My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


State of the Project

Not much exciting stuff going on here.

I’m knitting happily along on Rose.


I am getting close to the point where I can start the front neck steek. (Do alert the media, will you?) I’ll be happy to do so — it.s like coming down the home stretch on the body of this beast . . . er . . . fun project.

No really. It is a fun project. The pattern may look complicated but it’s pretty easy to memorize. Each pattern repeat is 24 stitches and 24 rows. It’s the same thing over and over, but it’s fun.

The sleeves will be fun as well — much smaller universe to deal with so they’ll grow much faster.

But of course I’m thinking about what is next.

What is next?

Teal Hogget.

Well, yeah, of course I named the sweater Teal Hogget. We have already determined that I like saying hogget and you know what? I like writing it too. Hogget, hogget, hogget.

As I mentioned the other day, aided by my Sweater Wizard software, I worked up a design for a little shaped waist pullover with three-quarter length sleeves. I really like Sweater Wizard — it’s a good starting point for designing, I think. I plug in the parameters and it spits out a pattern. Then I make alterations to the pattern and start knitting. Often, more alterations occur during the knitting.

But Teal Hogget is a simple little sweater, so I figure little alteration will be needed. After the initial noodling I did, that is. And just for grins, I decided to write the pattern for 3 sizes: 40, 43, and 46″. Here’s the schematic:


And I’m thinking I might start knitting it on the sly while I’m still working on Rose. Why? I want to start taking it as a commuter project. I plan to start teaching my new knitter at lunchtime tomorrow (assuming our schedules allow) and I’d like to have something in plain stockinette to knit while instructing. Don’t want to freak the poor guy out with colorwork.

If any of you all are interested in knitting it as well, I’ll post the pattern as a freebie.

It takes heavy worsted weight yarn — to give you a gauge of 4 stitches and 6 rows to the inch, on a 4.5mm (U.S. 7) needle — or the size one needs to get gauge. I’m guesstimating, based on what Sweater Wizard advised, 950 yards for the middle size.

So there you have it.

Lucy looks around furtively.


And leaps for the couch!



  1. giggle.
    That Lucy is QUITE the leaper!

  2. Great action shot! Rose continues to look lovely, and I’m looking forward to Teal Hogget. (Togget?)

  3. Hogget hogget hogget. You’re right. That *is* fun. Hogget hogget hogget.

    Why don’t we see pictures of Lucy bossing you around? Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat is frighteningly bossy for cat who cannot hear and doesn’t meow in appropriate ways, since no one can hear him.

  4. Love the Hogget schematic! Thank you for posting a free pattern for this! Hogget, hogget, hogget.

  5. Ooh, an action shot! That Lucy! Teal Hogette looks like it will be a lovely sweater – I’m certainly interested in the pattern. I’m always interested in patterns. And then I change them. Patterns, recipes, they’re all just suggestions, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Isn’t Hogget the name of the farmer in BABE????

  7. That’s awfully nice of you. Thank you for posting the schematic. I’d love it if you’d post the pattern.

    Oh, Lucy, such form, such grace!

  8. Our little Olympian – Lucy the Leaper! Can’t they make couch leaping an event?

    I would love to see this pattern, Wendy. Of course, I will then whip out my math skills to increase it – 46 is nice, but those of us who are “fluffy” feel that 50 is better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking in my stash to see what’s available…

  9. Wendy, Rose is stunning. I have very limited experience with colorwork, hence, my question: if you don’t twist the yarns when you change colors, how do you prevent holes?

  10. I Googled the word hogget and was surprised that as many times as you’ve used the word recently you weren’t the top entry. Not even on the first page… Google’s crawlers must be falling behind.

    Your Teal Hogget sweater design is very welcome; I’ve been searching for something to make with my Jacob homespun.

  11. The “Teal Hogget” pattern looks pretty cute; I’d knit it!

    One question (for Wendy and commenters alike): Do you know of any open-source software similar to Sweater Wizard? Thanks.

  12. Rose is looking more and more pretty in each pic you post!

    And that Lucy…can you say beautiful?!

  13. Rose looks great!

  14. I would love the pattern to your sweater…I’m always looking for a simple sweater pattern, and this one seems to fit the bill. And the bigger the yarn, the quicker I finish it.

  15. Finally getting the nerve to comment. I love Rose! And the hogget is lovely as well. I recently discovered your site, and enjoy it regularly. You said you wrote the pattern for Rose. Is that something for your next book?

  16. By a strange coincidence, I already have the Lopi light and it knits up in the right gauge. I’ve started calculating for a raglan, but have been supremely uninspired. Perhaps it wants to disguise itself as Teal Hogget.

  17. They’re taking the Hoggets to Isengard…

  18. Pssst…Lucy, have you noticed the “roses” are made up of little black and white kitty heads? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Lucy In Motion…I never thought I’d live to see the day. =p

    Thanks for sharing your Teal Hogget pattern/schematic!


  20. Wendy, you are amazing. I’ve just recently started reading your blog and my mind is boggled at your knitting speed. Rose looks beautiful!

    …taking the Hoggets to Isengard… love it!

  21. Oh how cool…Certainly can’t wait to see it and possibly use the pattern for some of my own homespun!

    Ya know…I might need to be investing in Sweater Wizard myself. So many ideas swimming in my head!

  22. Jenny from Duluth says:

    So, do you think you could make a copy of the Sweater Wizard software for me?

    Looks like a neat program. When I (finally) get a laptop for school this fall I’ll have to buy it! Rose looks lovely, by the way. And Lucy is in fine form for the Kitty Olympics!

  23. Oh boy, a HOGGETT ALONG!
    Count me in – I even have some handspun that I can knit with.
    I agree with Leslie though, I’ll need to make it a tad larger to cover my ample, umm, bosoms.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  24. I can’t wait to see Teal Hoggett and have fun teaching your co-worker to knit. Rose is beautiful and Lucy … what a funny cat.

  25. Echoing the comments of so many others: I am just in awe of Rose. In fact, the sheer beauty of it inspired me to finally try colorwork and I am finishing the first pattern repeat on a Dale of Norway baby cardigan – and it looks pretty good! I’m not going to think about the steeks until I get there. I would love to have the pattern for Rose. Will you be publishing it or will you post it with your blog patterns?

  26. a rose, is a rose is a beautiful rose!

  27. Any chance you could make the Teal Hogget in smaller sizes (34″ thru 38″)? I have miscellaneous wool yarn that I’d love to make the same pullover in, but I’m a smaller size ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks. — Alicia

  28. I would LOVE the sweater! I’ve done two projects – both children’s sweaters, so I’m looking around for project #3…an easy sweater for myself would be great!

  29. Rose is looking great! I like the schematic of your Hogget. I have just the right yarn available, so I would appreciate seeing your pattern. Thanks in advance.
    Happy Knitting! from Maine

  30. Lucy is quite an active kitty! She loves to chase paper balls, run around like a maniac (Thunder Kitty), and has more than a 5 foot vertical leap. She also loves to chew on different textures of plastic and explore every nook and cranny she can find. (No, she doesn’t like Thomas’ English Muffins).

    And hey – Cathy D – Wendy Knits IS on the first page of Google results for “Hogget”. I just checked, and it’s number 6.

    But for “Hoggett”, it’s the number 3 result. Crikey, which Google are you using?

  31. Rose is beautiful! One of these days I’m going to get up the nerve to try something like that . . . someday.

  32. Trouble is, every time you say Hogget, I get Hoggette – as in the guys who are Redskins fans who dress up in pig snouts and ladies dresses for games. So, a Hogget sweater to me is not a mental image I want to deal with. Just sayin’.

  33. *de-lurker alert!* In the last picture, it almost looks as though Lucy is performing some sort of strange kitty enchantment opon the edge of the seat…

    Anyway, de-lurking and ooing and awwing over your splended knitting being jealous of your roving and spinning b/c I have no wheel. Yet. ๐Ÿ™‚