My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What’s in a Name?


A Trinity Stitch by any name would be as textured.

As mentioned in the comments, Trinity Stitch is known by a number of names. Blackberry, Bramble, Astrakan, etc.

I do really like the look of it, and always have.

Robin commented:
Is there any compelling reason to knit it from the right side, rather than having row 1 (WS) knit across, row 2 (RS) [k3tog, (p1,k1,p1) in same st], etc.? I generally reverse any st pattern that’s all K and P and has plain purl rows in it, as my knits are more even, and changing this would put the patterning on the right side, in sync with any cabling that’s going on. It’d be one row offset from how it’d normally be, but that doesn’t seem like it’d be a huge difference visually in this context.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. However, I do find it easier to purl 3 together than to knit 3 together, which is reason enough for me to work it as I noted in yesterday’s blog.

Also, one of the things I so like about knitting arans is doing something interesting on each rown. I like that the fun part of Trinity stitch is done on the wrong side rows — it makes them more interesting.

How Do You Gauge an Aran?

Enjay asked:
How do you measure gauge over such a textured project?

What I did for Dungarvan, was to use the same needles to knit swatches of the various pattern stitches, and measure the gauge for each pattern. Then I put the patterns together to work out the design. Of course, the different cables and textures all have different gauges. My “filler” stitch is seed stitch, which is worked on the outer edges.

I then knitted a stockinette stitch swatch using the same needles and measured that. That’s the gauge measure for the pattern. In the pattern directions, the gauge is x number of stitches and x number of rows equals x number of inches using size x needles in stockinette stitch.

Lucy Sez


Do you mind keeping it down? I’m trying to sleep here.


  1. Ooh, I was quoted! I feel special. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I ever attempt an Aran again I should probably try in pieces. My first, and indeed my first completed sweater, was not only knit in the round but had the sleeves and body knit together, so the only back-and-forth in the entire thing was the saddle shoulders and neck shaping. It was unbelievably heavy and has never yet been worn by its recipient for longer than ten minutes because while it’d be great in his native Saskatoon, he just doesn’t need it in California…sigh. The upper arms are too big too, but I haven’t been able to make myself cut the sleeves off and fix them. I’d like to think I got all my mistakes with this type of sweater over with at once…

  2. Stop that! You’re making me want to knit an Aran again, which only brings up poor, pitiful Celtic Dreams, still languishing in my closet.

    A gander through your finished items would indicate that it’s been a while since you’ve knit a Starmore. You know what this means, of course. You must knit Laleli, too!

  3. Wow! That was way over my head. I’m still very new at the knitting. But whenever I decide to delve into the aran realm I’ll be sure to keep Dungarvan in mind. Thanks for the tip on the bear charity. I’m having a blast knitting up those cute cuddlies!

  4. I have made several hats in Trinity Stitch in the round, always working them inside out. Like Wendy, I hate k3tog, and like almost everyone I’d rather knit than purl. By working it inside out I could keep the WS rows the same and knit instead of purl the RS rows.

    If working Trinity Stitch flat I would definitely not reverse the pattern (see k3tog above).

  5. She does look awfully comfy…

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Have you ever considered writing a cat book? Pictures of Lucy, sentiments below, maybe mix in a little knitting – it would be great! Being a cat lover, I always enjoy Lucy’s ‘comments’.


  7. Ok, but wait . . . I’m missing something. If the different types of stitch patterns all swatch differently, do you have to add or subtract stitches when you move to a new pattern. For example, if the trinity stitch is 5sts=4″ and the stockinette is 7sts=4″ . . . then do you have to add more stitches when you go to trinity stitch so that the pattern looks even?? Am I making sense?
    I’m thinking about making one of these sweaters and I’ve been wondering about this.

  8. this is interesting, in that you find p3 together easier than k3 together (or have I got it wrong??}
    If that is so,how do you do a p3? I have always found it awkward. Hopefully you have a new way?


  9. Oh Wendy – You wouldn’t believe it but my stupid Romeo (my Siamese Cat) – the love of my life got ran over yesterday. I didn’t even know he crossed the road. He was so lazy, he seemed to sleep all day.

    I have started walking again and I can only think he was trying to follow me.

    Oh so sad, he will be missed.


    PS give Lucy a big hug and kiss for me and for Romie

  10. patty bolgiano says:

    I have a real difficult time measuring cables. Is there any reason why measuring the back side of the aran wouldn’t work. You see all your stitches, –inquiring minds would like to know.


  11. Wendy,

    I am a left-handed knitter. My knitting travels from my right needle to my left needle. I have conquered many knitting problems but I am completely terrified of cables. I have started aran sweaters countless times. Somewhere I read that left-handed knitters should reverse directions, i.e. a front cable becomes a back cable, etc. My brain rebels after about 20 minutes. So, my question is do you think it makes a difference if I just knit it, my way, according to the directions, knowing that the cables might not look exactly as those in the pictures? I tried it last night on a swatch and the cable looked a heck of a lot better than those I tried to ‘reverse’ directions.

    Sorry to be so long-winded,

  12. I really do like that Trinity stitch. The whole gauge thing made my head hurt – too much math for my little brain. Lucy ๐Ÿ™‚ gawd, she’s cute.

  13. Must put an Aran in the queue soon! My day is not complete without a peek at Lucy;-)

  14. Do you find that gauge for a cable pattern holds true if you increase the number of stitches? I.E. – if you tried a cable, liked it, but decided that you wanted the whole thing twice as big, could you double the number of stitches and keep your gauge? Did I just wildly display my complete lack of experience with cables?

  15. ignore my previous p3 question!
    I got it into my head you were p3ing through the back loops, which I find difficult.
    You are just p3ing, which of course, isn’t difficult at all.
    teaches me to post comments in the wee hours..
    liz ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. you are incredibly clear……good communication…..I am doing Hebrides….and will attempt to do both sleeves at same time….if do not like, will abandon, but you inspire Risk, Fun, Independence…….and am drooling over Baby Norgi & Sirdahl is next …..after some swatching…..speaking of; am I nutty or what…..I am taking my wool (opposed to any acrylic) swatches & accumulating for an afghan…..a memory blankie as it were…….