My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Picture

. . . is worth a thousand ^$*@&(# words.


Meanwhile, Lucy is on bird patrol.



  1. That. Is stunning. I reeeeeally hope you decide to toss that pattern into a book/collection at some point. It’s been wonderful to watch it appear. 🙂

  2. Seconding Sarah’s suggestion! Perfectly lovely!

  3. Rose is just incredible inspite of the “twisted sister” quality of the yarn!

    Note: Not to be confused with Twisted Sister Yarn

  4. I have a question and need a yarn stasher’s advice. When I see a yarn that I love and want, but don’t have a particular project in mind for it, I don’t know how much to purchase. I’ve bought yarn a couple of times, and when I finally figure out what I would like to do with it, I found that I hadn’t bought enough. Do you always know what you want to make with yarn when you see something you love? Is there a “rule of thumb” to keep in mind when buying yarn without a clue of what it’s going to become? I’m going to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year, and want to have my strategy for yarn buying worked out! Love your stuff..I read the blog daily. Am looking forward to the release of your book.

  5. Beautiful! Sweater! Aaa!!

  6. What a gorgeous sweater. You have talent, girl!

  7. Marie-france says:

    I absolutely love that sweater. Please make the pattern available somwhere. Can we have a picture of you wearing it?

  8. You sound less than thrilled. Must be that (&*^%$ twisty yarn. The results look wonderful to me!

  9. Holy cats!!! Effing brilliant!!! I hope you’re proud. And I hope Lucy catches one someday. Just one. So she can feel the triumph too. Go you!!!

  10. Wow!
    She’s GORGEOUS!
    I wanna make one… please oh please oh PLEASE make the pattern available to us….
    pretty please….

  11. Rose is gorgeous. Then again, most everything you do is wonderful. Damn you! hehe

  12. Absolutely freakin’ gorgeous. Just, WOW.

  13. Wow. Just wow.

    I really want to try this kind of knitting, but the two colours things scares me!

  14. Wow. Wonderful! Beautiful.

    I agree with the others. I am completely looking forward to (begging for) that pattern.

  15. Excuse me, but shouldn’t that be “#^$*@#*&(#!” rather than “^$*@&(#” ?

  16. She’s beautiful! And, even better, she’s DONE, and you never, ever, ever have to knit with that yarn again! Yay!

  17. If you ask me, it was worth every $%&* minute! Rose is absolutely stunning (and Lucy makes me smile, as always).

  18. Stunning work! Wow, how do you have so much patience, how do you get such beautiful work done. You are amazing!

  19. Beautiful!

  20. My god, woman, you’ve done it again! Your beautiful Fair Isles are what brought me to your blog for the first time way back in the day. Gah, has it been that long?!

  21. It’s gorgeous, Wendy. And I love the neckline. It’s not at all what I was expecting.

  22. You are a wonder and a marvel! Rose-sweater is bee-you-tee-full!!!!!! Can we see a modeled shot? With your pretty hair and everything? Please?

  23. Rose is absolutely gorgeous and you are so talented.

  24. That is a lovely sweater. I admire your patience, fortitude and skills!

    Maybe I should try it. My fair isle bag is coming along much much faster than I thought it would.

  25. Beautiful!!! Lucy looks like she could take off and fly herself;-)

  26. You know, the sweater is beautiful. However, the way I initially saw this post, and particularly given the cursing, I thought for a moment that you might have put something lovely out on the lawn and had it pooped on.

  27. Gorgeous sweater!

    Mean birds for taunting Lucy. Chaos has been watching “Winged Migration” with great interest…

  28. Excellent sweater. I think the cussing actually makes them nicer.

    At least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

  29. ooohhhh, that is absolutely beautiful!

  30. Oh my lands! What a beautiful sweater. I think I know someone it might fit. Well, besides you.

  31. Oh, I am confused now. I thought that the “(&(&(*)$#$#$” meant that there was something wrong. And I looked. And looked. And I can’t see anything wrong. Neither can Lucy. Sure! She’s looking outside, but I know that she gave it the once over!
    Great design!

  32. Damn you’re good!

  33. Wow, that sweater is amazing.

  34. Lana Gradasoff says:

    Gorgeous lovely, stunning. And the sweater is nice, too!

  35. I love this sweater. This one that I would definitely see myself making. I really hope the pattern does wind up somewhere. Just gorgeous.

  36. Brava!… very well done….hope you had the day off……champagne for you!….Go, Lucy, Go (Ire feline ire)…..bird goes well with champagne!

  37. Wow! That turned out so beautiful! Glad you could persevere through the twisty yarn! 😀

  38. Rose is STUNNING. Really.


  39. That really did turn out so #^&%$*&% well! You should model it with that sassy new “do” of yours. The pattern and symetry really stands out in your yarn colors.

  40. You are truly impressive! So, how long would you say that it took you to make the most beautiful rose? I know that you were working on other projects, but including that time – what date did you start? You know, most of us knitters are never monogamous to our knitting, we usually have at least one fling going on the side.

    You are becoming a legend.

  41. That is a very impressive piece of work. I’m in awe.

  42. As usual, it looks gorgeous. I love the neckline, and the detail at the bottom. Fab, girl!

  43. The sweater looks fabulous! I bet you are finally glad to be rid of the twisty yarn though…

  44. I LOVE the collar shaping – it is tremendous! Well, I love the whole thing actually – your black/white fairisles always catch my eye, and I also look forward to seeing them written up somewhere.

  45. Hi Wendy!

    You are such an inspiration! I want to be a “real” knitter like you when I grow up 😉

    Rose, is beautiful and I love the neckline and how beautifully feminine the pattern is…

    Happy Knitting and enjoy the snow!!

  46. Just one more voice to add to the chorus, Rose is magnificent!

    And Lucy’s no slouch herself. 🙂

  47. Wow!
    I am so impressed. Absolutely gorgeous and worth all the trouble.
    You rock!

  48. This has turned out so totally awesome.. it takes my breath away. You are one of my knitting goddesses.

  49. That is bee-yoo-tiful!

  50. Gorgeous sweater, as always.

    Does Lucy make the “wacka-wacka” noise at birds the way my cats do? Except for Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat, that is. He’s pretty quiet until he’s killing paper, and then it’s a bizarre, toneless LOUD wail/meow thing that would scare anyone else.

  51. Wowzers! that is absolutely incredible. Just an amazing piece of art for sure!
    Congrats and let’s see a pic of you wearing it.
    Do you think Lucy was restless on Sunday with the power out because it gets so quiet with no power? her “white noise” disappeared and perhaps made her restless…
    glad all is well now, except for the shovelling!

  52. it’s wonderful, really really wonderful. Are you sure that lucy is on bird patrol and not guard duty? 😉

  53. Rose is quite lovely. I hope she was worth all the trouble with the yarn and that the cold weather will give you a chance to wear her and show her of!

  54. Rose is beautiful, a work of art!

  55. The pattern is hypnotizing. I love it!

  56. Pretty rose!

  57. Gail Lucille says:

    Whoo-Hoo…can’t wait too see what is next…
    Your the best knitter.

  58. Take a much deserved bow, you have outdone yourself yet again. And Lucy is magnificent, as always.

  59. wow, i haven’t been able to look at blogs much lately but the language on yours has really gone to *&^%! the sweater is really amazing! the design must have taken so much planning and organizing! when i make things of my own pattern it’s a lot more haphazard, yours is really impressive!

  60. Rose is gorgeous (such a unique comment!). If you do make the pattern available, suggest an alternate yarn!

    BTW, I’m traveling out of country for an extended business trip, and it is a comfort to log on to this little piece of home that your blog represents. Thanks.

  61. I know I’m joining the “me toos” here, but that really is a lovely sweater. It must be so satisfying to design something yourself and then to execute it so beautifully.

  62. Your sweater is absolutely exquisite – wonderful, wonderful knitting.

    Looks like Lucy is enjoying some good ‘cat television’ there…..

  63. Stunning! I know it was a tough knit for you, but I hope you look at it and feel it was worth it. It’s truly amazing!

  64. beautiful rose!!!

  65. Well, you’re going to get a big head, but I will add my “ooh-ahh” to the chorus!! Fabulous!!

  66. Yet another “Oh! Gorgeous!” for the collection – for Rose and Lucy. I’m seconding the photo request for you in Rose – The King can take one, can’t he? Please???

  67. Wow. Considering the problems you had with the yarn, that sweater is beyond impressive. Which it would be anyway, but the yarn problems add a special element.

  68. Brava! You get a gold medal for triumph in the face of adversity, or at least major annoyance.

  69. Your are amazing! I love everything about this sweater. The design is fabulous, the knitting is incredible, and I can’t believe how quickly you put it all together. I hope this pattern appears in your book.

  70. Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della says:

    OMG!!! The neck is fabulous! Whatta gorgeous sweater! SNAPs!!

  71. Just gorgeous! Glad you perservered through the twisty thread – it looks so worth it!

  72. I have only one thing to say about that: WOW!

    Beautifully done, Wendy!

  73. Does Lucy make little, high pitched, sharp mewing noises when she watches birds? Annie sits on the back of my chair looking out the window, makes those funny noises, and wops me in the head with her tail when she is bird watching! Such a funny girl!

  74. Congratulations!

    (Out of curiosity, what happened to Bettna? I notice it disappeared from the WIP bar….)

  75. Beautiful!! 🙂

    It looks great!

  76. Your sweater is breathtaking! It’s inspired me to comment after lurking all this time. I’ve been enjoying your blog – and learning alot too!

  77. Wow, quite a thing of beauty you’ve got there.

  78. Rose is lovely. Really lovely! But is she another “process” piece, or will you wear her?

  79. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    That is a thing of beauty.

  80. Wendy she’s absolutely beautiful! (you can decide whether I mean Lucy or Rose or both)

  81. Absolutely outstanding! BEAUTIOUS! Fantabulous! Congrats on a fantastic design! Now can we see it on ya?

  82. When did THAT happen??!!?? It seems like Rose was progressing along at a fairly steady pace and then WHAM, it’s totally done. I must have been dozing somewhere along the line! She is stunning.

  83. Beautiful kitty, beautiful sweater, but I don’t understand the sleeves. Do they really have points at the elbows?

  84. Wow! The promise of beauty has been fulfilled.

    I’m counting down the days ’til your book (pre-ordered, of course) arrives at my house.

  85. Echoing all other comments: Rose is absolutely gorgeous! Before I was even born, my grandmother knitted a sweater that my grandfather named the “Oh S*#t” sweater. It seems that every few minutes while she was working on that particular project, my grandmother would exclaim, “Oh s*#t!” This is particularly funny if you know my 5’1″, sweet, white-haired, cookie-baking, never-curses-in-front-of-the-grandkids grandmother. Needless to say, if you knit long enough, we all get at least one “Oh S*#t” sweater! And yours turned out lovely — congrats!

  86. So, do you prefer to find your gauge and then find a motif that will fit into that number of stitches, or do you decide a motif and fiddle with your gauge till it works? I’ve been making sweaters for myself for a while, nothing much patterned yet, but I’m heading that way fast 😀

  87. wow!! how about a mirror shot.

  88. I’m with Carole – love that neckline. Congratulations on finishing the flipping sweater. I had that experience last month. I will never again knit baby loop mohair, although the FO is rather nice. Hate hate hate. Horrid experience.

  89. WTF?@!#$&* That’s one of your best – just elegant and feminine (yes, women swear!)

    Good on you for conquering that yarn!

  90. Rose, how beautiful art thou! Do you ever stay up into the wee hours because you are anxious to complete you finishing?

  91. Just beautiful. You block and seam very quickly too. Just a beauty to behold, the sweater is nice too. JK.

  92. It may be 1000 words but I wonder how many stitches.

    Lucy, you’d better not be looking for Basil (my parrot), he’d be an expensive snack.

  93. Hi Wendy… Rose is so lovely! What a great design, you could wear it with anything and look classy and comfortable! I really hope you offer the pattern up for sale at some point; I know I for one would snap it up. And thanks for the steeking tutorials along the way. As always you’re so inspiring! 🙂

  94. Lisa in Kiruna says:

    I concur.

  95. WOW! A very beautiful piece.

  96. AWESOME!

  97. Rose is amazing.

    I have a question regarding something you said yesterday (I think it was yesterday). You mentioned that even though the yarn was very “twisty” that the garment wasn’t biasing. Can you explain what you mean? If a yarn is over twisted it will affect the shape of your knitting?


  98. This, which took you a month, would take me about 6 months…great work! Congrats!