My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Twist and Shout

We did indeed get snow.


Not as much in my immediate area as some parts of the Washington metro area, but enough, apparently, to make a tree fall on a main power line (according to my condo building engineer) so I was without electricity for a good chunk of today.

This upset Lucy, who could not settle down.


But the power came back on a couple of hours ago, and Lucy is now napping.

I’m coming down the home stretch on Rose’s second sleeve:


Despite the twistiness of the yarn, the knitted fabric (including a swatch I washed and blocked) is not biasing. Go figure, eh?

A couple of you left comments or emailed me to tell me about ongoing problems Louet has with their over-twisted yarn, and that they had changed mills because of this. The two colors I have were made in different countries: Great Britain and South Africa. And you know what? Equally twisty. Weird.

The only thing I had not tried was untwisting the yarn using a spinning wheel, as some of you suggested. Good idea, but as I’d knitted most of the sweater with the yarn “as-is,” I figured it was too late to switch. So on I knit.


  1. Rose is looking beautiful! Makes me almost want to drag out my Kongsberg sleeve – well almost. Dorothy – from Washington state where it is actually sunny (I at least I think it’s the sun – I’ve forgotten) and warm.

  2. I wish the beautiful Rose had a page (or two) in your new book! Will you make the pattern available?

  3. “i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you YOU SUCK.”

    (no, not wendy – the YARN, people!)


  4. Rose is awesome– sorry about the twistage. And the snow was lovely– too bad it’s melting so fast!!

  5. Glad you got your power back and Lucy was able to calm down again. We’re in the midst of a blizzard right now, and I hope we don’t lose our power (especially since it’s 8 pm and if we lost power we’d be in the dark and I couldn’t knit or study or anything…). Hope all works out with Rose for you!

  6. Hmm, I’m still trying to figure out why no power would upset Lucy! Dark and quiet seems perfect for napping to me…. zzzz…..

  7. Power outage – yikes! Glad it’s back on, and Lucy can relax now.

    And in my Olympic fatigue yesterday, I thought you were in the Boston metro area, not DC. Where was my brain? Sorry for sounding crazy.

    The sleeve is loverly.

    Stay warm!

  8. im glad you have power again.

    i am fortunate enough to have kept power
    sucks i will prolly have to work tomorrow though.

  9. minijaxter says:

    and i keep forgetting to comment that rose looks awesome!

  10. Does the winter weather mean you’ve had a chance to wear some of your stockpiled sweaters?

  11. as a kid living on east coast, the snow days were wonderful: the town fathers blocked off a gentle sloping street to sled down, residents made hot chocolate & our moms packed us off with soup & sandwiches so we could be gone all day…….nights were roasting hot dogs by the fireplace: who cared no electricity or heat……it was an adventure…….

    glad you are safe & warm again……love, love, love rose……..and lucy is a hoot……

  12. Poor Lucy! I can’t wait to see Rose put all together! ….Currently, Maine is getting snowed on. I was just out shoveling and I think we have a good 8+ inches (in Portland). Still, not as bad as NY or Boston!

  13. I have to tell you Rose is one of the more stunning patterns I’ve seen, period. I suppose I can wait until you have the pattern available (and I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to pay silly amounts of money for it), but boy, it’s going to be tough!

  14. Rose is indeed beautiful as many have commented before me.

    I have a fair isle question. I am working on a Bea Ellis hat (Ufserud) for the Knitting Olympics. I have tried to keep my floats loose, but it may be that they are not loose enough. The fair isle part does not seem to lie as flat as the stockinette part. Does that make sense? Is that something that will be solved by blocking? Or maybe my floats need to be looser? I am getting gauge and the hat seems to fit. I am floating instead of weaving as you suggested (and like this much better) since I have had the experience of having the woven yarn show through to the front. Any thoughts on this?

  15. I have to wonder: do you find that Lucy reacts to the full moon in a similar way? My cats (not to mention myself) become extremely restless come full-moon-time, and since the snowstorm you recieved was concurrent with a full moon, would you then consider it to be double the restlessness?

  16. With all of this snow, did you get a chance to wear any of your sweaters? Which ones got a chance to go out on the town?

  17. You’re such a good girl, sticking to one project at a time. It’s a skill I need to learn. Rose is looking great.

  18. You have sure made terrific progress..

  19. Maybe by knitting you undid some of the twist. Well, a happy ending! Also, blocking it would surely straighten out some of the twist, right?

    Rose looks wonderful. I have to ask (and I know you’ve probably answered this before) why you knit the sleeve up, instead of picking up stitches from the body and knitting down. Is it preference or is there a good reason behind it?

  20. I’m glad you haven’t set Rose on fire yet. Be strong.

  21. Wendy, Rose is beautiful – you’re doing a wonderful job inspiring those of us who haven’t quite worked our way into knitting that complex. Also have to give you thanks and kudos for a recommendation you made a while back – I’m using Rowan’s Calmer for a Rowan pattern and have to agree with you – great yarn! I was much more comfortable buying my bag of Calmer knowing you had already vetted it for me!

  22. That sweater looks awesome! I’m trying to figure out if I would have enough patience to knit a pattern like that . . . I’m not sure.

  23. Your “Rose” is wonderful. I wish I was Lucy so I could just sit and watch you knit and learn all your wisdom.

    I love everything you do!