My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


L’après-midi d’une chaussette

Here she is, the first feather and fan Socks That Rock sock:


I love how the feather and fan pattern looks in this yarn. I am also very happy that I did not start the pattern on the instep, as it is very textured and would not do well inside a shoe.

Okay, this sock was made using a few yards less than half of my 325 yard skein of Socks That Rock. And it’s plenty long enough to please me. I wear a US size 8.5 woman’s shoe, so you be the judge of whether it would work for you.

I of course started the second one:


I finished something yesterday.


But I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who offered ideas for leftover sock yarn in the comments last Thursday. There are a lot of great ideas there, so if you haven’t, and you have little bits of sock yarn left over, do check them out!

Jes made a great suggestion:
I don’t know if anyone said this already, but major knitter is collecting sock yarn ends for charity. Her site is and she’s collecting through the end of March. Each ball enters you into a contest for more yarn. Always a good thing.

Green Chibi

I bought the green Chibi pictured in Thursday’s blog from I wanted an extra one to keep in my purse, so when I ordered the fiberfill to stuff my teddy bears, I ordered a Chibi too. I ordered the one with the straight needles, not the bent ones, by the way. The picture on the Joann website showed the solid pink Chibi, which we know is not currently being made (and therefore highly desirable), so I didn’t know what I’d get. So if you order one from them, who knows what color you’ll get?

“Life is like a box of Chibis. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

More Q&A

Stacy asked:
What sock yarn would you recommend for someone who is allergic to animal fibers? Wool, mohair, and therefore most of the lovely sock yarn is out.

Anyone have a favorite? I’d recommend a cotton blend yarn — doesn’t Regia still come in cotton? I’ve got very little personal experience with this, though.

Joan asked:
Have you ever done a Kaffe Fassett sweater with your love for color?

I’ve made a Kaffe Fasset coat, and his Tumbling Blocks sweater — both ages ago. Don’t think I still have either one of them.

Martha in Mobile asked:
I have a Lucy question which I hope is not too odd. I notice she is a bit cross-eyed. I am a little cross-eyed, too, but with minimal effort I can see “single” instead of “double.” Do you think Lucy makes an effort to see single, or sees double and works with that (since it would be the norm for her)?

Yep, Lucy is a little cross-eyed. I’ve no idea, though, whether she sees single or double and couldn’t hazard a guess! ๐Ÿ™‚


Okay, I’ll show my age here. Anyone remember the 1960s tv show Daktari? Remember Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion? When they showed stuff from his perspective, they always showed a double image? Cracked me up every time.

But I was young and easily amused back then.

The show was actually a spin-off from the movie “Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion.” And in the last season or so, a very young Erin Moran (who later played Joanie Cunningham on “Happy Days”) was a member of the cast.

Trivia. How I love thee.


  1. Lucy Sez:

    I see just fine thank you. I found my way to Chez Wendy!

  2. Caroline M says:

    What a blast from the past! I remember Clarence the cross eyed lion despite being in the UK and being of very tender years at the time (no, I don’t believe that either)
    . I suspect that it’s one of those shows that dates you very well.

  3. Sock(s) look great! So glad you like them. And for all your readers questioning whether or not you can get a pair of socks from a 325yd skein of STR, I’ve made 10 pairs of Jaywalker socks, a pattern which positively EATS yarn, each with 325yds of STR. I only ran out of yarn once, and even then I was literally inches short. Hope that helps!

  4. The sock and sweater are beautiful.

    BTW, I’m a little cross-eyed too, but I don’t see double….I can’t look out of both eyes at the same time though.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember Daktari and Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion! Is Lucy a jumper? I would suspect that if she sees double, jumping would be seriously affected. Unless of course, she’s figured out that one of the counters (or whatever) isn’t ‘real’ and knows to aim for the other….

  6. Oh, crap, I remember that show!

  7. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’LL TALK ABOUT IT TOMORROW???? I can’t wait that long!
    BTW- I thinks Lucy’s eyes are what make her so attractive- and Lucy squared can only be a good thing!

  8. Your socks ROCK! And I look forward to tomorrow’s post :).

  9. For Stacy who asks about a yarn for someone allergic to wool and animal fiber. She might want to try llama or alpaca. They are from the camelid family and would be a completely different allergy than to wool.

  10. Daktari….DakTAri….

    Yup I remember it well. of course I was a fetus listening inside Mom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the pretty socks, they match Lucy’s eyes. And your new jacket looks dandy, can’t wait to see the money shot, Tiny!

  11. Yup, I remember Daktari too. Wasn’t that the period in TV history in which there were several series on the networks that involved unusual pets? Such as Flipper (a dophin), Gentle Ben(a bear), Maya (an elephant)in which an older Jay North appeared (the same Jay North as of Dennis the Menace fame), and Daktari(was the monkey’s name Judy?)? Also, wasn’t there a series about a kangaroo pet named Skipper?
    Obviously I spent more time watching TV then knitting back then.

  12. I think Lucy is absolutely beautiful – her eyes are part of her charm. Being a bit fey never hurt any cat or person. Dungarven, while not fey, is also promising to be absolutely beautiful – can’t wait until tomorrow’s post!

  13. Yay! You finished a sock! I’ve been secretly checking your blog relentlessly since you first put up your picture of the BMFA yarn, because I had haphazardly just wound a center pull ball and started knitting, without dividing it. And I really didn’t want to do the pull-from-both-ends/knit-two-at-once thing. Excellent, now I know how tall to make it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Ah yes, Daktari. I remember it well. Sue–the kangaroo show was Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo. Oh gee, really showing the age.

    Speaking of 60s shows–for years I had nightmares about big white balls rolling around eating people. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it came from. Finally I asked my mom and dad if there had been a tv show that involved big white balls that engulfed people. Sure enough, the cult classic, The Prisoner was the source of my nightmares. Wonder how else tv viewing of my youth has warped me? LOL

  15. I want to see the sweater!!!Will check in tomorrow.
    I know you were thinking about posting that pattern, and I will buy you a glass of wine/cup of coffee (your choice) when you come to NYC for your book signing, if you do. Also, buy a book, of course.
    Lucy is a beautiful cat, even cross-eyed.
    Cathy W

  16. I’ve seen a pattern for shoelaces made from sock yarn, just can’t remember where. You simply knit two long i-cords.

  17. I, too, loved Daktari, Flipper, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (and I can still sing the theme song- I drove my daughter crazy with it when she went ot Australia for a semester!), Gentle Ben…and Mr Ed re-runs and My Mother the Car (perhaps planted the idea for Knight Rider???). Knit Picks has an orange Chibi with silver small gauge needles, and I found blue Chibis with the gold jumbo needles at Hobby Lobby. I haven’t seen the green ones lately. If you google Chibi needles you can find sites that sell the replacement needles in a few sizes in case you lose one in the couch or on the bus.

  18. Thanks so much for linking to my March Madness contest to collect leftover sock yarn in order to raise money for charity. I really appreciate it. I love the sock kick you’ve been on!

  19. My daughter is allergic to wool, and I made her a pair of soft yellow socks using Katia Mississippi 3. It is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. Very soft and smooth, but not as elastic as wool. I think this is a good choice for allergic and sensitive people. It’s widely available online in lots of colors.

  20. Oooh, oooh,ooh, I remember Daktari (said in Arnold Horshack’s voice). I used to fall asleep imagining I was part of the story. The socks that rock, do.

  21. I’ve been looking for wool-free sock yarns for my mother lately. So far I’ve come up with:

    Cascade Fixation (cotton/elastic, sport wt)
    Elann Esprit (cotton/elastic, sport wt)
    Fortissima Cotton (cotton/nylon)
    Bernat Sox (acrylic/nylon)
    Moda Dea Sassy Stripes (100% acrylic)

    I believe Regia’s cotton sock yarns still have some wool content. So far out of these I’ve only used Fixation (which I understand is completely identical to the less expensive Esprit), and I adore it.

  22. Finished my first toe up sock and I must say, “WOW”. Thanks for the pattern and the tips. It snowed in New England last night so I need to hurry up and finish sock 2.
    I had such a crush on the older boy “Sandy” from Flipper…which was kinda weird as my name is Sandy also…

  23. I save my odd bits of sock yarn and knit patches for my pants. it works great, especially when you use a smaller sized needle than you normally would. My carharts have a nice seed-stitch patch on the right knee and it seems to be doing it’s job!

  24. This may sound a bit odd but I use leftover sock yarn to knit hat bands for me and my friends – really. I make them about an inch wide and long enough to go around the hat – duh. This works well in self-patterning yarns and is cute in glitzy funky yarns too.

  25. Cascade Fixation (cotton and nylon blend) is great for socks. The nylon gives it some stretch.

  26. i was inspired by your pretty socks to try your toe-up pattern and first of all YAY i will never make a top down sock again and second while i was making the toe, something weird happened, instead of purling, i started spontaneously knitting backs across the row through the back loops, knitting backwards i guess. has anyone ever heard of this? it was SO much easier than purling, tho i never understand why purling is so annoying. anyway it worked out really well. another wendyknits inspiration for me!! thanks lol

  27. I can’t wait to see the sweater! The sock looks fabulous, too. Love that feather and fan pattern.

  28. You’ll talk about it tomorrow? I’m hoping that’s today! The glimpse has my expectations high and the sock looks great.

  29. I have been saving my sock yarn ends for repairs–when I give a pair of socks as a present, I promise lifetime repair!! In addition, I just got a great idea yesterday, before reading the blog. In Melanie Falicks’ Handknit Holidays thre is a pattern for an afghan made of squares knit on the diagnal. She uses different yarns to make stripes. I thought I would use leftover sock yarn to do the same thing. Cast on one stitch, increase one each end every other row until you have used half the yarn, then decrease one each end every other row until you have only one. I thought I’d establish a size that makes sense for most leftover sock yarn. Or, just change yarn when needed. Eventually, I will sew these squares into a memorable patchwork blanket!! It will be machine washable and carry lots of memories.

  30. Regia Cotton sock yarn contains about 1/3 wool – no choice for somebody who is allergic to wool.

    I’ve done some children’s socks with Katia Mississippi and they wear quite well. But not very elastic so I’d recommend some elastic on the leg, to make stay them up.

  31. Young and easily amused back then!
    You crack me up. Like you’re not now…?

    And I just have to ask.
    “The afternoon of a sock” in French?
    Am I missing something (as usual)?
    Qu’est-ce que vous voulez dire?

    Beautiful sock, btw.

  32. Ann in CT says:

    For Stacy–Wool makes me itch, which I guess makes me allergic. I made my DH an alpaca scarf and it made my neck itch after a few minutes of wear, so alpaca might not always be a good alternative for some people. I haven’t had problems with Regia or Koigu socks I’ve made. My Opal socks made my want to claw my feet off until I washed them. Good luck

  33. nice socks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can you make me some please?

  34. Such a tease….

    The pooling on the feather and fan is really neat – not at all what I would have expected.

  35. What about Rowan Calmer for socks? I’ve been thinking about trying it myself but have not done so yet. Sure, it’s damn expensive, I know. But I did just send 2 balls to my Secret Pal to try along with a cute sock pattern. You’ve knit alot with Calmer Wendy … what do you think about its usefulness for socks?

  36. Right, I heard the pink chibis are no longer in production. The last time I grabbed about 2-3 of them so maybe it’s time to hoard them till they are vintage and make some killer sales 30 years down in the line?! LOL

  37. Bernat makes a sock yarn (“Sox”) that is 100% acrylic, but seems to be pretty soft – I made a pair in Sox and I find it to be pretty comfortable, I just make sure to run it through with some fabric softener when I wash them, so that it cuts the static (here in dry TX). There’s another sportweight yarn in 100% cotton, but the name of it escapes me. But it’s sold in fairly small skeins, so it might not be optimal for sock use. Wish I could remember the name. It’s sold at Hobby Lobby, if that’s a help.

  38. If someone wants a sheep-free sock yarn that has some elasticity, Cascade Fixation, which is cotton with some elastic in it, is really nice to knit with. Broadripple, a knitty pattern, is designed for it, and it’s a nice pattern, though you could use it with any sport-weight sock pattern.