My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Saddle Up, Buckaroos!

I finished the first Dungarvan sleeve, complete with saddle.


And then switched over to my second Teal Hogget sleeve.


Whoa! Did that make anyone besides me dizzy?

I’ve got a few odds and ends I want to work on, so I think I’ll hold off on my second Dungarvan sleeve for a little bit.

Can anybody guess what this is going to become?


It’s Q&A Time

Several of you asked over the past few days if I have any plans for the 4-ply and DK weight Rowan Scottish Tweed I pictured in my blog last week.

Yes, I do.

I’ve got a couple of designs taking form in my head, but they are not ready for prime time as of this writing. But . . . eventually.

Mary asked:
I’ve been thinking about your book. I see on Amazon that the release date is late in April. Any word about an earlier release date? And will you be doing a book tour?

Earlier release date? No. My publisher tells me that books will ship to retail outlets before the release date, April 25. So some places may put them out on the shelves a day or two before the release date. (My response to that information was “I guess it’s not like the way they release a Harry Potter book, huh?”) I don’t know how Amazon works it. But count on April 25.

As for a book tour, there is one in the works. I don’t have any information of where and when yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post it. I can tell you that I will be doing a signing at Knit Happens shortly after the book comes out, and that I will be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival the first weekend in May.

Lucy needs to take a nap. The thought of it just wears her out!



  1. Emma in Baltimore says:

    That’s a teddy bear to send to Jamica, I bet.

  2. A cozy for your new cell phone ?(I forgot your cell phone’s name)

  3. Perhaps Lucy thinks she will be expected to go on tour with you. Just to see her loyal subjects and all!

  4. It’s going to be off-white! I’m so good at these!

  5. Drat, Imbrium took my answer. Curses.

    Oh, I love how the bed brings out the color of Lucy’s eyes…

  6. I hope your book tour brings you to the Boston area!

  7. I hope your book tour brings you to the Boston area!

  8. I hope your book tour brings you to the Boston area!

  9. I hope your book tour brings you to the Boston area!

  10. Mary C-B says:

    I think its’ going to be paw covers for Lucy so she won’t climb up on the Armoire any more.

    Also, don’t I remember you saying you had a habit of sticking with one piece and finishing it before going on to the other?

  11. librarynut says:

    From working in a bookstore for years- if you book only has a “release date” and not a “street date,” then it can be sold as soon as it reaches the store, giant warehouse, whatever. Most places (at least places like amazon and major bookchains) will actually receive the book a few days prior to the releast date, so in some places, it might make an appearence a few days early.

    Street dates are usually reserved for major major authors and any sale of the book prior to that date can be result in fines or sanctions against the seller.

  12. Leilani says:

    I hope your book tour comes here to Honolulu, and then to my sister’s place in Nice. Please send this message to your publisher, they’ll pay your way to Hawaii and the French Riviera.

  13. Nancy J says:

    Lucy’s glam looks like she’s ready for next year’s Oscars! Guess: a new Lucy toy? a steering wheel cover?

  14. Definitely a bear to go to Jamaica.

  15. New to your site but had to come. My daughter works for Penguin so was gifted with a copy of your book this weekend. Am very much enjoying it and have several projects I’m interested in trying. Especially since one of the largest craft supplier here in Ontario, Canada, is going out of buisiness and the yarn is 30% off just now. My stash is growing so “needed” some project ideas.

    Maybe your book tour will include a stop in Toronto and I’ll definitely make it up to welcome you to Canada.

  16. It’s a thong, isn’t it?

    Ok, it’s probably a bear.

  17. Please publish or otherwise make available the pattern for Dungarvan?? I know it is alot of work, but your fans would appreciate it.
    Of course you will come to New York???
    Bear, I think.
    Cathy W

  18. ok… what is it?……shoot, sugar… way I am going to guess what is going on in your mind!…….even Carnak could not go there!…..

  19. It’s a bear with “no worries,” Mon!

  20. I’m betting a JamaicaBear, too!

  21. My experience with Amazon is they ship it before the actual release date so that it arrives on your doorstep by the official release date. The sleeves look great, but the switch did give me a bit of whiplash.

  22. Looks like another pair of Baby Uggs.

  23. Yay, MD sheep and wool – It’ll be my first time there and I’m so excited. =)
    Will you be selling the book there, or should we get a copy in advance?

  24. can’t wait to get your book, Wendy!!!

  25. Yee-haw! That sleeve with its shoulder saddle looks might teal hogget. Rock 🙂

  26. knittingchick says:

    Former publishing drone adding my note to the above good information – Amazon, Barnes &, etc. will take orders up until the pub date and ship out so it arrives on that date, no sooner. No matter how much you beg. (I’ve tried!) You actually don’t want the book to be out too early on the shelves as it’ll mess up your royalty payments (they probably don’t start keeping track until actual pub date).

  27. Rachel H says:

    Cool! I’m making my very first ever trip to MSWF this year, and am Very Very excited. I’ll definitely be in the lineup for an autographed book.

    The sleeve saddle on Dungarvan – is a saddle a particularly Aran knitting thing? How do they fit when you’re piecing the sweater together? And if they’re not a standard/required element, did you include one because you like the finished look?

    p.s. – I’m kinda getting the feeling Carole wants your publisher to send you to Boston… ;o)