My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Birthday, Lucy


Today, Valentines Day, is Lucy’s official birthday. All we know is that she was born in February 2001, so we designated a birthday about halfway through the month: February 14. The day seemed appropriate.

Lucy got prezzies, of course.


Um, that would be a catnip mouse knitted from Lornas Laces Angel. In the Black Watch colorway.

The King of All Remote Controls gave her this extremely cute mouse.


Lucy has enjoyed carrying it around — it’s small enough to fit nicely in her mouth.

And her Auntie L-B and her boyfriend Lucky sent her this adorable catnip sheep:


(P.S. to Lucky: Lucy says yes, of course she’ll be your Valentine!)

A couple of you asked if Lucy “talks” while on bird patrol. Surprisingly, no, not too much. She’s the first cat I’ve ever know who does not always chatter at the sight of a bird.

She also races to the window and stares outside if she hears an airplane or helicopter going overhead. I sometimes wonder if she things they are just really big birds.

Courtesy of the KOARC

Here’s a map of the power outages in Northern Virginia on Sunday. Extensive, no?


I think I’m lucky that my electricity was restored as quickly as it was.

I’m Ready for my Close-up, Mr. DeMille

In the “Is My Head Ever Gonna Get Swelled” department, thank you so much for all the great comments about Rose. She cleans up good, considering the nightmare that is her damned yarn.

No modelling shots — sorry. But a couple of close-ups.

The neck.


The sleeve cuff.


There was a question about how long it took me to knit — I consulted my archives and found that I started it on January 16. So a bit less than a month.


What’s next? I started something using these yarns:


Can you guess what it is? Phyl, you can’t guess cuz you already know!

I Caved

I decided to upgrade my phone and ordered this:


Seeing the Razr that belongs to someone up close and personal last Friday pushed me over the edge. I can only hope it gets here soon. I need to buy a purse and shoes to match. Heh.

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Happy birthday to the Queen Lucy Lou! Long may she live and may her lives be many!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Emy sends you catfish wishes & grasshopper dreams.

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy! Cheers to you Wendy for another knitting triumph! Rose is very beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day to all:D

  4. Happy birthday, Lucy, and many happy returns!

  5. Happy birthday, Lucy. May this year be filled with tuna and catnip and chicken and bird watching and……

  6. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu, Lucy. My kitty Puma also looks longingly at airplanes and helicopters as if they were big birds. Well, they are!

  7. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I ran out and bought a Motorola RAZR as soon as they came out – now I wish I’d waited so I could’ve got a pink one!

  8. Happy Birthday Lucy and big kisses to you!!!

    Wendy, Rose is brilliant. You would never know the wool was a pain by looking at the finished object. You are truly inspirational.

    Thanks JO

  9. HBD, Lucy!

    So….the new Razr will need a name, won’t she/he?

  10. Happy Birthday Lucy!
    You haven’t knitted some lacy shawl for some time … is it a shawl?

  11. Happy Birthday, Lucie!!! Kitty kisses and belly rubs to you! Meow.

    Wendy, Rose is indeed beautiful. You’ve done a fantastic job. ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Happy birthday to Lucy! Today is Diego’s assigned birthday too. (Lucky rescue kids who get to have birthdays invented for them.) My little guy is nine today.

  13. Happy Birthday, Lucy! From Chaos. You get cuter every year. Will you be my Valentine?

  14. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

    I recently began reading your blog and thought I should finally take the time to tell you how much I enjoy it! And am inspired by it/you!

    Rose is so, well, crisp (in the fabulous sense of the word, of course). For what’s it is worth, it’s my favorite of your recent work. Hate that the yarn was a hassle, though. Please forgive me if you have already answered this question… but, do you have a favorite sweater (or style) that you have knit?

  15. Sacre bleue! I know it’s L-U-C-Y, not Lucie. Sorry, baby Lucy.

    Rosane, back to lurking…

  16. Meow!! Happy Birthday to Lucy!

    Rose is gorgeous. I’m going to go along with Agnes and guess your new project is a shawl?

  17. Happy Birdday, Lucy!!! Man, Rose looks better on the inside that my sad attempts at colorwork looks on the *outside*. Sigh. I bow to your greatness. But mostly to Lucy’s regal nature.

  18. Happy Birthday, Lucy and Happy Valentine’s to all of you from Nikki (who’s birthday is in March) and me, myself, and I! Rose should be such a pleasure to wear! Let’s see, the yarn looks like a shawl…

  19. I saw dozens of utility trucks headed north on 95 when I was driving down to Norfolk. Now I see why. Glad you got your power restored so quickly. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  20. happy valentine’s day! rose is gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Happy birthday, Lucy! I love the catnip sheep. Rose is just plain gorgeous, even if the yarn gave you problems.

  22. you use cingular ๐Ÿ™‚ I work for them hehe!

  23. you use cingular ๐Ÿ™‚ I work for them hehe!

  24. Happy Valentine’s Day! Rose is lovely – I love her graphic nature! You always provide something to aspire to knit one day when I have enough skill.

  25. A shawl!

  26. Aww Lucy shares my birthday. I’m so honored! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I was gifted with a RAZR for Christmas and I really love my new toy. One very nice thing about it is that it has Bluetooth capabilities and can talk to laptops and Palm devices and headsets and other things that have similar capabilities. Very fun stuff. I also like having pictures associated with people’s phone numbers… when they dial the picture pops up on the little screen on the front! Have fun with your new toy when it gets here!

  28. Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays. And…happy birthday wishes from my “grandcats” Sprewell and Princess (kittys of the other Jan 2 birthday Wendy)!

    Wendy, the ROSE is lovely.

  29. Happy, happy birthday, Lucy!!

  30. Hi Wendy. It just gets stranger. I’m Wendy, too. Today is my DOG Lucy’s birthday. She was born in 2003, so she’s 3 today. Your Lucy is beautiful.
    Great Wendys think alike (except that my cat’s name is Linus). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Meow meow-meow meow meow,
    ((Happy Birthday to you,))
    Meow meow-meow, meow Meow!,
    ((Happy Birthday, to you!))
    Meow MEOW-meow Meow Meow-Wow…
    ((Happy Birthday dear Lucy…))
    Meow MEOW-meow Meow MEOW!
    ((Happy Birthday to you!))

    purrrpurrr(head butt)purrpurrrpurrr-rr-rr…

  32. Rose is gorgeous! You make such fast work of these fabulous sweaters! Great job!

  33. Happy Birtday Lucy!

    Your Lucy shares a birthday with my Daikichi. He was a Valentine’s “present” to me from DH, so this is his unofficial birthday.

  34. My yellow lab Calla’s birthday is today also, she is one year old. Happy Birthday Valentine babies!

    In case anyone is still feeding their pets Greenies, please see this:

  35. Not sure what you’re going to concoct (I’d guess something lacey), but I know for sure that Fiesta stuff is yummy!

    And Happy Birthday Lucy!

  36. Happy Birthday, Lucy!
    And, of course, I *had* to think of lacy shawls as well.

  37. Happy birthday to Miss Lucy! From Winter, Melon, Phunq, and Kurry ๐Ÿ˜€

    That La Boheme is loverly! Love that fiesta yarn!

  38. happy birthday Lucy.

  39. A little over a month to knit that? That is amazing. And beautiful.

  40. L-B and Lucky says:

    Looks like you had a purrrrific birthday! You deserve it! xoxoxo

  41. Late to the party as usual! Happy Birthday Lucy! And Happy Valentines, (hey, I’m only a day off)!

    I love how you chose to do the neck line; the whole sweater is fabulous!

  42. Happy belated birthday Lucy! You don’t look a day over 2!! Meeee yow!!!

    Your unrequited amor- Pumpkin

  43. A catnip sheep???? We need them, a flock of them. Happy B’day to the lovely Lucy.

  44. patty bolgiano says:

    I love the colors of Fiesta but be forewarned that the yarn stretches in strange places. I found I had more mohair than rayon slub. Beautiful to see yes! a pain (for me at least) to knit. But I also have two scarves coming for family.


  45. We did the same thing for the birthday for our rescue Australian Cattle Dog! (though he and Lucy shouldn’t probalby have a party together – he loves kitties a bit too much!) The sweater is great – I am getting up the courage to do something fair isle soon.

  46. What did you do for the cuffs and collar? It doesn’t appear to be ribbed Was it hemmed?

    I see a white facing. Do tell!

  47. Lucy – Happy Birthday to YOU! and love to you from Daffy, Sam, Max & Jazz

    Rosie – Awesome.

    Wendy’s blog – priceless.

  48. Love the madrid colorway… amazing how an accomplished colorist can make lime green and fuschia look grown up, huh? My guess is something springy and light, but as you don’t seem to knit tank tops, and the yardage isn’t high enough for a full top, I’ll guess a simple shawl.

  49. Well, Happy Lucy’s Birthday! No wonder it’s a holiday.

    I’ve got three skeins of La Boheme that my sister gave me for Christmas, and I haven’t figured out yet what I’m doing with them — shawl maybe? — so I’m interested to see what you’re doing with yours.

    I’ve been resisting the Razr phone m’self. It’s easier to resist when you’ve got a college student in the house who sucks up all your money. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Happy Birthday Lucy!
    With love from Rufus, Ruby and Rosemary.

  51. That perfectly shaped neckline is the most impressive part of an amazing sweater. Thank you for the vicarious experience of Rose’s progress.

  52. Not sure if you’ll get down this far in your messages but I didn’t want to miss wishing Lucy a very happy, healthy 5th birthday! Oh, and LOVE the sweater. You amaze me!

  53. The whole sweater is beautiful, but the neckline and the cuffs really make it “sing”. It is beatiful.

  54. Wendy, are you going to Stitches West this weekend? It’s the granddaddy of the Stitches events (most vendors). Should be a good time!

    Birthday greetings to Lucy!

  55. Happy B-day to Lucy!

    Ah, shoes and a purse to match the cell phone. Excellent idea. I love any excuse to purchase accessories. =)

  56. That sweater is gorgeous. I do hope you’re going to publish the pattern someplace.

    Happy birthday to Lucy!

    I picked up a Razr for myself in December. Definitely a very cool little phone. Enjoy it.

  57. That sweater is amazing! I don’t know how you managed to get the neckline so nice and neat, but I hope that with some more practice, I’ll have some of that skill. Great job!!!

  58. Happy Birthday Lucy! What great presents – she’s gonna be crazy with all that catnip. Rose is absolutely gorgeous and I believe we really do need a modelled shot.

  59. Aww, Lucy shares my birthday too.

  60. I forgot to mention that I switched my Knitting Olympics project to Teal Hogget. (Only I’m using Cotton Fleece in Prairie Lupine. Can I still call it Teal Hogget?) I’m starting Row 18 on the back, so I haven’t got that far, but that’s because I just started yesterday (my other project wasn’t going fast enough for someone like me who usually crochets.)

  61. Ha…I think I saw the same person’s Razor phone too…I so want one, but it doesn’t quite do all the things my Treo does! But it sure is adorable and I think I like it more because the commercial plays “Pretty in Pink”.

  62. Happy Birthday Lucy! As for guesses… a lace shawl?

  63. Oooh, fiesta! Becareful, if you’re using la boheme, one strand will continually get longer than the other, because the mohair will stretch but the rayon won’t. Thought I give my 2 cents on my experience. Also, wind it using your hand off the swift. using a ball winder seemed to tangle everything up. For me at least. Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  64. Mack, Lucy and I send best birthday wishes to Lucy. She doesn’t look a day over 2!

  65. Happy Birthday Sweet Lucy!

  66. Happy Valentine’s Day, and a happy birthday to Lucy!

    (I hope someday the wrong side of my Fair Isle looks as kice as yours! Just gorgeous!)

  67. I wrote to Louet Sales about your complaints of overtwisting. I just got a reply from a manager, the gist of which is 1) “The over twisting is the result of a flaw in our production process that we
    have taken steps to resolve” and
    2) “I would be happy to replace any yarn that a customer has that is not
    properly steamed, such as the yarn that Wendy has been working with.”

  68. All of the resident animals at Holly Springs wish you a Purrrfect birthday Lucy!
    Love, Scarlet, Rocket Man, Zoe, and all the goats in the pasture (Alice, Prince Harry, Vicki, Herc, Daphne, McGreggor, Maidens, Eddie, Bitty Balls Bobbie, Nicki, Blitzen, Pickles, Pancake, Phil, Wallie, Jenny, and Snow.)