My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Gotcha Teal Hogget Right Here, Pally

Due to overwhelming popular demand (okay, one person emailed me and one person left a comment), I’ve extended the sizing for the Teal Hogget sweater so there’s one smaller size. Size range now stands at 37, 40, 43, and 46 inches.

Due to overwhelming popular demand (see above), I am posting the pattern now. You can get it, in Adobe .pdf format, here.

Please note that this pattern has been posted, shivering and alone and untested, as-is. Popular demand asked that I post the pattern now, as-is, so that those who care to do so could follow along at home. I’ll make any and all corrections as I go along, and post updated versions of the pattern as needed. There’ll be a link to the pattern in the sidebar, when I get around to it.

I did start my own Teal Hogget.


The yarn is a little wonky because, hello: it’s handspun spun by an amateur! But it’s quite nice to knit. Surprisingly so. Nicely sproingy with a little sheen.

Speaking of handspun, I finished my brown Bond hogget:


It’s heavy worsted weight, 4 ounces. 160 yards. I quite like it. I did a bunch more spinning over the weekend . . . but I’ll save it for blog fodder as the week progresses.

Still Working on Rose!

I did get some Rose time in over the weekend — I’ve started the front neck steek. See?


I put the front neck center stitches on a length of yarn and cast on steek stitches. I’m decreasing on either side of the steek to create the curve on the sides of the neck.

Lucy is simply fascinated by the whole thing.



  1. Lucy’s up to something. I can tell. I recognize that feline expression…

  2. OOooh, I wanna see what you spun up this weekend! And thanks for posting the Teal Hogget pattern so quickly!

  3. Wendy, it really could be my computer, but when I click on your pdf, nothing comes up. Is that the point – it’s a pattern in progress? I’m new, so sorry if I’m missing the obvious.

    Lucy is an angel.

  4. Thanks for posting the pattern! I love the color of the yarn you spun.

  5. Lorrie LeJeune says:

    Wendy, I found one obvious correction to the Teal Hogget pattern: The diagram shows 12″ to armhole shaping, but the instructions say “Work until piece measures 14″ from the start.” I suspect that 14″ is the correct measure because I can’t imagine you specifying an armhole depth of 12″!
    Yours in helpfulness, –Lorrie

  6. I see in your previous blog entry you mentioned ‘heavy’ worsted weight for the Teal Hogget. Could you please mention a some examples of yarn brand/types that would work well for this sweater? And thanks for posting the pattern.

  7. You colorwork is simply amazing. It took me forever to knit a single mitten and frankly the back didn’t looks quite so nice as yours!

  8. Wow, thanks for posting the pattern, how generous of you. Your work on Rose is amazing!

  9. Thank you for the pattern. May I ask how much ease is figured into it? My chest is 48″ and I could maybe squeak by with the 46″, but only if there is already enough ease in the sweater.

  10. Beautiful Wendy! Have you ever timed yourself doing stockinette? You are amazingly speeeeedy! Lucy is thinking, rats, she put it down on the bag and not the couch–must knead, must knead. Thanks for the pattern. I feel brave enough to try my first sweater.

  11. I just love that teal. What the heck is hoggot??

  12. Thanks for the smaller size, Wendy — the demand was even greater than you knew! Now we can all Hogget along!

  13. Lucy looks about as fascinated as my husband is when I start talking about knitting.

  14. Hello
    Wendy I often comme to visit your blog. It seems that you make a sort of Fair Isle steeks on your Rose sweater ?

  15. Thank you Wendy for posting the pattern in the smaller size. Is regular worsted weight yarn OK for the yarn size? You said that you thought your hogget yard is heavy worsted?

  16. Thanks for the pattern, Wendy. It’ll be fun to watch it progress.

  17. Katherine says:

    I think that’s the prettiest picture of Lucy yet! Thanks for all your wonderful knitting patterns, help, and inspiration.

  18. I suspect your method of shaping the neck on Rose is superior to what I’m doing with Torino, but it’s too late now!

  19. Now I’m confused. With the neck decreases, are you adding stitches to the steek or is it puckering in and will open up when you cut? I’m rather sure you are letting it pucker/pull in but I just want to be sure.

    I tried knitting with both yarns in my left hand and boy, what a mess. Oy.

  20. My, my, you’ve been busy. Knitting and spinning and designing. When do you sleep and eat?

  21. ruby ascah says:

    I like the pattern, but I wish someone would make patterns for the bigger sizes. i take a 56 chest. i know we shouls not be over weight, but i am not alone .

  22. Steeks already! Rose is absolutely beautiful…and so isn’t Lucy 🙂

  23. Wendy, I agree that Lucy looks like she’s plotting.

    On another note, I’m inspired by your hoggett. Got any advice for someone who wants to learn to spin? Obviously a drop spindle is the most cost-effective, but is it easy to learn? Maybe one day I too will have hoggett to share…

  24. I’m still in love with the teal, but there’s something very appealing about your brown Hogget, too. It looks…earthy. Like wheat, or some other wholesome grain. Very lovely.