My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All


Today I was looking up, instead of down.

(I did look down, just to check. You know it’s gonna be a good day when there are no dead guys in the street.)

In the course of my blog reading, I discovered that Sandy blogged about a different kind of cloud: a word cloud!


Danger! Danger!

Yup, error in the Teal Hogget pattern! Eeeep! Jeri commented:
For your consideration, I think there is a copy/paste snafu in the 1/30/6 version of your Teal Hogget. In the instructions for the Back, just before the first “Work 19 rows” you decrease away two stitches near the edges for a bit of shaping. Then after 19 rows you increase 2 stitches near the edges. Then 19 rows later there is another “increase 2 stitches row” but you’re supposed to be back at the same stitch count as the caston. Considering the smaller size numbers:
74 – 2 + 2 + 2 = 74 is not true.
The increases and decreases have to balance out to come back to the start. Sorry, born proofreader here.

Yup, I left 20 rows out of the pattern. And of course I didn’t notice it because I knew what I was trying to say. Thank you, Jeri! I’ve posted the corrected pdf — it has the date 02/01/06 on it.

So, I’m Teal Hoggeting along. Here is Teal Hogget, trying to escape from my knitting bag.


I’m also Rose-ing along.


But not a whole lotta progress. For some reason, I am requiring significantly more sleep than usual lately, and it is cutting into my knitting time.

Lucy is as alert as ever.



  1. I love those word clouds – I’m going to have to try one. Both projects are looking great. And I think we all just need to catch up on our sleep every once in a while.

  2. I usually lurk, but I have to say, I love the color of the teal hogget- Rose is looking lovely too.

    However I have to know: where did you get that toy for Lucy? My Milo would just have a blast with something like that, and I have never seen one like that- most of those kinds of toys attach to the wall with suction cups- this one looks like more fun because it could move around….

  3. I think there’s something in the care causing sleepiness. I’ve felt the same thing all week. Is it Friday yet?

  4. Another lurker coming out of the woodwork here. Both projects are looking fabulous, and I am particularly enamoured with Rose. Don’t you just hate it when sleep cuts into your knitting time?

  5. Zzzzz: wha?? OH, Wendy! Hi! Love your cloud! Isn’t it great, that as skywatchers we can have clouds everywhere? Even in our heads sometimes?
    Rest up! Knitting awaits!

  6. “Both Sides Now” is my favorite Joni Mitchell song that I rarely get to listen to. I’ve got to go put that on my iPod now. Thanks, Wendy!

  7. What is it in the air…I’m having the same problem with needing more sleep lately too!

  8. Hi,

    I love Lucy’s toy. My kitty would like one of those.

    You may be feeling more tired than usual because of seasonal affective disorder. The really mild form is called winter blues. It has to do with the lack of light in the winter. There is a lag time, though, in feeling the effects. So, although the days are noticeably longer, you feel more fatigued and depressed. Up here in Alaska, the month of March is when most suicides happen. Many of these are attributed to SADS lag time. Since you’re in the lower 48, I’d say you might have mild winter blues. But spring will be in your neck of the woods before mine so be happy!

    Love the sweaters by the way.

  9. Lovely sweaters. Gorgeous kitty. I had a few spare minutes to browse your gallery one day recently. You are such an inspiration. All those sweaters, and the other projects. And I only looked at a few of them. Just wonderful. Any possibility of a pattern for Rose in the near future?

  10. I’m totally enamoured with Rose, even if she is moving slowly (to you! In my world your setting land speed records.)

  11. Rose is lovely. I know I don’t have time to work on something like that right now, but watching you knit it has made me even more determined that a black-on-white sweater is in my future.

  12. It is a good day. Enjoy the sleep, the knitting will wait for you. I love the sweaters, especially Rose. I’d like to queue up for the pattern as well. Where did you get that beautiful knitting bag your Teal Hogget is escaping from? (I loved the escape bit!) THanks for your great blog and incredibly fast knitting.

  13. Congratulations on the lack of dead guys. *smirk*

    Is Lucy playing with her toy, or just looking at it? It always seems like my kids spend more time staring disdainfully at their toys than actually playing with them.

  14. Can I ask a technical question, Wendy? Ostensibly, we’ll say I’m asking it about Rose, since that’s more pertinent to your current knitting, but in truth this is about my Torino sweater you made me knit.

    The Dale pattern wants me to knit back and forth for the neck shaping. I don’t want to. Not at all. Can I steek across the neck and wind up with a weirdly shaped but steekable object? And how many stitches would I want to insert for that? Or should I just suck it up and knit back and forth for the neck shaping?