My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



After completing one pattern repeat-plus of the largest cable, I am pleased to report that I quite like how this is turning out.


I always find it difficult to take decent photos of cable knitting. Here’s the best I could do for a closer look at the large cable pattern.


The yarn is fabulous. As I said yesterday, the yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran. I purchased it at Knit Happens at the end of December, specifically to use in this design, which has been swimming around in my head for a little while now.

100% wool, it is put up in 100 gram skeins, 186 yards per skein. The ball band recommends a US size 8 or 9 needle to get a gauge of 16st/23 rows to 4 inches. So it’s a true aran weight.

I, however, am knitting it at a slightly tighter gauge — 19 st/25 rows to 4 inches, using a US size 7 needle. I’m doing so because, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m planning to use this cardi as a jacket, and I wanted a nice firm fabric. And a nice firm fabric I’m getting.

Knitting this yarn at this gauge is a little hard on the hands, but so far, so good. No hand pain or nuthin’. Ask me again in a week!

Speaking of Yarn

Britta asked in the comments yesterday:
Do you think that it is worth the money to get the kits from Virtual Yarns? I looked at the colors, and they are really lovely, but I’ve heard so-so reports on the quality of the yarn. Maybe they were just fussy!

For me, it’s worth it. I’ve knitted a number of designs from Virtualyarns kits — in the 2-ply Hebridean, I’ve made Glenesk, Amphora, Flora, and Roscalie. In the 3-ply Hebridean I’ve made Inishmore, Valtos, and Graceknot. I love the yarn. It is wonderful to knit, and the garments show no sign of wear.

Okay, admittedly, they don’t get rough wear from me. But still — no pilling or nothing.

I Do Love My Toys


That’s my new pink Motorola Razr phone with the matching Bluetooth headset. We’re talking wireless, bay-bee!!!! I can leave the phone in my purse, hit the button on the headset and give it a voice command to make a call.

I am in geek heaven.

Why, yes, I did name the Razr. Care to guess the name?

Send an email to blogcontestATcomcastDOTnet by midnight EST on Saturday, February 25 with your guess for the name. One entry per person, and only entries sent to that email address will be entered in the contest.

First person who guesses correctly wins. If no one guesses the exact name, I’ll select the guess that comes closest.

I’ll send the winner pink yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚


Four ounces of handpainted laceweight wool.

Lucy seems intrigued . . .



  1. I just love it when you’re in aran mode! I haven’t tried colorwork yet (I’m still a rookie and not brave enough to try juggling two colors) so I relate more to your aran projects. I’m working on the braid for the neckline of St Brigid and then it will be finished. Next time I’m thinking of designing my own combinations of cables for a personalized aran – wish me luck!

    As I get ready to take that step, I wondered about the process you use when you do something like Dungarvan. Did you swatch all the patterns to build the design, or did you use a previous project as a springboard? I’ll be swatching, of course, but I wondered if your experience somehow exempts you from that process.

  2. I love your variation of the Saxon braid…the way you have the crossings set up gives it a very cool sinuous look in the distance shot…very cool.

  3. I looovee the new sweater. And the pink yarn! I’m going to have to give some thought to the name.

  4. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. If your gauge if off and it doesn’t fit, I’d be glad to take it off your hands. Really. I mean it. Really.

  5. It’s official, I’m in lurve with Dungarvan. It’s just beautiful.

  6. I love the cable choices for that yarn! The tweed looks wonderful, really really wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was interested to hear your take on the Virtual Yarn wear–those seem like the sorts of things you make heirloom sweaters with personally. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Heck, at that price, they better be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Fan-freaking-tastic. I covet. And the color, how rich and lovely.

    Since it will be outerwear, will there be pockets?

    Will you be making a pattern? I’ve been wanting essentially the same thing, a study aran cardigan for outwear, higher round color, buttons… or if you don’t want to draw up the pattern, got any good recommendations?

  8. Dungarvan is bootiful, but Lucy is even cuter. Sheesh: it takes you less time to knit 6 inches of Dungarvan than it takes me to wash a sink full of dishes. It’s not fair, I tell you.

  9. I used the same yarn in the chunky gauge for “Willow” from Rowan A Season’s Tale & I loved it. Just bought some more in the aran gauge actually. It’s a bit hard on the pocketbook though!!

  10. The sweater is gorgeous, as is your Razr! I am going to go with Rosie for the name…

  11. Sorry, I was supposed to email that! Oops!

  12. I love Dungarvan! The color goes so perfectly with the pattern. It looks like that will be a great jacket.

  13. The start of the sweater looks great, but the important question is: How DOES the Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran compare to the Hebridean 3 ply?

  14. Ab-so-smurfly stunning!!!!

  15. Mmm . . . cables. I’ve really got to do some more cables sometime VERY soon. That yarn looks really yummy, too.

    Hey, I meant to ask. You said yesterday you don’t have sock mojo any more. Why? What happened? It hadn’t occured to me until you said it that I’ve never seen you working on socks, and now I’m curious! I mean, I like socks but aren’t obsessed with them like some other knitters, but they’re handy little pick-up projects, so . . . why not?

  16. love the cables ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I vote Hoggett. Not the most “pink” name, but you do get to say it a lot … and it’s certainly fun to say!

    Wendy, another spinning question: What’s a good starter spinning wheel?

  18. I so love that yarn…EVERY time I walk into KH I’ve looked at that yarn and that exact color. As much as I love it, I know it would look horrid on me, but it always tempts me and makes me want it.

  19. I got the same bluetooth headset (different color) just three weeks ago. Coolest phone accessory EVER. Maybe even better than my teeny tiny memory card that I can transfer pictures and MP3’s on.

    As for the name… I’m thinking Marcy.

  20. Wow, that is a gorgeous sweater. I do so hope you make the pattern available someday. If not, there actually is a cabled cardigan in the 2004 Vogue Knitting that I had been planning to make someday (sans the embroidery embellishment).

    I hope I win the contest — pink yarn just makes me swoon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Oh, yeah! You used to knit a pair of socks a week and a sweater a month. Talking about you knitting socks brings back memories. Yes, I’m a minion from way back. I remember Izzy. (sidebar: I love what you wrote on Theresa’s site. That was so kind and I’m sure helpful to her.)

    Fab new sweater design. Coincidentally, I just saw a lady last night with a sweater on that was done ALL OVER with the pattern that you are using in your center panel. I was wondering what that is because I LOVE it. It’s puffy without those nasty, gaudy bobbles. Can I look that pattern up in a book? I have most of them.

  22. Lovely, lovely–the sweater and Miss Lucy!I’m new to your sight(s) and yesterday I was drooling over the fair isle designs.

  23. How many skeins of the Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran did you buy? I bought some just before Christmas for (surprise!) a cardigan Aran and I got 8 skeins but am debating whether to go back and buy more. I’m considering doing a Alice Starmore pattern but I don’t remember which one (I’m at work and can’t look it up).

  24. I’m going to second Tam…what is that stitch you have going on in the center pannel? For all my squinting at the pictures, I can’t seem to figure it out.

  25. But..but…but…I thought Aran was 18/24? You’ve just messed with my very fragile and very fine state of the knitting world as it should be…ARGH!!!


  26. Karen Smith says:

    I so long for the day when I too can knit an
    Aran sweater. I am a mere knitting novice and my
    eyes are bigger than my little hands can knit.
    I just finished my very first sweater and it felt
    so good to complete a whole sweater! I am having
    severe knitter envy (covetousness) over your sweater. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  27. Wendy, great looking cardi! I’m working on two sweaters using Rowan’s Calmer and 4 ply Soft. You’ve spoken so highly of Rowan yarns that I’ve been inspired to use it, plus my LYS (Lettuce Knits in Richmond) has starting carrying tons of Rowan products. My two sweaters are from “Classic Knits for Real Women”, which is great for those of us with a curvy shape – it’s a real treat to find patterns that accomodate my bust. Someone in yesterday’s comments mentioned the high cost of Rowan’s products – these yarns are an investment, but what a treat to knit with and to wear!

    Carol in southern Virignia

  28. Question about Dungarvan. Is there a reason you didn’t mirror the large cable patterns on each side of the center? I notice that you did mirror the cables on either side of the center cable.

  29. I also thought Aran was 18/24….because that’s what Mission Falls said about the gauge of their yarn…

  30. I have sent my guess to your email – I think I have come up with such a superior name, that if I am wrong and you haven’t named this phone my guess, you may want to consider changing it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. O, just love those cables!! I second some of the previous speakers: 1) how do you do that nice structure in the center panel, and 2) will you make a pattern? *please please please please* ๐Ÿ™‚ I would gladly buy one!

  32. Wendy,
    I read your blog regularly and am awed by your talent. Looking forward to your book publication. I have a question about socks. I’m trying your generic toe up sock pattern but I have a pair of socks that I knitted the conventional way but can’t figure out the Kitchener stitch. I’ve done cables etc. but the Kitchener stumps me. Is there another way to end the socks without leaving an obvious seam?

  33. Such the little gadget-monger… The sweater is lovely— in your NEXT book, perhaps??

  34. Such the little gadget-monger… The sweater is lovely— in your NEXT book, perhaps??

  35. IS your new Razr pink or purple? If it leans toward the purple, I will have to get one.

    The cardi looks wonderful, I hope you have many cold days to wear it. I love cables, but always seen to have a problem with ladders. What do you do to avoid them?