My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy Deja Vu

Here is the photo of Lucy I posted last Thursday:


And here is a photo of Lucy taken in July 2003:


The King of All Remote Controls took that photo, and he pointed out to me the similarity of pose and the look of purpose on her face in both shots.

Lucy’s fur has darkened with maturity, and she now looks sleek and pampered (that first photo was taken shortly after I adopted her) but some things never change!

Yes, I know that some cats will chew on styrofoam and ingest it. Lucy does not. She has been carrying her freaking styrofoam around for days now, and there isn’t even a tooth mark on it!

It’s not like she considers it prey (Cat, she doesn’t make The Sound). I think she thinks of it as a doll or a baby, so it is treated very tenderly. The other night she moved it around on the bed several tmes before she was satisfied.

Sock Talk

CarolineF commented:
It seems you use a few more stitches for a feather and fan sock than a plain sock? I made a Nancy Bush design with a feather and fan cuff and found that it was very inelastic and pulled in, so I was wondering if you compensate for that by making it wider.

The feather and fan is indeed pretty inelastic. Going up to 72 stitches definitely helped with that.

And speaking of Feather and Fan socks . . . here they are!


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Gold Hill colorway, knitted on US 0 needles at a gauge of 8st/inch.

I started a new sock, of course:


Isn’t the yarn lovely?

Extreme close-up of the short-row toe:


It’s hand dyed sock yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon) I purchased from an Etsy shop: Black Bunny Fibers. It’s a four ounce skein with about 480 yards and seems just slightly finer than the Lorna’s Laces — I’m knitting it on the US 0 needles at 9sts/12 rows to the inch. The yarn is lovely to knit and I love the colorway — my favorite shades of olive green. I ordered it from the shop on Wednesday and I got it in the mail on Thursday. Can’t ask for better than that, can you?

Other Knitting

Remember my little cotton denim swatch from last week? Here it is, all washed and dried.


I’m going to cast on a sweater with this yarn shortly . . .

I hope y’all had a good weekend. On Saturday, I wore my STR Feather and Fan socks!


The following photo will show you what a resourceful guy the King of All Remote Controls is. He fashioned a very long drinking straw for me so I could drink my margarita without having to put down my knitting.


You can’t ask for better than that, now can you?

Lucy Sez


The sock yarn stash contest is now closed! We will announce the winners later this week. Thanks for all your emails!


  1. When my sister’s cat was a kitten, she spent a week carrying around an unwrapped tampon.

    The extra long straw is a great idea, but you know what would be really great? You know those beer hats that hold 2 cans of beer? The King of All Remote Controls should make you a Margarita Hat.

  2. I love that olive-green yarn! And also the extra-long straw…now if only I could figure out how to eat Trader Joe’s taco chips and knit at the same time…nah, it’s probably better that I can’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh, what a smoldering look Lucy has in that last picture…

  4. Whoo Hoooo!!!! Just saw that you’re coming to my neck of the woods for your book signing! So Kewwwllllll!!! Can’t wait! See you at Knitting Sisters!

  5. That man is resourceful!

  6. That straw is a great idea. Love the pictures of Lucy.

  7. Lucy is probably wondering why she doesn’t get a straw like that for her margaritas.

  8. Rachel H says:

    I SO need a straw like that..

  9. michelle martino says:

    the socks are lovely! i’m anxious to try your toe up method once i finish the pair i am working on now.

  10. Ian’s methods are brilliant. Must try. Must buy straws. xo

  11. Those pictures of Lucy are too funny. I love that she loves her styrofoam. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Meribeth says:

    I laughed when I saw the straw! It looked similar to the set up my husband made me so I could drink my coffee and much later on have my Crown Royal when I broke my wrists. His straw was a length of tubing from his lab. He also wanted to develop a contraption that would help me knit while I had the casts on.

    Lucy does indeed look like a Mommy wanna be! Love the don’t mess with me look. I had a male cat that carried around a plastic rose bud.

    Going to try my first socks, and looking at yours and the comments here, I will try your method first. Why bother with other methods when there are nothing but raves?

  13. Wendy, I have some Silja sock yarn that’s been aging in the stash for a few years – I think it’s reached maturity and needs to be knitted up. I saw some Silja socks in your FO section, and wanted to ask what needle size you used? I usually go with size 0 dpns and 72 sts for fingering weight yarn, so my mileage probably won’t vary too much from yours. Also, since I’m not familiar with Silja yardage and want to use up every bit, I’d like to knit these toe-up. Any tips?

    Tag! (I’m half Swedish…)

  14. I love Feather & Fan socks, it’s probably my favorite sock pattern. And the long straw? Very cool!

  15. Wow, Lucy looks so different than she did three years ago! It’s so easy to forget how much they change, huh?

  16. Thanks for a good laugh! I think The King of all Remotes should patent that one for all of us who knit!
    As always, Lucy is a beauty.
    Sheri in GA

  17. I need one of those straws!

  18. Such a guy! And hasn’t Lucy changed as she’s grown up. You’ve got a wonderful family, you lucky woman ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. The straw is pure brilliance.
    Lucy’s coat looks so beautiful now, amazing what a visual difference a good home does.

  20. I went looking for some Gold Hill today, but didn’t find it. Now am really craving a pair of socks like this one! This pair is truly, truly, beautiful.

  21. I’m not sure who I love more, Ian or Lucy. She really has gotten more beautiful as she’s grown.

  22. I cracked up when I saw that straw- you can’t keep a knitter from her margarita!!

  23. Hi. In advance, I apologize if this is a dumb question.

    I was reading your toe-up sock pattern and there is one instruction I don’t understand. What is “wrap and turn”?

  24. LOL! Your straw rocks!

  25. Indeed, some things never change. But she has grown so beautiful.

  26. I love Lucy’s styrofoam “baby”. She’s soooo cute!! And you amaze me! I mean I know you’re fast with that callywhompered form of continental you do (my term, your confession of not knitting continental exactly like the ‘pictures show’). I read Allison of “the blue blog” is practicing her continental and I guess I need to stick with mine rather than the way I think “now”, which is — I can just change over and everything will be just the same, only faster. Er, uhm, what is that about gauge? Thanks Wendy — You’re my fave!!

  27. What a lovely girl Lucy is! It’s wonderful to see a happy beloved pet. I love the green socks (and the rest are pretty special too!)

  28. I always love to look at your knitting. You always do such a great job with everything! you knit.

    thanks for sharing your knitting and your knowledge with us.

  29. You know how I love seeing photos of Lucy. I showed my DH the difference in her coloring and he was amazed that it took so many years.

    But we’re really not that surprised.

    We found out, a week ago, that the breeder we went to FINALLY had a litter that had a seal-point male. It took 4 weeks before she even knew what his coloring was. All of his litter-mates were blues.

    SO…we’re getting our baby in mid-May! Hooray!!

  30. I was inspired to make socks several weeks ago, when I was talking with a friend at my spinner’s retreat, and she mentioned working on both socks at the same time – this was just the cure for my “never finish the second sock” syndrome. Your toe-up patterns have certainly helped me turn my inspirations into reality – thanks! I’m working on the ribbing of BOTH socks in Opal “bumble-bee” colors.

    Love the straw idea – I LOL and DH -my own resident computer geek- came to investigate. I guess I’ll have a straw soon.

    Lucy’s eyes are the most magnificant blue! I’ll have to send a pic of my socks and Devon Rex cat, golden-eyed “Little Nell”.

  31. I’m so, so grateful that you posted the pic of your short-row toe. I just started a pair of toe-up socks by way of your pattern (which is photoless – sadness), and also using your Knitty Article from way back to work up some s.r. toes, and I was very concerned that I wasn’t doing them correctly, but they look just like your picture there, so I’m less concerned now.

    Thank you!

  32. Oooh – I’m so jealous of your straw! I keep telling my hubby that I need one of those hats with the tubes to drink your beer hands free – he laughs at me!

  33. Lucy is such a beautiful girl, she shows what a difference a good home and a good mommy can make.
    I’m glad to hear she doesn’t chew on the styrofoam. I had a boy kitty that carried a green plastic toy from a cereal box around for months.

    In the current photo, those eyes appear to follow me no matter how I move. We know who is in charge, don’t we?

    Love the straw.

  34. Oh, the olive green color is so pretty! I like it!
    And the straw is great ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. I love it when cats carry things around. My Mister likes to play fetch, but he doesn’t carry his toys around with him. He’ll bring them into the office here, sit them down behind me, and say, “Beep beep beep?” This is because every time I throw a toy, I make sure he’s looking by counting to 3. So now “Beep beep beep?” means “We’re playing. Now.”

    Your socks are beautiful, and I’m jealous of your margarita contraption.

  36. I just crocheted a cat toy for my two siamese that they think is just great . . . if you have a chance take a look at it on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. My cat Zeus had a similar thing with one of my boyfriend’s rolled up socks. Unfortunately for me this weekend he decided to replace it with a dead sparrow, and I didn’t notice until he finally left it on my pillow at about 5am.

  38. Queenie, a cat I had adopted when she was 5 went from semi-feral to the most nuturing “mother” cat I had ever seen. The problem? She used would cuddle with my underwear. She’ed knock over laundry bins, open all the drawers she could find. She is long gone now but she was thoughtful enough to pass this idiosyncracy to the kitten we bought who then past it on to the 4 other cats we adopted. You know it’s bad when you go and just buy underwear for them. (I saw one with little feathered tassle things which got unceremoniously got dumped in fromnt of my parents minister when he came to visit)

    Lucy is simply a gorgeous cat! And quite photogenic. I had a Javanese (i swear i’m not queen of the cats, they rule me with an iron paw) who when we got him was pure white with just the tips if the ears, paws, tails darker then the rest. The srtipes came as a surprise later.

  39. Deja Lu!
    That straw is too funny! Does Ian have one of those Homer Simpson beer hats as well?
    You crack-a me up.

  40. The socks look great, you can really knit them up quick. I have a question, I have yet to knit socks, still a beginner. Do you think the toe up version would be a good way to learn? Thank you for your blog, Lucy looks ready to kill in the last pic, and the straw is a great Idea. I might have to try that one too.

  41. Oh my gawd – the STRAW! Tequila + straws + yarn? Fabulous.
    Lucy, as usual, is beautiful.

  42. Wow, I am truly impressed by the straw. What a guy!

  43. That straw is genius! He should patent that – it’d be a huge seller at all the LYS!

  44. That straw! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

  45. Joan Cole says:

    Lucy is just too much, I love to see her. After reading old blogs I just had to write you to tell how much I love reading of Lucy and your adventures, as for the the people who don’t, don’t read your blog, dah(we must feel sorry for them as they are really lacking the joy we share with our pets) Did my first perfect toe finally, thanks for the pattern and give kisses to Lucy. You two really brighten my day.

  46. The King needs to go on American Inventor cuz that straw Rocks. Now I’m jealous and I want one!

  47. Those photos of Lucy – priceless. I lost my cat last week of 15 1/2 years. I thought I had found ragdoll/russian blue mix kittens in my area but they got adopted on Friday wouldn’t you know. My oldest son wants a ragdoll! So, I’m looking! Love the straw invention – can really be a necessity in many circumstances.

  48. Stephanie – I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! It’s terrible losing a loved one. I’ll send good thoughts your way.

    Wendy – I love the twin pictures of Ms. Lucy! She’s a cute little momma, even if her baby isn’t exactly known for being snuggly. Love your blog!

  49. Sue in Texas says:

    Wendy, I’m a long-time reader/lurker, have wanted to ask you this for ages, and for some reason, beats me why, today seems to be the day to ask. I’m a much slower knitter than you, so my volume of finished items will never compare to yours, but still and all, I don’t get how you fit in so much knitting time. You’ve published your “schedule” for an average day, and I understand knitting during your commute and over lunch, and I definitely relate to knitting before bedtime. What I don’t get, though, is how you can squeeze in 3 (THREE!) hours of knitting after supper on an average evening at home. Not to put too fine a point on it, but how do you get anything else done around the house? (Or maybe a better question is, how do you get everyone else in the house to accept that all you do after supper is KNIT? I’d love that job!) Anyway, love your blog, love your photos, expect to love your book any day now! Sue.

  50. MamaLana says:

    Wendy, the straw looks like one step up from an IV!! I’ve noticed Lucy growing darker with time. She’s so gorgeous, but I always hate to see our babies growing up. Good cat!

  51. OMG – that is priceless – the long straw in the margarita trick – I’m going to have try that one!! ๐Ÿ™‚