too. hehehe

  16. When I saw the “shaved” photo I nearly had a heart attack. The only way I’ll recover is if you to send me lots of lovely wool. It’s not nice to scare those of us in the over 60 group.

  17. Actually, having 2 long haired cats in Florida, I used to do that to my boys every 3-4 months. I used to promise them their cat friends weren’t laughing but we all knew it was a lie 🙂

    I’m glad Lucy still has her glamorous do!

  18. That was a horrid trick to pull. Imagine if you have heart patients who read this blog. (I’m joking I swear)
    It is very reassuring that you, despite the commercial opportunity that your blog offers to you, Doon’t take aadvantage of it. Perhaps there is hope for the world after all. Thanks for reminding a slightly cynical teenager of it.

  19. Oh, I love Sami!! Looks like my Soonie (but Soonie has only 1 eye). How can I get a pic of Soonie to you?? (can’t do computer pics). Actually, I work with Siamese Rescue so am very partial to Meezers – Aren’t they wonderful!!

  20. HAHAHAHAHA–I had to look twice at Lucky! But his face looks nothing like Lucy. Nice joke for me on a Monday AM. Thanks-!

  21. I’d be interested in a retrospective evaluation of, say, the garments you’ve knitted in the last year or two: which ones do you still like a lot, which (if any) turned out to be duds, etc. Or perhaps this issue doesn’t apply because it’s the process, not the product, that matters most? I think your insights would be instructive.

  22. My initial reaction to the photo was “Say it ain’t so!” – whew – what a relief!

    I appreciated reading your thoughts about endorsement of designers and/or yarn companies. Your integrity shone a beautiful light. Thanks.

  23. YOU HAD ME FOOLED!!!! I wondered if Lucy had been a Very Naughty Girl and she was being punished!!!!

  24. You really scared me with that Sami picture.

    While you are answering questions, I was wondering what you do with all of your wonderful finished objects. Do you give a lot of them away as gifts or do you just own a very good selection of sweaters? I have recently been pondering one of my first sweaters that I made in high school. While it was nicely knit it was made out of cheap acrylic yarn and I never wear it. I don’t know if I should let it go. Do you ever “let any of your finished object go” after some time?

  25. Holy crap. For a second my heart actually stopped beating. I’m really glad Lucy is still fluffy and gorgeous. The new project still looks great.

  26. oohh… you had me scared… i thought you had shaved poor Lucy

  27. I knew you were kidding us! My parents used to have a long-haired (Persian mix) cat and sometimes got her sheared in the hot Florida summers…they don’t look that nice and neat afterward, believe me. They also look pretty pissed off. The fur grows back pretty fast, although the PO’d part stays around!!

  28. You didn’t fool me. I could tell that wasn’t Lucy’s cute face;-)

  29. Wendy — Saw the comment this week about the new Colonial Needle Rosewood circulars. I saw them at the TNNA trade show this past June and they are magnificent. The wood is incredibly smooth, the join is perfect, the cord soft and not coiled, and the point is just right. I really recommend giving them a try as I know you are partial to rosewood. The only thing I don’t know is who is carrying them — I ordered direct from the company at the show but their website does not yet list the circular needles. (Which were samples at the show and are only recently released). Allana

  30. I’m with Margene…beautiful though Sami is, I knew that wasn’t Lucy’s precious face. Besides…I think if you tried to shave Lucy, you wouldn’t survive the process. She may look all cute and sweet now, but I imagine that she’d claw your eyes out before she’d let you too close with the clippers!

  31. No post-book PPD?

  32. I’m a newish visitor to your blog; just wanted to say that your photo of “Lucy with a haircut” gave me a chuckle, but the first thing I thought was, “Wow, great job!”, having shaved many a cat (or portions thereof) myself when I was practicing as a vet.

  33. My mother each year would actually shave her long haired cat Static, he was a Maine Coon, because he would get rather matted and always seemed hot in their unairconditioned home. His brother Sly, a short haired cat, would freak out each time Static came home and wouldn’t go around him for days. Although we came to realize it wasn’t the look, although it was frightening, but that the vet had used a flowery shampoo and Static no longer smelled like STatic.