My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Whoop-de-do, It’s an Alpaca Sock

And with feather and fan, yet.


Yep, finished the first sock, and I’ve started the second.

While I haven’t exactly worn this sock for an extended period of time, it seems very comfy and warm — but not too warm. I think this is gonna be a great winter pair of socks!


It seemed to snap back nicely after I took it off my fat shapely leg, so I don’t think there are any worries there. Don’t think they’ll stretch outta shape.


Carol in Prince George, Virginia asked if I have knitted socks for the King of All Remote Controls. Yup, sure have! These. I think these were for him as well. These too. And these. And the next pair I make, which I’ll start after these alpaca socks, will be for him as well. No feather and fan, but a fun yarn!

In addition to sock knitting, I have started a swatch for Something. Ooh!



Danielle asked:
Have you had much time to spin on your Little Gem yet? What are your impressions of it? Any chance of seeing a posting comparing your different wheels at some point — for example do you prefer one for spinning, one for plying, or do you just use whichever wheel suits your mood?

Funny you should ask — I just tried a bit of spinning on the Gem last weekend. And made a horrible mess! I was having a hell of a time treadling the little sucker. It seems I’ve forgotten how to spin on it.

I used to use my Kromski for plying, while spinning on the Lendrum. But for the last couple of spinning projects, I’ve both sapun and plied on the Lendrum. I do really like my Kromski, but it is rather noisy. The Lendrum is quieter, and I do think my spinning on it is better. That’s why I bought the Woolee Winder for the Lendrum.

I guess I’m a one-wheel girl at heart. Who’da thunk it?

Book Contest

The contest is closed!

Thank you so much to the 567 of you who sent me entries!

I exported all entries to an Excel spreadsheet and sorted them by subject line, so their order would be fairly random. The King of All Remote Controls was standing by at a remote location (Get it? Remote location? Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!) Using the highest level of encryption possible, I emailed him the final number of contestants. He randomly selected two numbers, and I matched those numbers up to the corresponding lines in my spreadsheet.

(Yes, I am aware that this is way more than you ever want to know about how the winners were selected. Humor me, okay?)

The winners are:

Lori O. of Happy Good Luck and Penny K. Ladies, I’ve emailed you both.

And again, thanks to everyone who sent me an entry!

Lucy thanks you too.



  1. Sooo…. where does one buy this alpaca sock yarn? I’ve been knitting my first sweater from lovely Prime Alpaca (on size 3 needles. from a shaped pattern I wrote myself. note that I’m not claiming sanity here.), and I’d love to make some alpaca socks as well. Google has been less than enlightening.

  2. 5 days til ……..and how are you preparing for the press?…..the adulation?……the sheer joy?….and what has Lucy planned for you?……love the socks….

  3. Happy Good Luck, indeed!

    Is it just me, or does the feather and fan look drastically different on this pair of socks? Did you do something different, is it a factor of the yarn, or am I just crazy? (Yeah, I’m crazy no matter what the answer is, but ignore that for a minute….)

  4. I love these socks! As I get ready to move to Austria for a few years, ALL my knitting stuff is packed, but I kept out two small #0 circs so I can knit socks! These look like a possibilty!

  5. Wooooooo HOOOOoooooo! Whooping it up over here! Thank you!

    Those socks are beautiful! Feather and Fan is one of my favorite patterns.

  6. Those socks sound amazing – but I have a question for you, oh Queen of Answering Questions from the Comments – How do you think they’ll wear? I haven’t heard very good things about alpaca holding up to sock wear and tear…

  7. Funny…I do just the opposite. I spin on the Kromski with the WooLee Winder and ply on the Lendrum with the plying head! I’m kind of surprised that you like the WW on the Lendrum…mine is hideous and I’m about to send it back. Even Judith MacKenzie couldn’t get the thing working out at SOAR! I’ve heard many complaints about the Winder for the Lendrums, but if yours works well, you’re lucky. They are great when they work! (Which Kromski?)

  8. Remote location. Funny. I laughed 14 thousand times.

  9. That’s really pretty! Looks like I have the same question Chris does, about the wear. I do hope they wear well!

    Sometimes the whole wear issue seems to be a philosophical one as much as a practical one. We’re conditioned to want permanence, and of course it IS nice if something we spend hours making lasts long enough for us to really get use out of it. Embracing the fragility of what we make also seems healthy, though. Hmm.

  10. elizabeth says:

    I saw your book today in a Borders here in Vermont-I was thrilled to see it but am waiting for my copy from Amazon…

  11. Vital question. What is your others-to-self “intended recipient ratio”? I try to keep it, at the very most, 1:1 (one or more somethings on the needles for others, one something on the needles for me) but right now I’m a bit of a sock fanatic, and many of the socks I cast on seem to be, well, intended for me. I love gifting so much…but I kind of love keeping too! Help me sleep at night – please tell me I’m not the only one toying with the idea of keeping more than I give away! Part 2: Is it okay to knit lacy pink socks, give them to my “King of All Engines”, and insist that if he doesn’t appreciate them, I’ll go ahead and wear them….you know, because I do hate to see things not getting the full use that’s intended….

  12. Those are beautiful socks I wish I could make some, so far I have only got the cuff done on the ones I am making. One of these days I’ll get the guts to try to finish them, but mine are just plain striped ones from the self striping yarn. They are turning out real good for the first time that I have ever used dpn’s, or made any socks for that matter. Lucy is just beautiful as usual.

  13. Oh, those socks are lovely!! I am knitting a garn pattern using blue sky’s royal alpaca, HEAVEN!!
    anyway, I know what the blue swatch is ๐Ÿ™‚
    finally, been waiting for you to start it. I started a sleeve, laughing at myself as I can’t believe I asked you if it was hard!!!!

  14. Borders at Columbus Circle in Manhattan had your book prominantly displayed in the knitting/craft section yesterday!! It jumps out at you when you see the area. Very good. One came home with me, of course, and its great!! Love the book, and I can’t wait to get it signed at the Point here in June.
    Cathy W

  15. Pretty Alpaca Sock! And congrats to Lori and Penny on winning your contest! I’m in Seattle to visit my sis-boom-bah, as I like to call her. She, being younger and relatively wise, already canvassed her colleagues to narrow down my LYS-visiting to a few. Hee hee hee! Happy Weekending!

  16. If you are having troubles treadling the Gem you may have put the lower drive band on backwards. Try taking it off and making the half twist go the other way. If you are going to ply you want it twist it the “wrong” way for easier treadling. Unfortunately I can’t describe which way is wrong or right with out my wheel in front of me.

  17. Nice sock! I just bought your book last night at my local Borders, and I love it so far, especially the section on Charity Knitting. I’m so glad you included catnip mice patterns because even though I have no cats of my own, (I’m allergic) I know I’m going to love knitting these for all my friends kitties!

  18. Really nice socks…is this your own pattern and where can I get it?
    I am waiting for your book to be delivered from

  19. What a beautiful pic of Lucy! Truly a stunning creature.

    I have been reading your blog for awhile, and am completely dazzled by the speed of your knitting. Consistently speedy, I might add! I’m no slouch behind the needles, but wow, woman, you SMOKE.

  20. You mentioned earlier on that this is a “prototype yarn” and you’re testing it. It looks lovely! I’d love to be able to make socks with this type of yarn! I’m currently knitting a shawl with misti Baby Alpaca and well, let’s just say I need to have a hanky nearby at all times to wipe off the drool. It’s gorgeous stuff, and to have that material be sockable would be my dream come true!

  21. Love the socks! Next time, Lacy Ribs, yes?

    Loved the remote pun too ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. anne marie says:

    queen lucy in a very regal pose – lovely! all that’s missing is the crown.

    I will be seeing you on 6/10 at tangled web in philly; I have the day off (YEA!). can’t wait to buy the autographed copy!

    anne marie in philly

  23. Shirley, in PA says:

    Okay, I bought your book this morning at Borders in Springfield, PA, and would you believe I read the whole thing??? Wendy, you write so well – I just couldn’t put it down. But when I did, I ordered Rowan Calmer in a gorgeous lilac shade called Lucky (#484) to make myself a Lucy top. I loved it when you designed it last summer – the lace on the bottom and the shaping – wonderful. I also loved reading about your Tiger socks – your first pair. I have a pair of Opal Tigers in my sock drawer and love them.

  24. I got your book last night at Borders at Columbus Circle and I really enjoyed reading it. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned already but I noticed that Kristine’s name is spelled wrong on the back cover! Jirby instead of Kirby.

  25. So pretty and they look so warm and luxurious.

  26. Hey, I just finished your book and really enjoyed it! I have just now found your blog (I’m new to this, just started mine a week ago) and am enjoying it, too.

    I just wondered why Amazon said your book comes out on the 25th and I bought it locally (Alabama) on the 20th?

    Oh, well – good for me!

  27. Hi Wendy. I’m very new to the blogosphere but so enjoy your blog. I just printed out your generic toe up sock pattern (thank you) and plan on that being my next project. Hope to get your book before the MDSW and have you sign it for me there.

    I am in awe. BTW – did you feed Lucy?

  28. So, I finished reading your book, and I read the last part out loud to my husband, about how you think about shaving Lucy, spinning the fur into yarn, and then making her a sweater out of it. He asked if the very last picture in the book was of a bald cat!
    I pointed a few things out to my husband. First of all, Lucy is much too beautiful to shave. Secondly, she wouldn’t leave you with much skin if you tried!

  29. The socks are absolutely lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚