My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


If I’m a Process Knitter, Why Am I So Driven?

Oh well. No one ever accused me of being consistent.

Monday was a federal holiday, and I had plans to spend a chunk of time spinning. Never got around to it. I couldn’t drag myself away from the knitting, though I really did want to spin.

Truth be told, I also spent a fair chunk of time rearranging the furniture in my living room.

Rearranging your living room furniture while your cat is asleep in the bedroom, thereby freaking her out when she strolls, unsuspecting, into the living room? Priceless.

Actually, Lucy did not freak out. She was a tad taken aback when she saw the changes (it is fun to watch a cat do a doubletake!), but she has far more aplomb than to let such things bother her. She likes the new arrangement, wherein the sofa table is actually behind the sofa (imagine that), so she can take a stroll back there.


Only problem is, the table is now sandwiched between sofa and wall, so its fun twisty legs aren’t visible.

I love the twisty legs. Oh well, I know they’re there.


And now you do too. Thrilling, no?

I seem to have gotten off on a tangent.

Anyhow, I need to figure a way to fit more spinning time into my days. Perhaps get up an hour earlier? Definitely not! I think my best solution is to institute The Spinning Hour (not to be confused with The Witching Hour).

We’ll see how that goes.

So, here’s the knitting away from which I could not drag myself.


I finished the bottom border. I do so love colorwork on tiny needles, even if it does take freaking forever to make progress.

As Vanessa pointed out, I’m using my beloved Holz & Stein ebony circular (in size 2.5mm) for this project.

My pattern repeats are 24 stitches each, so I’ve placed a marker every 24 stitches. The first marker of the round is white, the marker at the midpoint is black, and the rest are red.

I just like knowing where I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

Are You Knitting a Hanne Falkenberg Design?

If so, this email I got from Becky might interest you:
. . . I started a Hanne Falkenberg knitalong at Your Mermaid was one of many that I have admired in blogland and I was thrilled to receive the purple mermaid kit for Christmas and can’t wait to get started.

Becky sent me this information along with her photos for my Kitty Bed Gallery. You might want to check the gallery out if you haven’t lately. There are a lot of very cute new photos there.

Even Lucy thinks so.



  1. Love the new design! Can’t wait to see how it progresses….

  2. It’s nice to see you doing colorwork again! I’m working on Ingeborg, in the same colors, so I feel all fashionable, now. Of course, you’ll surpass my progress in about an hour.

    Do you have the entire sweater designed, or are you designing it motif by motif?

  3. Very cool twisty legs, and very cool bottom border. Poor Lucy, all confused by the moving furniture….

  4. Lucy looks as though she has a headache. Or perhaps she’s simply thinking serious kitty thoughts.

  5. Lucy looks like she’s working on a mind control project there…

    The Yarn Harlot has speculated about what you would have to knit during the Knitting Olympics in order to challenege yourself… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. We rearranged an entire room this weekend and Mason, my Siamese cat, was quite enthralled with the whole process. It really was cute. And I know exactly what you mean about spinning vs. knitting. It’s so hard to break away from whichever one I’m doing to do the other. If only I didn’t have to work for a living.

  7. Will the spinning hour take place at approximately the same time as the witching hour? I would have loved to see Lucy’s double take. Fitting in spinning with the knitting is a major concern for me. I’m anxious to see how your plan goes. Lovely new colorwork.

  8. Just because you knit one item only doesn’t mean it isn’t the PROCESS!

  9. You inspired me with your colorwork! (Before this most recent project but hey…) Anyway, I’m working on my first colorwork item myself. So it’s neat to see you doing one too.

    I do have a question—how do you like the Louet Pearl? I saw someone who recommended using it for your Baby Norgi pattern and I do love merino so I was curious about your take on the yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (And it looks, like Lucy, very lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Why on earth did I read *federal* holiday as *feral*? Are there feral holidays?

  11. I too would be intrigued to see what you would consider a knitting ‘challenge’ worthy of a Knitting Olympic event. Coz honestly, your everyday knitting stuff makes my head spin.

  12. I’m curious too Wendy. I read your blog every day. Your work is so amazing and done with such apparent ease (on the metro!) What do you consider a challenge in knitting. It seems that you approach even the most complex projects with the same confidence I can only muster for a garter stitch scarf (without fringe.) Do you ever doubt your ablity to do a project, do you ever puzzle over what-in-the-name-of-god a pattern designer means, and finally do you ever make a mistake?

  13. Mary Drew Powers says:

    How do I send you a picture of my cat in your PI bed? I didn’t know there was a gallery – I just found it on the ‘net and knit it last year without checking out your blog. It’s great!

  14. Need more insanity? Did you see Stephanie’s Knitting Olympics challenge on her yarnharlot blog page? Jan 14th entry? : )

  15. See Lucy doing a double-take? Priceless!
    Rose looks beautiful.

  16. I moved my kitchen table into the living room last night for a class I was teaching — it totally confused all 4 cats. They were all on it even though they know they are not allowed on the kitchen table. Guess they figured if it’s in the living room, it’s not a kitchen table anymore.
    Love the twisty legs on your sofa table. Shame to hide them!

  17. it’s always refreshing to change the furniture – but what a shame to hide those twisty legs. especially now that you’re a spinner too – they look plied!

  18. The sweater is coming along beautifully!! I am loving it!

  19. Wendy, thanks so much for the knitalong mention.

    I can’t wait to see more of your new sweater – I love it already!

    And thanks for posting my kitty pics – yes, Major does very much like playing with plastic straws. But his favorite toys are the rings from around the milk caps when you open a new gallon. He particularly likes to play fetch with them – he actually brings them back and waits for us to throw them for him to chase! He must be part dog.

  20. Wow, Wendy — looks like the gauntlet has been thrown, here.

    I admit while I was reading the harlot’s entry about the olympics (and joining, because I. am. insane.), I stopped and thought for a minute about what would challenge you for a 16 day project and I couldn’t come up with anything. A cozy for a blue whale (in colorwork, of course)? One of those knitted houses? A pair of hundred-inch socks on size 0s?

    I’m baffled. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wendy,

    Where did you buy your needles? Online, mayhap? And for support, I must note my sofa table is also NOT behind my sofa!

  22. The twisty legs are called “barley twist” in furniture lingo – as in “oh, does that table have barley twist legs? no? just turned? ok, nevermind”.

    I’m new to your blog – I love all the kitty beds and feel the urge to knit Big Kureyon kitty beds for all the cats I know.

  23. Sandy Johnson says:

    I was looking at your table and was wondering what kind of article was holding your spindles.
    Is this something you had made or is it available somewhere?

    Love your blog – it inspires me in my lowly projects to reach for the stars. I have only two drop spindles at the moment, but would like at least one more and it looks like you have found a great way to display them.


  24. Does Lucy know she is a celebrity?

  25. I’ve been seeing so much colourwork around, it’s starting to tempt me away from my duly named Next Project: Mermaid. Ah, well, who needed knitting fidelity? Do you think starting with a kit (like those mitten kits you worked on before) would be a better idea than just getting, say, a Latvian mitten book?

  26. Hey Wendy…The new design is looking beautious and I’m looking forward to seeing this one develop before our eyes.

  27. If the Spinning Hour could be anything like The Children’s Hour, then it surely would be something to look forward to. I bought a spindle once, eons ago, and it’s a lovely decoration. Could never get the drafting thang down.

  28. Loving the sweater design. I can see why you couldn’t pull away from it.

    BTW: you’re welcome to come over and re arrange our furniture, we need the help! =)

  29. Darielle Dannen says:

    Hi. I have been lurking for a couple of months now and I wanted to say hi. I love your knitting and your site. I am a knitter – for about a year and a half. I have just finished my second sweater. I am continually inspired by your knitting projects. Because I am sort of new, I get nervious about trying a project that is too complex. You make everything look easy and that helps me branch out! Well, keep up the great knitting.


  30. Thnx for posting the link to the Hanne Along….It will greatly help……

    My Mermaid kit arrived last night—- now if I can only get the “gumption up” to knit!!!!


  31. I have been reading your blog for a while and I find your knitting absolutely incredible. I had a question about colorwork. I have been knitting for a while and although I have done cables and complicated lace patterns I am afaid of colorwork. I decided to start small (with a baby sweater for a friends newborn), but I am worried about the stranding on the back of fair isle. Have you ever knit for wee ones and if so, do you worry about little tiny fingers getting caught in the strands?

  32. Your table has lovely Barley Sugar Twist legs. They are named after the boiled sweets that used to be available in short twisted chunks in the UK (and maybe other places?).
    Love the border, it looks very classy.

  33. Hmmmm… colorwork on tiny needles. Then I bet you would love the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl in the book Handknit Holidays:
    — it calls for US size 1 needles. Have you seen it? I vote that you do it for Yarn Harlot’s Olympics. (side note: the yarn amounts listed for this shawl in the above link are incorrect).

  34. Beautiful colorwork! You are such an inspiration to us mere knitting mortals!

    What has been the most challenging item you have knit to date and why, and what is the most challenging item you can think of to knit now, and why?

    And, of the AS Arans, which do you recommend for someone making their first? (I have Aran Knitting, Fisherman’s Sweaters and The Celtic Collection.) I’m thinking I might make one for the Yarn Harlot’s Olympic Knitting Event (or at least try). Thanks for the help!

  35. So the snowflake/star thingy, is that intarsia or fair isle?

    Nosey minds wish to know.

  36. So.. in the first picture, you have what I can only describe as a drop spindle tree on your funky, twisty-legs table. For those of us new to spinning, what is it and where do you find one?