My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


International Sock Yarn

Judging from the emails and comments I’ve received, y’all are getting the sock yarn I mailed last week. I am so pleased that it seems to be travelling around the world so quickly — Brenda in New Zealand received hers a mere 5 days after I mailed it!

Clearly the U.S. Postal Service realizes how important sock yarn is.

Speaking of the sock yarn contest, yesterday, Lucy and I got email from Gandi, the Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll kitty whose photo we posted a few days ago. Gandi writes:

Dear Wendy and Lucy,

To get ready to knit socks from the yarn you sent me I thought I would take lessons. First lesson: don’t bite the needles. Second lesson: Reading patterns is easier when they are not upside down.

Thanks again,



Gandi, judging from the second photo, you are practicing by knitting intarsia. Lucy and I are very impressed.

So I did a teeny bit of knitting last night on the Aran. Here it is:


I got some cool stuff in the mail yesterday. First, these:


Rosewood dpns in size 0 (2mm) — my favorite size for socks.

These are Colonial brand, and I got them from They took freaking forever to get here, because of problems in Joann’s shipping department. To apologize, they sent me a $15 credit, so I am slightly appeased.

In the spirit of Bad-Ass Knitters everywhere, I immediately transferred my sock in progress from the Addi bamboos to the new rosewoods.


The rosewoods are five and a half inches long. The Addis are just an ootch under six inches long, which makes them just an ootch longer than I like for socks. Five and a half inches is perfect! (I find my five inch Brittany birches an ootch too short). I am a fickle wench.

I knit with the rosewoods on the commute today and am very pleased with how they feel. A slightly different feel from the bamboo. I dunno — smoother? I wonder how sturdy they are. I’ve got another set of dpns in this brand, but they are much larger.

Well, if I snap one, I’m covered — I ordered two sets!

I got another toy in the mail yesterday, but I just started playing with it, so I’ll talk about it next week. I’ll give you a hint though — it is spinning-related and I think it is wicked cool!

Book Tour!

If you’ll look over in my sidebar, you will see all the events scheduled for my book tour this Spring. I am extremely excited to be able to visit all the great places listed . . . and also terrified. 🙂

Peg asked about times for Maryland Sheep & Wool. I’ll post specific time and place when I get that nailed down. I need to confer with Phyl, who is going with me (yes, as my keeper). But we will be there both Saturday and Sunday, and will have a time set for meeting and greeting and signing books each day. The wonderful Jennifer at Spirit Trail will be selling copies of my book if you want to buy it there, but I’ll be happy to sign your copies if you already have it and bring it along to the festival.

Alrighty then. Today was the last day of the Very Important Meeting at work, so life can return to some semblance of normalcy. And maybe my blog entries next week will be more coherent.

But I wouldn’t count on it.



  1. Hi, Wendy! Is your new toy a woolee winder? =)
    I will look for you at MSW since I never get to see you anymore. Living in the way out thar yonder boonies definitely cuts down on the social life.

  2. Those are beautiful needles. Have you always preferred size 2mm? I’m a fairly new sock knitter and can’t seem to use needles smaller than 2.75mm-tried, but feel like I don’t have control over them. Maybe it takes time, practice? 2mm make the stitches look so pretty.

  3. Hmmmm…rosewood 5.5″ dpns? I love the Brittany, my Brittany’s. I love rosewood, too, though…hmmm. Something to look into.
    I also love the greens of the sock in progress. It must be fun to work with that.

  4. I know you don’t *need* a make-up artist (that skin!) but when you and your handler come to Minneapolis you’ve got one.

    Or a drinking buddy.

  5. The needles are beautiful. 🙂

    I must ask, because I’m intrigued by what you are reading… what are you reading?

  6. I’m so happy you’re coming to NYC! It’ll be so cool to meet you.

    Nice needles!

  7. I like those Colonial needles, although mine are super long and thus not good travel-around needles, so they don’t get used much! Mine are size 1 1/2, of all things, but a friend got 1s and two did snap clean through. However, they were the longer ones, like mine, and it’s possible yours won’t have the same problem since they’re a better length for such a small needle. Or something. You get what I mean hopefully.

  8. The delights of your life!…rosewood needles, cats reading patterns…….the pending excitement of the tour aka the GAT (great author tour)…..sweet Phy accompanying you…lovely to have such a dear heart of a friend……..alleviate butterflies with a new lipstick…….go forth & shine: we, your fans, expect it……..only 19 more days…..and I am counting!

  9. You’re going to be in Montclair, in May? How wonderful! I was just at both those stores a couple weeks ago, too ( and they’re very nice. Obviously, I’m going to have to make another trip in, oh, say 6 or 7 weeks? Cool!

  10. awwwww man Sometimes living in Iowa sucks. Nobody comes to Iowa to promote cool books. hehe Can’t wait to get a copy of your book though. 😀

  11. Still hoping you’ll come to Canada on the book tour ( i may be able to sneak off to Montana but lets not hold our breath for that) Am very much in love with the aran!!

  12. Any chance of coming out to Utah on the tour? I will keep looking for some small chance :).

    The rosewood needles are beautiful.

  13. Brigitte says:

    *sigh* I wish you’d come up to Toronto! You would get such a huge welcome… Hey Toronto knitters, how can we get Wendy up here?!

  14. The green sock yarn is oh so lovely! Would you mind sharing its origin with the group?

    Thank you ever so much.

  15. Oooh Gandi. I can take more Gandi pictures… My Toby bites the needles too but he is nowhere near as gorgeous. Lucy seems to have much better knitters-kitty manners.

  16. patty bolgiano says:

    totally off topic:
    A while ago I bought some yarn from a company put it away in my stash. As I am dejunking I decided to wind the yarn, wash it and dye it. I looked at the bottom of the cone to determine the content of the yarn and to my surprise I saw, 1980- Given the weight of the yarn, 4.5 pounds I don’t believe this is the yardage but rather the year the yarn was perhaps wound. Is there a age limit on yarn on a cone? In winding the yarn I didn’t come across any broken ends, or it disinagrating. I gave it a bath (warm) with orvis and may infact do it again with hair conditioner (although it is soft) any thoughts?


  17. Lucy seems to be tolerating the photos of strange kitties on her mommy’s website very well. She’s a gracious and classy lady. I don’t think Wilbur would be so gentlemanly.

    When do you get to the mountain west on this tour? Because you should. Just saying.

  18. Many thanks for your response to my query – I’ll be coming for your book and autograph – will you be wearing sunglasses? I’ve found your writing to be very coherent this week. Love to Lucy!

  19. Oh duh! I’m a little new here and did not see your side bar, hence the question about the yarn source. Sorry… 😀

  20. What–no book appearances on the West coast? What about Seattle? We have lots of rain here, giving us plenty of time to knit. (Carefully guarded secret: it is “really” nice here in the summer…perhaps you could plan a trip for July?)

  21. sigh….nothing close to Dallas yet….
    I love the new needles. I usually use Brittany’s but may have to splurge and go for the rosewood.

  22. Those rosewood needles sure are pretty! Very elegant.

    And I second Snow’s vote of getting you to wander west-ward.

  23. What? No Lucy sez????

  24. Any chance you’ll be coming near Ottawa, Ontario(Canada)?
    Still prowling the bookstores waiting for it to come out to play! 🙂

  25. Wait a minute, Phyl as your keeper?? I am pretty sure that you have that backwards. We all know Phyl is the oone who needs a keeper. We all know that you can exercise restraint around all of the yarn and fleece.

    And I am working on getting out of class on SUnday so tha I can be there.

  26. I wish the book tour would head to The Carolinas where I am. It would be so nice to meet you. I have always enjoyed visiting your website and getting knitting tips. 🙂

  27. another Wendy says:

    Any chance of seeing you out here in the Wooly West? Like in Northern California??? Don’t forget about us here on the Left Coast!!!

  28. Rosewood needles, because they are the best thing EVER, break. I believe it IS indeed a conspiracy. But you are covered.
    Where is the trip to Eastern Massachusetts on the book tour? Hmm? Where?

  29. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the book tour info. See you in Montclair (“May in Montclair, beyond compare”) and maybe at MDS&W.

  30. Hmmm…cool spinning stuff? Can’t wait to hear about it? Is it a skein winder? a Nøstepinde? a Lazy Kate?
    And hey! How about setting yourself up a little booth at the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier Station this year?

  31. Gorgeous needles! And CONGRATS on your book coming out!!!!

  32. I couldn’t find anything smaller than size 1 5.5″ rosewood Colonials at Joann’s website – you must know someone in a position of power with the company! Or perhaps, after your gefuffle over slow delivery, they dropped that size?

  33. I can’t wait to get the book! I’ve never been to “Loop” but will have to make the drive, for your signing.

    Question: When a gauge calls for “23 sts = 4 inches in chart pattern”, and there’s more than 1 chart, what do you swatch?

    I thought I’d start a sleeve and try to get gauge from that.

    I bow to you, oh Cable Guru!