My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s All About Mistakes

If you find that you’ve made a mistake in your checkbook and you actually have $100 more than you thought — doesn’t that mean that you must spend that $100 on yarn?

Yes, I thought that’s what it meant, too.

Not a whole heckuva lot of progress to report today, on any front. I am in the middle of a Very Important Powwow at work this week which has necessitated longer hours spent at the orifice office, so my knitting progress last night was virtually non-existent. I fell asleep extremely early instead. I am a Delicate Flower and unable to deal with all these extra hours of work.


But speaking of mistakes, The Virginia Purl asked an interesting question the other day:
When I looked at your lovely green cotton Aran a question came to mind. When you are doing a large project like that and you look back to find a hole or mistake, how willing are you to go back and frog it?

The answer is . . . it depends on how obvious the error is. If I look at it and gasp in horror, I do indeed go back and fix it.

For example — when I was knitting my second Inishmore several years ago, I discovered after having most of the second sleeve done, I had knitted it the same as the first sleeve. The patterns on Inishmore’s sleeves are mirror-image of each other. Mine were not. So I did rip it out back to the ribbing (cursing myself for my stupidity and inattention all the while) and started again.

I make a point, these days, of scrutinizing my knitting very closely after every couple of rows to ensure that I haven’t committed some atrocity. It’s far easier to fix an atrocity two rows down than one twelve inches down.

The storm photo in yesterday’s blog entry was taken in Alexandria, Virginia, by the way.

Lucy is not bothered too much by thunderstorms. Monday night when the storm started, I took her into the bedroom with me, where the curtains were closed and the room is smaller, so she’d have a better sense of security. She looked a little nervous at the first boom of thunder, but I reassured here that everything was okay. And she believed me.

Unlike my dearly departed kitty Tristan, who would alert me of a thunderstorm before it hit. Without fail, ten minutes before every thunderstorm he would slink into a closet and hide for the duration.

Lucy Sez


I don’t care about storms — my Momma got something that came in a big box. Wheeeeee!

It’s a new fan, and boy oh boy, the King of All Remote Controls is going to be so jealous when he sees this:


It has a remote!


  1. Does Lucy like to play in cardboard boxes? My kitties seem to think that boxes are meant to be toys–to be combo hiding places and things to be shredded with their ferocious claws.

    Am I the first comment today? Wow!

  2. I’m a little jealous of that fan myself. I want one!

  3. Dave Daniels says:

    Not only do you get to spend that money on yarn, if you need more $$$, you write “Groceries” in the check register…Oh, did I say that in my talking voice???

  4. M U S T … H A V E … T H A T … R E M O T E … C O N T R O L !

  5. Tee hee. My car stereo has a remote control. Yeah…um…I have a little two-door Honda Civic. You can reach the stereo from anywhere in that car…possibly even the trunk.

  6. If there is an extra $100, it means a check got lost in the mail and I better figure it out fast. I usually have less in there than I think. *sigh*

    On the fan front, give me a good old fashioned box fan any day. Makes a big wind and a big noise. I’ve got to have mine on full blast every night when I go to bed or I go a little bonkers. Ok so I am already bonkers but just imagine me irritated. hehehe

  7. Wendy, first let me say that you should spend the found $100 on yarn. What dedicated knitter wouldn’t. Thanks for answering my question. As a new knitter I am really unsure about how much ripping out one should do before throwing the project against the wall and pouting. I have started my first sweater and have ripped it out at least three times now. When is enough enough? Does it have something to do with how much hair you have left on your head to pull out? I guess everyone has their breaking point. I will be more careful to check every couple of rows now for mistakes. Here I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing…lol!

  8. Lucy looks positively transfixed! And I love the “rule” about money recovered from arithmetic errors. Beautiful!

  9. Hey wendy! I’ll see you next month, I heard your going to be at MS&W signing your book. I will have to get it because I have used your website many times for many things. Like learning how to cable, and your kitty pi bed!!

    I hope you guys will take visa cards, someone told me to bring checks… whats a check?? lol!

    See you then! I can’t wait cause I have the whole week off to spend in VA with my family!

  10. OF COURSE that money is for yarn!!

    My air conditioner has a remote. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it.

    When the wind howls, my cat yells right back at it!

  11. Lucy does look a little nervous. Moxie tries to dig a hole in the floor when he hears thunder…poor boy.

  12. Oh yes…and I always buy yarn if the check book mistake is in MY favor;-)

  13. I just installed 2 ceiling fans with remotes in our house (affectionately called wind tunnels by my partner) and I love them! Yes, I knit and I’m handy!!

  14. Stinkin’ online banking, I never make those mistakes. My cats only like the boxes wool comes in, which they will sniff to death.

  15. The best is seeing a cat try to hide in a flat pizza box…

    The money is for wool and/or patterns and/or accesories. Or the saving account that is ear marked for your own miniature sheep.

    The remotes are fun except make sure they don’t beep. It’ll drive the other person nuts waking up to all the beeping (i was the wakee, not the waker)

  16. I lament along with Susan. Ever since I switched to online banking and let the computers figure out all that math stuff, I don’t seem to have hidden yarn money. Of course, I also don’t seem to have as many late fees and my adding machine has dust on it. You should never switch to online banking if it means more yarn, though. Yarn first.

  17. That pose looks hilarious!

    Well, if Sharky is afraid of thunderstorms, then she’s a real actress. She’s usually relaxing with slitted eyes on her favourite spot, against the vibrating base of our standing fan (no remote here!) when we’re in a middle of one. I love thunderstorms but we hardly get one here. I can hardly remember the last one when the next one hits.

  18. We rarely have thunderstorms here on the California coast, but when we did a couple of weeks ago, one cat hid, two paced nervously, and one sat in the window, curtains open, enjoying it!

  19. I just discovered that the gas company made an error in my favor, so there’s no bill this month. YARN MONEY!

    Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat is completely oblivious to storms. I’d think he’d at least feel the change in pressure, but he’s unphased by much of anything. The other three cats are always impressed by him. He doesn’t care if he knocks things over because he doesn’t hear them fall, and you can vacuum him. He likes it. The other cats figure he’s some kind of god.

  20. We have one of those fans and I have one piece of advice: he may control the tv, but YOU need to control the fan. I hide the fan remote under the bed – on my side.

    Girls, this is a very safe place to store anything secret. Kings of Remotes NEVER look under beds.

  21. Wendy, this is to say ‘thank you’ for the extremely non-boring sock yarn that arrived in today’s mail (Thursday here, Wednesday where you are). I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it’s knitted (black and white with hot pink spots?).

    You must have a special arrangement with the postal service for it to have arrived so quickly.

  22. Hmm… that gives me an idea… maybe I could automatically work out a $100 error in the checkbook every month. Think my husband would notice? hmmm…

  23. That’s one of my favorite pics of Lucy! She looks so wide-eyed and tentative.

    P-Man just thinks she looks hot!

  24. $100 in yarn,yes, let’s see, at my yarn shop any purchases over $60 gets you 20% off so that means even MORE yarn! My head is spinning just thinking about it!

  25. We have a fan like that (and Mem and Squeek did indeed appreciate its box) – but I recently went around checking the electrical consumption of all the appliances with a Kill-A-Watt (major geek fun), and That Fan uses 0.1 kwh JUST BEING PLUGGED IN. Not on. Sneaky fan.

  26. Actually, if you find you have an extra $100, you should do the following:
    1. Go to LYS, buy $100 worth of yarn, pay cash or used debit card.
    2. Shop online, buy $100 worth of yarn via credit card.
    3. Bid on eBay for $100 worth of yarn.
    4. Buy $100 worth of yarn, pay via PayPal.
    5. Have friend pick up $100 worth of yarn at fiber festial or other yarn shop and write her a check for it.
    6. Realize you just spend $500 when you only had $100 to spend.

  27. You are a delicate flower – no doubt about that. An an extra $100 – hey, I call it manna from heaven – it’s just meant to go for yarn.
    Q: Is there a schedule of your book signing at MSW? I want to get your book signed too.

    Love to Lucy!

  28. Hee hee… we have a fan with a remote too, but unfortunately, the remote has been MIA for quite a long time. Maybe I’ll find it in my spring cleaning expeditions?

  29. I’m glad Lucy doesn’t get too upset during thunderstorms. Emy, former feral cat, used to completely freak during storms. We would catch her as she streaked through the living room and cuddle her with her head hidden under a convenient arm until she calmed down – usually after the storm passed. Can’t say I blame her much – she spent the first 1 1/2 of her life outside at a local park.

    She still gets nervous and doesn’t mind a cuddle, but I think she’s finally figured out that the storm can’t get in here with us. She’s an indoor only, spoiled kitty now.

  30. I had to download that Lucy’s pic – it looks so cute and funny!!!

  31. I once discovered I had more money than I thought I had. So I immediately spent most of it on booze and a hooker, and then I squandered the rest.

  32. Alison A. says:

    That has got to be one of my all time favourite pictures of Lucy!