My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sleeves and Boleros

Well, alrighty then. Judging from the responses in the comments over the past couple of days, it appears that there are quite a number of patterns out there featuring shaped sleeve caps knitted from the top down. Go figure. So, if you are interested in making top-down shaped sleeve caps, do check the comments for suggested sources.

Me? I’m not a big fan of knitting from the top down, so I’ll stick with making my Teal Hogget sleeves from the bottom up. As it happens, I do have plenty of yarn for long sleeves. I’ve completed the first sleeve:


And I’ve got plenty of yarn left for the second sleeve. So I’m happy as I am.

I did update the Teal Hogget pattern to add the option of making long sleeves. There’s a new pdf, dated 02/21/06, which is available from the link in the sidebar.

Bolero Jacket

I finished the edging around the Bolero Jacket.


All that remains now is to put the zipper in. While I could use hook closures, I won’t. I’m not a fan of hook closures — I find they tend to gap unattractively when one moves.

How do I like the Bolero Jacket? Eh. It’s okay. I think the knitted on edging is a little bulky. And the pattern, as I might have mentioned, sucks pond scum.

Still, I might actually like this jacket once it’s got a zipper inserted. The yarn is really lovely.

So I’m starting something new. But I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak preview:


Betcha can’t guess what it is.

Lucy knows, but she’s not particularly interested. She wants to concentrate on her sun lamp in the Kitty Day Spa.



  1. Marie-france says:

    is it Sunrise Circle jacket?

  2. Sucks pond scum! I love it! I think Lucy will sell your secret for the right price – cat treats anyone?

  3. Which makes me wonder (another question, Wendy!) Do you frog anything you don’t like, or do you give it away, or do you just put it away? It would be a shame to not wear the jacket just because the pattern sucks pond scum!

  4. This may have been asked numerous times, but how do you decide how long your cap sleeve is going to be? (Why 12 inches from underarm seam to bottom?)

  5. The Lily Pond(scum) Bolero Jacket looks fantastic. It’ll beinteresting to see if you like it more once the zipper is in. As for your new project, I’m with Lucy on that one- we’ll wait.

  6. It’s…um…gold! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Shouldn’t Lucy be wearing protective goggles for her sun lamping?

    And in the time I’ve knit half of my husband’s sweater, you’ve finished two projects. You are pretty bad for my self-esteem, you know.

  8. Umm, whoa! You finished the PS Bolero (pond scum Bolero ;-)) in just one week. I know CS’s got yesterday off, but come on, that’s amazing! I think it looks great – sorry to hear the instructions stink. Definitely out of my league.

    Lucy looks relaxed in her personal spa – all cats should be that happy.

  9. It looks like ribbing to me . . . (grin)

  10. I know it’s a revolutionary concept, but have you considered HEATING your place so that Lucy isn’t forced to seek heat from an ordinary table lamp? Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat is outraged on her behalf, I’ll have you know.

    In all seriousness, I think the thing you’re starting is…um…a sock? It doesn’t really look particularly sockish, but I’m at a loss. I give up. What is it?

  11. It’s ribbed for her pleasure. but it’s all small. So I’m thinking… It’s a gauge swatch.

  12. Wow, you’ve finished the Bolero already? Amazing. it looks beautiful. I’m not sure about the project though…maybe a small bag of some kind?

  13. I think it’s time you knit another Starmore, so I’ll guess/wish for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I agree with Snow, it’s a sock. Or perhaps a mitten. Or perhaps a hat for a baby. But it’s in the round and fairly small. Speaking of knitting in the round, I’m in the process of knitting the Baltic mittens from “Folk Mittens” and am having a terrible time with puckering where I have long floats (5 to 7 stitches) and particularly where the floats cross two needles. I spread my stitches as far apart as possible, but still I get puckers. Do you have any tips or tricks to prevent puckering? Or is it a matter of practice making perfect?

  15. Huh? That’s not knitted in the round, and you can’t see how big or small it is because we only see one needle w/stitches on it. There could be another 250 stitches on the other side. I think it’s a sweater piece, back or front, of a texture design, maybe Starmore, maybe not. But that is definitely not a sock. Can’t wait to find out!

  16. Hmmm.

    It doesn’t appear to be done in the round. I’m pretty sure its not a sock or mitten. I think its part of a garment of some type.


  17. Coming out of my long lurk … I find that while I’m editing, my halogen desk lamp becomes the kitty spa (and here I thought I was the only one who called it that!).

    Does Her Highness, with her fluffy panache, ever burn it on the lamp? I found that my (alas, gone now) Turkish Angora, Genghis, used to bask under the halogen while I worked on a book, and was completely, blissfully unaware that his fluffy tail was off doing its own thing and ended up smoking and sending up horrible smells as the halogen cooked the stray hairs.