My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Who Wouldn’t Like Feather and Fan?


It’s feathers. And it’s fans.

And a shaky segue into lace . . .

Sherilan asked:
I remember you purchased a number of patterns from Heirloom Knitting last summer. Any of these on the horizon?

Nope sorry — at the moment none of them are slated for knitting in the near future. This, of course, is subject to change at my whim. ๐Ÿ˜‰



The knitting is done. I just need to block (lightly!) and seam. I might wait until the weekend.

Jessica asked
Quick question: Is there any *good* way to increase in seed stitch? I’m working on an aran now myself that has increases in seed stitch for the beginning of the sleeves. Just wondering if there is a smoother way of doing this than knitting into the front and back loops of the stitch, which is what I’m doing now.

What I usually do is a raised increase — I think it makes less of a hole in the knitting. Anyone else care to weigh in?

The Virginia Purl commented:
I just love Kerry. If you ever get tired of wearing her, I can volunteer to come and pick her up. I love my Lendrum but I don’t have that super fast winder, Woolee Winder? Do you think it helps your spinning stay more even?

Thanks for the very selfless offer about Kerry — I’ll let you know. But just so you know, Jasmine has first dibs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

About the Woollee Winder. . . I confess that I’ve not used it enough to be able to answer intelligently. Not that I’d necessarily be able to answer intelligently if I had used it a lot. Just sayin’.

But I’ve spun a bit over 2 ounces of fiber with it and I dunno if it is the fiber or the Winder, but my spinning is quite even. It makes spinning a lot more enjoyable for me too — the stopping and starting for moving the thingy along the bobbin was mildly annoying to me.


Book Contest

Don’t fergit, contest ends at 5pm EST tomorrow (Thursday). I’ll ask the King of all Remote Controls to give me random numbers within the range that covers the number of entries I received, and will choose the winner that way. Well, winners. I’ll give away two books.

I’ve received several hundred entries so far and I wanna say a huge collective thank you to you all for your support! I’ve loved reading your emails — and I’m sorry I don’t have time to answer them. That’s one of the nice things about holding a contest — it does bring some of the lurkers out of hiding, and I get to “meet” you — even if it is just through an email. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll announce the winners in tomorrow’s blog entry! And of course I’ll be happy to sign the prize books!

Lucy says that she can’t hardly wait!


Ooh — almost forgot — a morning sky shot for Sandy. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. I have a Woolee Winder and just love it. It does make my bobbins fill much easier, faster, and evener. The only drawback is that one has to purchase the bobbins that fit the WW; you can’t use the old bobbins because of the gear. But I will never give it up.

  2. I, for one, would NOT like feathers and fan. Too f*cking girly, if you know what I mean. Best left to socks for women ONLY!!

    And the line “It’s feathers. And it’s fans” reminds me of the GEICO ad “Getting a free quote from GEICO is like getting free pie and chips. It’s pie. And chips…” Or something like that…

    Of course I KNEW that’s what you had in mind ;^)

  3. Well, I for one, don’t mind the feathers and fans, even on hairy legs they can look ok. It really depends on the color and texture of the yarn. In black or grey? Sure, I’d wear ’em. I’m feisty and can handle it. lol
    I mean, it’s not like there are sequins or rhinestones, right?

  4. Marti J. says:

    I love your socks & Kerry! You inspire me to pick up the needles a lot more frequently than once or twice a day like I do now. Of course, if I only knitted instead of quilting, reading blogs, and occasionally sleeping, perhaps I’d accomplish as much as you do …. doubt it, though.

    Love the little cross-eyed pix of Lucy. She reminds me so much of my long-departed, beloved Mittens, also a Ragdoll, with that same beautiful face & green/blue eyes. What a charmer!

  5. Lucy is SUCH a charmer and Kerry looks so fine. I doubt I’m ready to begin something like Kerry, it seems to take me so long to do anything. Are there speed knitting drills one can do (like typing speed drills)? Until the speed picks up I think I’ll stick with cats and short projects.

  6. I found your book at Borders today and I’m revenously reading it. I was wondering about what I think might be an error:

    On page 15 you begin some instructions for a ribbed item (you have to buy the book to find out a ribbed *what*, people.). Your instructions are to k1, p1 across row, repeat on every row. My my count, this would make the next item, a seed stitch item. It looks like the instructions for the seed stitch item would make a ribbed item.

    Of course, I might just be seeing things. It’s been known to happen.


  7. It’s so generous of you to hold these contests! Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, if there’s a way a Singaporean gal can get a signed copy ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Thanks for letting me know about Kerry. If something should happen to Jasmine, I would like to be the next runner up! Gotta try!!

    I would love to get a Woolee Winder because I find moving that clip up and down the bobbin just as annoying. If am watching TV, I get distracted and then I have a huge clump! I didn’t know that you can’t use the regular bobbins for it, so maybe until I win the lottery I will just be moving that clippy up and down. Thanks for answering!

  9. I knitted an afghan for my MIL in feather and fan. I was so sick of the pattern by the time it was done that I swore an oath to avoid it whenever possible in the future.

    F&F — ptui…

    (I realize I’m in the minority with this opinion. So be it.)

  10. The Kerry looks interesting….Since I’m new to your blog, is the Kerry the name of the color, pattern or who it is for?

  11. Hi Wendy!
    I wish you could make a trip up to the Boston area sometime soon. I don’t think my husband will let me run home back to Virginia (outside my newphew’s Christening at the end of this month and celebrating our wedding anniversary). Oh yeah, and one more thing, I like the Feather and Fan “Elegantly Simple” baby blanket from HeartStrings. This free pattern is simple enough to memorize and difficult enough to keep your interest. Hope to see you this summer!

  12. *doing a happy dance* Holy cow! My question made the blog!! Thanks for the info on the raised increase. I had thought about doing something similar, but wasn’t sure it would quite work out right with the seed stitch. I’ll definitely have to give this a try next time around. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi Wendy — that’s one good-looking bobbin, the color of the fiber is gorgeous! Have you had much time to spin on your Little Gem yet? What are your impressions of it? Any chance of seeing a posting comparing your different wheels at some point — for example do you prefer one for spinning, one for plying, or do you just use whichever wheel suits your mood? Also — congratulations on your new book, I can’t wait to pick up my copy!
    — Danielle

  14. I love my Woolee Winder, but still have to force myself to pause once in a while or my hand cramps up–the one holding the twist. I really need to learn other methods of drawing . . . (grin).

  15. I second Danielle’s request! Just last night I started going through the archives to do some comparisons on your various wheels. I purchased a Fricke wheel (my first) 2 weeks ago & I’m sure I’ve found a lifelong love.

  16. Lucy looks so adorable today!
    Look forward to seeing Kerry all blocked & seamed.

  17. The feather and fan is so pretty. And Kerry is looking pretty fantastic!

  18. hi! i am weighing in on the increasing-for-seed-stitch question. i usually also stick to a raised increase, EXCEPT for seed stitch, where i use the inc FB becasue it melts right into the pattern; when you knit through the front, you get a flat stitch, and then in the back, you get a purl-looking stitch. you can knit through the back first, or second, depending where you are in the seed st pattern! the simplicity is awesome! (ok, maybe, i get a little overly enthused . . .i just love my knitting)

  19. Hello… I just wanted to say I’m a lurker… I figure you get *so* many comments that you’d never notice mine. That may not be true, but that’s my perception. (I don’t really comment at the Yarn Harlot’s blog either, or at Crazy Aunt Purl… but I do comment at blogs with fewer readers.)

    I do enjoy reading your blog, though, and seeing the photos of Lucy.

    Kerry looks great. I’m about to start a cabled tank top from Pachuko cotton, and I’m a bit worried how it’ll work. (I’m making up the pattern as I go along… and I have limited experience with cables, and none with Pachuko cotton.) Oh well… if nothing else, it’ll be a learning experience. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, I’m a fairly regular reader and an occasional commenter. I’ve been reading your blog about 1 year or I think, and in that time I don’t remember hearing about any knitting for men (man) – if you don’t mind me asking, have you knitted socks for your guy? How did that turn out? How about other items? I have a hubby of close to 21 years, so we know each other fairly well by now and I’ve knitted him a few items – some socks, some sweaters, but I’m always keeping an eye out for good knitting for men. I wondered if you might have some thoughts you’d share.

    Carol from Prince George, VA

  21. I usually use a lifted increase but for seed stitch, I usually do kfb since you have purl bumps in the fabric anyway, it doesn’t look as out of place as in st st.

  22. I have to ask, do you mean 5pm EDT or 5pm EST? (That would be a one hour difference now with DST.)

  23. I have a WW for my electric spinner and I was astounded at how much more even my yarn is as opposed to a regular winder. Yes, the bobbins are pricey, but well worth it, IMHO

  24. Kerry is lovely. I can’t wait to see it modeled!

  25. I’m going to have to look in to a wooly winder – sounds like a good thing to have.

  26. I love the morning sky shot – that *almost* makes me want to get up earlier!

  27. Denise in Kent, WA says:

    Ah, feather and fan — the lace knitter’s cure for insomnia (evil grin). It is a lovely pattern, though, and your sock looks great.

    The Woollee Winder is definitely a handy tool. I’ve had mine for over a year and love it. I don’t think it necessarily makes my spinning more even, but it certainly makes it more convenient. The only time I go back to my conventional flyer is when I need super gentle take up; the WW seems to have a wee bit too much “yank” for frog hair…

  28. Kerry looks wonderful! The color is perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.

    Since you’ve been knitting socks galore, on DPs I assume, can you give me some advice on how to keep my stitches even when I go from one needle to the next? I try to pull the first stitch tight, and keep the next few stitches tight, but still end up with uneven stitches. Will they even up as the garment gets washed and worn?

    It’s not a sock, but the Tomten Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman – I’m doing the sleeves on DPs. Thanks!

  29. That morning sky is like balm to the soul! Thanks for that!
    Love your alpaca sock. Bet it feels just FINE on the tootsies!