My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Now What?

Wow! Thank you for all your extremely kind comments about Dungarvan! I am very happy with it, as I said yesterday. It actually turned out like I expected it to. Always good when that happens, you know.

Anne C asked:
Couple questions: how did you seam it, did you use mattress st on the seed stitch? And did you actually sew the leather buttons on? If so, what will you do when it comes time to wash it? (realizing it won’t require a lot of trips through the laundry, since it’s a jacket, but…)

Good questions!

I seamed using backstitch, because I think that’s stronger than mattress stitch and I want this to be a tough jacket. (“Lookit me — I am so tough and cool in my cabled cardi!”) While on the whole I think mattress stitch makes a prettier seam, if you backstitch carefully, you’ll have nice results.

I did sew the buttons on with the same yarn the cardi is knitted from. When the time comes to launder it, I’ll suck it up and remove them, then re-attach them after washing. Yeah, it’s a pain. I briefly considered attaching the buttons with safety pins from the wrong side, but went ahead and sewed.

So . . . what’s next in the knitting line-up?

I seem to be teetering on the edge of another Cable Era. I’ve got a bunch of cabley ideas swimming around in my head and you know — they gotta come out sometime.

In the past I’ve not really made a point of knitting for the season, so I may be working in wool for a while yet. But you never know . . . a cotton sweater might sneak in somewhere. And it may be soon . . . (insert ominous music here).


But Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

I fear that I am besotted with socks. Here are my Feather and Fan Socks That Rock:


I confess that I adore them.

They are knitted from Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Socks That Rock” sock yarn in the Azure Malachite colorway on size 0 (2mm needles). The foot is 64 stitches around, and after I turned the heel, I increased to 72 stitches around and did the feather and fan pattern.

I’m very happy with this. I have one ankle larger than the other (thanks to a horrific accident years ago) and increasing the size of the sock right above the ankle makes them much more comfy to wear. The texture of the feather and fan pattern does make my ankles look particularly chunky, but hey! I never said this is haut couture.

These are what I wear when I want my feet lookin’ fancy:


Anyone want to hazard a guess about how quickly I fall on my face when I put those shoes on and attempt to walk?

But I digress.

I started a new sock. Surprise, surprise! Alert the media!


These will also be for me and they are being made from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, which is one of the loveliest, yummiest sock yarns around, as far as I’m concerned. The colorway is one of my favorites: Gold Hill. You may recall that I made a lace shawl in Helen’s Laces in the Gold Hill colorway last year.

This yarn is finer than the Socks That Rocks, so I made the foot 68 inches stitches around (still knitting on my size 0 needle). I once again increased to 72 stitches after turning the heel, and started a feather and fan pattern, that is just barely discernible in the photo.

But I’m not doing a purl row in this feather and fan like I did for the Socks That Rock. I thought I’d do it all stockinette and see how I liked it. Variety. It is the spice of life. Ya know?

So, kiddos, I may be working on simply socks for the rest of the week, as I’ve got a number of things to deal with that will cut into my knitting time this week. But maybe I’ll make a swatch or two for an aran design. You just never know . . .

One More Thing

Having a sock yarn stash of epic proportion does not preclude one from buying new sock yarn.


Just sayin’.

Lucy Sez


Whatever makes my mommy happy is fine with me!


  1. Wendy, you already have Knit Happens Lorna’s. Is that the sportweight? I know, because I got mine around the same time and had no working camera, and thus lifted your photo to show a friend what I meant. Perhaps you love lime and pink?

    By the way, did you buy your STR in a LYS or online? I’ve been wanting some but I hate paying upwards of $5 for shipping one item! (the obvious answer is to buy more than one. Don’t say it!)

  2. Ah, the fuzzy-wuzzy dance—Lucy will drive Lucky wild! I love Gold Hill! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. There’s no such thing as too much sock yarn!

  4. Gorgeous Baby (sock yarn, sock and Miss Lucy).

  5. The faster I go the behinder I get. LOVE Dungarvan! I have cables on the brain and need to find a good project to ease my cable pain. The blue socks Rock;-)

  6. Oh, the socks are dreamy. So is the one on the sticks now…

    Yesterday, I pre-ordered a copy of your book. I’m quite excited :).

  7. Cable-y Goodness, indeed! It must be something in the air, or the unseasonable snow storm we had here yesterday, but I am craving a chunky, heavy, cabled sweater something fierce myself.

    Congrats on the great finish, and the feather and fan socks are SO cute.

  8. You’re making the sock “68 inches”??? That’s even way more ease than this big girl needs in her sweaters ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one to buy two of each color for socks. I’ll take two of each, please, and one Lucy to go?

  10. I’ll be interested to see what comes of the cotton aran swatch. I wonder how Dungarvan would look in a cotton. Hmmmmm….

  11. OOOOoooo! Pretty post! Thanks for the eye candy:D

  12. You can never have too much sock yarn. Your existing sock yarn need more friends. That’s what I say anyway.

  13. so…..Dungarvan inspired me……beloved cherub wanted a brown scarf & sent brown heather by Cascade 220… swatching trinity stitch….and wondering, wondering, wondering: the stitches are lovely, but ? is: holes? I see holes…… it the yarn as in not enough loft?…is it the knitter – always a possibility….or is it the stitch & will meld when blocked? Wisdom appreciated… in Help me Rhonda, Help Help Help me…….sorry…having a musical moment!


  14. Your Azure Malachite socks turned out so well! Yum.

  15. Dave, I think she only got two of the LL, of which you need two to complete a pair of socks. The STR looks like two different colorways, as each hank (supposedly) has enough for a pair in one.

  16. Oh how I *heart* that Gold Hill colorway. I have a skein of the GH Helen’s Lace tucked in my stash just waiting for the perfect pattern.

  17. I’m just going to drool over those black slingbacks ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hildegard says:

    The socks are lovely, but are you really going to wear them with those shoes? That is my problem with all tose wonderfully coloured sock yarns: T&hey are fun to knit and nice to look at, but what do you wear them with? Of course, in winter with boots it is no problem, but otherwise?

  19. Ooh, I spy Pebble Beach. I love that colorway!

  20. Ahhhh…. here’s to sock yarn stashes of epic proportion! And to Lucy for a heck of a cute pose!

    One question about Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. Do you think it wears as well as other sock yarns (say Opal or Regia)? I love my LL socks, but I think they pill a bit more than the average sock, and perhaps shrink a bit more too. I have several pair that are two to three years old and seem to be showing their age. I’m thinking perhaps I’m going to stop drying them in the dryer.

  21. Those shoes are lovely! If you fall down, I’ll grab them off your feet and run really fast. Oh wait, I meant to type, help you up.

  22. Ooooh, socks….oooooh, sock yarn….mmmmmmm

    What color is the Cherry Tree Hill yarn? I’m knitting with it right now and it’s strange. It feels a little cordy to me. I’m leaving off final determination until it’s actually on my chubby feet.

  23. Turning “Knit Happens” green (and pink) to see that gorgeous pile of sock yarn. I’m loving your feather and fan socks too. I’m gonna have to break down and get some of that STR yarn.

    Ah, so the dreaded “escalator incident” did leave you with permanent ankle issues. I’m surprised you can wear those lovely sling-backs at all. Just having babies has pretty much made me swear off heels. I can’t imagine that your ankle will endure them after all it’s been through.

  24. Deja vu — I made almost the same sock pattern, using the identical yarn purchased at Knit Happens:

    I’m not much of a sock knitter, but I did give it a whirl.

  25. I love that Gold Hill colorway. Reminds me of fall in the mountains.

    If it isn’t a Cable era, it may be a Sock era. Eh, maybe. Or you could make a cabled sock, and you’d be bridging both. Ha ha!

  26. love those shoes. and good god the sock yarn… good GOD.

  27. Another idea I’ve seen for dealing with buttons that are non-washable is to make button holes on both sides of the jacket fronts; then sew the buttons onto a sturdy grosgrain ribbon at distances matching the buttonholes. To close jacket, place ribbon-button strip under both sets of buttonholes. Then, when it’s time to wash, simply remove the ribbon-button strip. This also makes a jacket wearable by men or women, as the button “side” can be reversed.

  28. Wendy, I am really enjoying your blog and am learning a lot — even got brave enough to attempt socks. I have a question about your toe-up pattern. When you knit (or purl) the stitch with the wraps, how do you do that? I just lifted the wraps to the needle and knit them together, which worked OK, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice as the close up you have of Bob Socks toe. Thanks!

  29. And when you say you’ve started a new sock you actually mean you’re half done with a new sock!

  30. I just started my first toe up from your pattern and actually I mostly wanted to tell you that I am totally in awe of this type of construction. So simple, so fascinating, so… cool. The only thing I had problems with was getting the provisional cast on unzipped. Is there a trick to it that I am missing or is it just practice? (This is only the second time I have done a provisional cast on, so there is that…) Thanks for the terrific pattern though, I am eager to get up to the heel now!

  31. OK, so is that a picture of your current sock yarn stash or the additional fiber babies who’ve come to roost?

    Either way, I don’t feel so bad now – even though I’ve yet to finish my first real sock. May as well gather the good stuff just as ye experienced sockistas do!

  32. Wait…is there anything that should preclude one from buying new sock yarn.

    No…I didn’t think so.

  33. OOOh, I just love Lulu Guiness! Those shoes are purty!

  34. MamaLana says:

    Lucy has an adorable little belly. But you knew that.

  35. A girl can never be too rich or have too much sock yarn, right Tiny? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gold Hill is one of my favorites too! Glenwood also, same theme a bit brighter!

    Side note to Shelda — even tho Lorna’s Laces are superwash, 2-3 years of machine washing and drying and “they are starting to show their age”?
    I think that’s GREAT, but to make all mine last longer, it’s hand wash, air dry for me…what’s the consensus folks? How long do most socks last?

  36. Louise in Maryland says:

    I made socks for myself out of the Knit Happens Shephard Sock and was a little displeased – the pink and green ended up being striped every row and it ended up looking muddy. they still feel great and get worn a lot, though. I made a pair of baby socks from the leftovers and the stripes on those are several rows thick and look very bright and pretty. My 9 year old dauighter is begging for a pair in that colorway now so I suppose I will be doing an experiment on how it works out for kid socks.

  37. those shoes are gorgeous! good luck wearing them! i always have more trouble with slingbacks…