My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lest You Think I Abandoned It


Here is a photo of the front of Teal Hogget. Yes, I am actually still knitting Teal Hogget. I still am entranced by Teal Hogget.

I just like saying Teal Hogget.

Teal Hogget is still my commuting project. Though, to be completely honest, I abandoned poor Teal Hogget a couple of days last week and took a Rose sleeve on the commute. You know. Just to get it over and done with that much the sooner.

So I finished Teal Hogget’s front yesterday. Upon finishing, I noted that I still have a fair amount of yarn left. So rather than knit the three-quarter length sleeves I had planned, I am going to be daring and see if I can get full-length long sleeves out of the yarn I have left. The thrills! The chills! Will she be successful, or will she be crushed by defeat? Only time will tell.

So, I started a sleeve on the commute this morning. Seed stitch border, stockinette stitch. Nope, nothing too exciting.

Bolero Jacket

The fronts of the Bolero Jacket are indeed knitting on the diagonal, and the rest is knitted straight. I’m working on the left side front now, but haven’t gotten terrible far, due to non-knitting stuff invading my knitting time. Da noive!


Though the pattern makes no mention whatsoever of how one will fasten the jacket once it is complete, I’m pretty darn sure it uses a zipper.

So, I ordered a custom-length separating zipper from Zippersource. Including shipping, this freaking zipper is costing me $11.20. No bargain. But at least it’ll fit, the color will match, and I will not have to spend time driving around to fabric stores looking for something just right that I would likely never find. Because of course the length I need is not a standard length.

A Question for Lucy

Martha in Mobile asks:
Do you have a full-on “meow” or do you have the typical ragdoll whisper-squeak? Would your mom consider putting up a .wav or an .mp3 of your meow so all your fans can listen (and startle their own cats by playing it)? Or perhaps, like the silent screen stars of old, you prefer to remain enigmatically silent on this topic…

I’ll answer for Lucy — she has a ragdoll whisper-squeak. With one exception — she can really yowl in the middle of the night should the spirit move her. Perhaps she is part werewolf.

About putting up a sound file of her meow . . . I am 99.9% sure I will never be able to get her to meow on cue into a microphone. About a year ago I was chatting online with Marie Irshad as she was getting things set up for Knitcast, and I tried to get Lucy to meow for Marie. Yeah, fat chance. She just isn’t a chatty gal.

Except in the middle of the night.


“What can I tell you? I’m shy.”


  1. Shy? Or devious? There’s just nothing quite like that meow or bark in the middle of the night to get your heart beating! Good call on the zipper – at least it was easy and will be perfect (and remember, your time is valuable). How’s that for justification?

  2. If you are uncertain if you have enough yarn left for long sleeves, why not knit them from the top down? I don’t know a ton about making sleeves (about to embark on my first set tonight), but maybe there’s a reason you can’t or don’t want to. But I HATE ripping anything out, so I’m always trying to find ways that minimize risk and it seems like maybe this would help?

  3. Hoggetty-hoggetty-hoggett.

    Yup, very fun to say

    even whilst saying ho-GAY

  4. (Hmm, more than one project…) Have you been corrupted, oh sea-green-incorruptible Single Project Knitter?

  5. Lucy looks such a demure lass, but we all know better. Thanks for the lead on zippers.

  6. Wow, love the knit happens bolero in fiesta yarns. Don’t you just love their yarns. I was digging through my stash and realized I had 1 skein of La Boheme and can’t decide what to do with it. I’ll have to dig around and see what would go best with it.

    I also agree with Becky on doing the sleeves from top down – you could pick up stitches and give it as good as the yarn lasts. Just a thought. You, the almighty knitting goddess, probably have a very good reason for doing otherwise. Glad to see that Togget has not been ditched on the way side, I look forward to seeing her development.

  7. Annie Driscoll says:

    Try this site for zippers. Full color range, great service, and much less expensive, even for custom cut lengths.

  8. I feel inspired to buy a 4,000″ long zipper… just because they’ll sell it to me. Zippersource looks AWESOME.

    BTW, Teal Hogget is very beautiful. I love that neckline.

  9. you know, sometimes plain stockinette and seed are stunning 🙂 esp. with a beautiful hogget.

  10. Oooh, Hogget is beautfiul. I only have about 7 inches done on mine. That Bolero Jacket is going to be stunning. I can see spending that much for a zipper when it’s for a project like that! Love that pic of Lucy looking demure.

  11. I wish my siamese cat had a little whisper of a voice. Both are very very very loud . . . and sometimes like to yell during the night.

  12. Leslie - knitting therapist says:

    You have saved me with the zipper link! I’ve been looking for a hunter orange zipper for a cardigan I knit for my dad for more than 2 years.

    Oh, and our little Annie can’t meow, but chirps like a bird. Strangest thing. You get used to it, but it never ceases to amuse.

  13. I second the vote for over zippersource anyday!! I’ve heard of lots of lag time and difficult communication as well as much higher prices with zippersource! I’ve used many times, most recently a custom length (27.5 inches) perferct color match seperating zipper for $5 including shipping and I had it in 3 days!

    I love the new bolero!!

  14. my cat did not meow, just sort of chirruped until MrFerral moved in for a while and he taught her. Since then she has perfected the most amazing series of meows, and the night time ones are werewoolfian to say the least.

  15. Hi Wendy! If you did not want to use a zipper in the Bolero Jacket, you could use hook-and-eye closures. They are ancient but I have recently bought two sweaters that use them! I don’t particularly like zippers in my sweaters because they are so stiff. Oh well! I love Lucy…she’s a star! Kate/Massachusetts

  16. ahh…a middle of the night gal. My cat sits at the bottom of the stairs around 3 or 3:30 am and “yells” until I come downstairs and see her. Granted, she is 16 so I give her the senior patience discount, but sheessh..I need my sleep.

  17. You make ordering a zipper sound so easy but just clicking around on their website left my head spinning. Too many styles, colors, and pull tabs. Who ever thought you’d have so many choices in pull tabs?

    Nice of Lucy to answer questions. My cats busy sleeping 20 hrs a day to answer questions for humans.

  18. Teal Hogget, huh? Has a nice Middle Earth ring to it.

  19. You know, I think I’d almost rather have middle-of-the-night yowling than the crazy game of tag that took place at the foot of my bed at four this morning. At least my fuzzy ones can now play with each other in the middle of the night, instead of with me.

  20. hi wendy,
    reading through your blog, i noticed some references to “twisty” yarn in the rose sweater, and wondered if by chance you had tried pulling the yarn through the opposite end of the ball. i have found that 99 percent of the time, this solves the problem. you can test each ball before you begin knitting from it. pull out some yarn, hold both ends and and let a length of it hang in a U-shape. if it twists, try pulling it through the other end. if it hangs in a relaxed U, then you are pulling from the correct end of the ball, and all balls of the same brand will probably be the same.
    sometimes i forget to check, and start my knitting, only to find it is kinking up. with a sock or something small (even a line of cast-on sts) you can pull the whole shebang through the ball to the other side, and problem solved.
    some yarns for which this doesn’t always work are the single-twist types like noro; for plied yarns, it has always worked for me.

  21. Wendy-Can you help? Back in the Summer 2004 you were knitting an Elastico Tank. I love that pattern. Where can I find it? I’ve had no luck searching. Thanks.

  22. But Wendy! Did you notice that that $11.20 is the EXACT SAME as the “best price” listed in the box on your book?

    Congratulations! Very inspiring.

    Also, please thank The King for the link to a while back. (Anyone who goes there, read every word of every blurb. You will HOWL. We did.)

  23. I think that Teal Hogget should be the new phrase we all use when we see something cool. Like, “Man, that jacket is SO TEAL HOGGET. I’ve got to get one for myself, too” or “Did you see that fab yarn by Noro? It is so freaking Teal Hogget!”

  24. Teal hogget. Teal hogget.

    This will be your “Rosebud.”

  25. Can anyone give me some advice? trying to start a little dog sweater. I have not used the double pointed kneedles before. The pattern just says to start with 41 stitches, but does not give any details on that. It starts at the neck of the sweater. obviously, i don’t have a lot of knitting experience! Tracy

  26. GASP! I thought it was just Portia who had a tiny, breathy “h-ow!” It’s so contrary to her, shall we say, “full-figured-ness.” Lucy must have a little werewolf in her – Portia is very quiet at night…maybe a little too quiet. However, she manages to yell at me when she’s out of Tender Vittles pouch morsels. Yes – please put a little sound bite up, if you can…I’ll do the same. The Bolero Jacket is beautiful. I thought it might have hooks and eyes attached to the back of the front – I don’t see anything between the front pieces.