My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Welcome to Distraction Central

It’s a wonder I remember how to knit.

But it seems that I do, and I actually did some work on Deirdre last night, apres margarita.


It doesn’t look like there are any margarita-induced errors . . .

And I worked on the Tiger sock today.

I’m into the ribbing at the cuff. Wheeeeee!


I divided the skein into two equal balls of yarn, and I plan to knit til I run out. Here’s how much there is left for the first ball:


But still I am distracted. Gee, I wonder why?

In an effort to distract you from my distraction, allow me to show you some beautiful sock yarn I bought last week:


This is from Lisa Souza — ain’t it glorious??!! Left to right the colors are Mahogany, Peacock, and Wild Things. And they are much prettier in real life! It is her Sock! yarn — 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. She also has a sock yarn that is 100% superwash merino, for you wool purists.

But me? I like a sock yarn that has some nylon in it because I think the sock wears better. That’s not to say that I don’t love 100% wool sock yarn, I’m just happier with it if there’s a bit of nylon added.

Again, Thank You

Wow, I can’t thank you enough for all the comments and emails you’ve sent me in support of my book. And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear how so many of you are enjoying it.

I really, really enjoyed writing it — even though it was tiring and frustrating and sometimes so dang hard to put into intelligible English what I was trying to say. It really wasn’t until after I submitted the manuscript to my publisher I started thinking “Yikes! People are actually going to read this? What was I thinking? What if everyone thinks it sucks? And what if it does suck?” So it’s been scary, too.

So now it’s out there, and so far, no one has told me it sucks (I repeat, so far!), therefore I am over-the-moon happy. This book has truly been a labor of love for me, so thank you for buying and reading it.

Lucy Sez


“Hey! Don’t forget I helped you write it!”


  1. Picked up your book yesterday at Borders and couldn’t go to bed until I finished it! Looking forward to trying a few of your patterns. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure my Spaz kitty will want a mouse or forty.

  2. Wendy, I thought your book flowed very well, and it’s great to have your patterns for reference. Actually I was happy to learn that my obsessions with quilting, beading, silk ribbon embroidery and knitting have pretty much followed the same incarnations that your knitting obsession has. I keep telling myself, tho, that I have to sew up more fabric before I can even consider the topic of spinning! Cheers!

  3. I am so happy for you, Wendy! I can’t even imagine what a thrill it must be to have your book in a store! So exciting. Hopefully it will arrive at my independent book store very soon.

  4. I love the Lisa Souza Sock! and Sock! Merino, too ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m giving away a few skeins on my blog right now, I love it so much :))

    Congrats on the book, I’m going to keep an eye out for it during my next jaunt to the bookstore!

  5. I love the tiger socks! They look like they are knitting up great. Once I finish my Christmas Stocking (my first “sock” project ever), I am going to have to get some of that yarn!

  6. Your book is winging its way to me now (see me pacing back and forth?) Love Deidre, love those cables.
    And I’m rapidly approaching the front neck shaping of my Fearless Fair Isle!

  7. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I may even try to catch you in NYC to get you to sign it if I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. *drool* My, what pretty sock yarn you have, Wendy….

  9. Yay! My Amazon box was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work today. Will be starting in about 10 min!

  10. I am headed out to Borders this weekend to pick up your book. Wait let me correct myself, Lucy’s book since we all know she was the ghost writer for you.

  11. Was one skein of the alpaca enough for a pair of socks?

  12. I hope there’s a picture of Lucy in the book! My copy should arrive tomorrow.

  13. Sue in OH says:

    Not time to write, my Amazon order finally came! Much reading to do! I can finally drag myself away from M-D knitting and check out yours.

  14. Lusy’s caption on tonights photo should have read, “Say, didn’t I make a pretty kitty model? Where is my check?”.

    I am thrilled to see that there are some patterns for beginners. It will be fun working my way through the book!

  15. I am so excited – I stopped off at the neihborhood bookstore tonight on the slim chance they would have your book so soon and to my surprise they did! I love how you included pictures of Lucy – I can’t wait to read it! I just wish I wish that I was close to one of your book signings so I could get *both* you and Lucy’s autographs.


  16. Claudia W says:

    Congratulations on the book. The copy I ordered from Amazon arrived today. Great patterns included and trully a fun read!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Just wanted to poke my head in and say Congrats Wendy on your book. I do not have a copy, but when I my credit has recovered sufficiently from it’s last assault I will be sure to get a copy.

  18. My copy arrived this afternoon! I was a good girl and set it aside while I prepared supper for my family… but since then I’ve been immersed and I love it! You make it sound as though what you do can be done by anyone. It’s as though you’re in the room with me telling me about your knitting and your life. And the pictures are wonderful, too. I’ll be at MS&WF with your book looking for you to sign it – can’t wait!

  19. I’m sitting here with your book, reading while waiting for slow webpages to load. Isn’t that a nice way to pass the time??

  20. Lucy (and Wendy),
    The book is great! I got it yesterday and read it cover to cover. And your picture with the mouse is ADORABLE! Can’t wait to try out a pattern.
    Thanks for a good read!
    Libby (and Sheri) in GA

  21. Maybe this is heretical, but that Opal tiger looks so much better than the original. Love the yellow.

  22. Hi Wendy
    Your book was passed around at our Knit Nite tonight. We all liked it very much I think many of us plan to visit Hollyspring Homespun for some buying and signing. Congratulations!

  23. Lisa’s sock! is the best! Her colorways are so unique – I hope you like them as much as I do!

  24. I am getting your book from Amazon tomorrow. I am very excited!! I love reading your blog and your knitting genius-ness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Wendy! Congratulations on the publishing of your book! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of it.

    And that picture of Lucy makes me giggle, because she looks like she has a giant tail.

  26. I walk into work today, I work at the LYS on Wednesdays, and the first person there is asking me about toe-up socks. I pulled out your book from the bag that was still in my hand and started to rave about your great generic sock pattern.

    I was so proud of you and your book, like I had anything to do with it other than being a loyal Wendy Knit’s Blog reader.

  27. CONGRATULATIONS on the official publication! May you make many sales (and you will) because you’re a talented and prolific writer. [Hopping over to to see if it’s available here yet…]

  28. Meribeth says:

    Writing seeeems easy, but it ain’t. It is work, a lot of thought, editing and through it all there is the passion of the author.

    I don’t have it yet, but I know for sure that it will be a good one. Your blog is proof of that, so I am looking forward to getting and reading it.

    Congrats on the official birth of your book!

  29. If Lucy helped write the book, she should get some credit for it. I want her autograph.

  30. Marjorie says:

    What do you think of the reinforcing thread to make all-wool sock heels and toes more durable? I tried it on the heels of one pair, and I was very disappointed because the heels looked much thicker than the rest of the sock.

  31. I have two pairs of socks from Lisa’s yarn, and two more waiting to be knit. She is the most amazing color genius. AND, if you like her sock yarn you would LOVE spinning her BFL (enable, enable).

    PS she has a blog ( and her question of the day is whether she should come to Stitches East as a vendor…

  32. Lisa in Suwanee says:

    Congrats on your book! Yesterday I FINALLY got the copy that I pre-ordered from Amazon. O.K., I’ll admit it. I’m trying not to rush through it because I want it to last. I’ve been waiting for this baby to ship for quite a while. Big fan here. Way to go!

  33. I came across your book at Borders yesterday afternoon (in Charlotte) and it was so good that I read it all in one day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. As I predicted, I am almost finished with your wonderful book after only having it a couple of days. I can’t put it down eventhough I have stacks of papers to grade a mile high since it is finals week at the college where I teach English. Your writing is wonderful, and the format of the book reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s wonderful books Knitting in the Round and Knitter’s Almanac. Your book is destined to be one of those that I keep on my nightstand and read and reread often.

  35. Love the Lisa Souza sock yarn pics. I’ve been thinking about ordering some. Is her sock yarn similar in weight/substance to Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill?

  36. Oooo, do the mahogany next!
    Techie question:Sock 101
    Sock yarn, check
    short rowed the heel, check
    pick up a few stitches to avoid holes. check
    Decrease extra stitches, check
    Problem: decreasing the extra stitches (and I’ve tried different methods, knitting 2tog 3x[result-holes], k 2tog rnd 1, repeat rnd 2, repeat rnd 3[result-diagonal line])How do I get the process invisible? Do you cover this in your book? A link? Lead me!Please! Thanks.

  37. I loved the book–and I’ve been showing it to different people I know who knit. The ONLY complaint I’ve heard, is they wish the pictures were color. And I’m sure Lucy would be far more appreciated in color, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Nana Joan says:

    Got your book today, WOW read it in 1 sitting, rereading slowly, casting on for tank top,

  39. I’m SO suggestible! But I *had* been hunting for some beautiful dark purple sock yarn. I had, really. Yummy colors that Lisa Suiza dyes!

    I also wished the publisher had chosen to put some color in the book, but it’s glorious anyway. I loved seeing the same people that I see here in the book as well, and revisiting some of your projects over the last years.

    I feel like signing myself “another of your adoring public!”

  40. Got my copy from Amazon, too. Really liked it. I have some friends who are acting all fraidy cat about making their first sweaters, but I think your patterns look like perfect ones to start with (the lace on the bottom is a nice touch, makes it not boring, without being scary). Note – I do recognize that certain behaviors which are perfectly sensible in our feline friends, but do not translate well as human traits.

    Questions for the list –

    Does anyone know how much the ebony needles cost in Germany? I have a friend going who is willing to buy, but I need to give her the money up front. I want a set of sock needles and a 24″ circular.

  41. Denise S says:

    I finally got my copy from Amazon yesterday – it looks fantastic. But am I the only one who got a copy where pages 117 – 148 are bound in upside-down? ๐Ÿ™ I sent it back today, hopefully I’ll get my replacement soon…

  42. Many congrats on your book, but I am mostly commenting because Deirdre is looking so lovely. I look forward to seeing your progress on her.

  43. Another Julie says:

    Just clicked on and ordered your book along with a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting. So many great knitting books to read – my copy of the Yarn Harlot’s latest book arrived just the other day.

  44. Judy Fallon says:

    My book has some pages that are upside down…from 117 to 148..upside down…??????????

  45. The Tiger sock is cool! I learned sock knitting in school but we started at the other end. How th.. .he…. do you knit a sock from the toes up?

  46. I love the Tiger socks! I nearly ordered some of that yarn last week and now that I see your sock, well I’ll definitely have to get some. But I’m wondering, how do you go about easily dividing a skein of yarn in half? I hear people doing this all the time and I can only imagine it making a tangled mess.

  47. Wendy, I hope that you have a blast with your adoring public at
    M$&W next weekend. I just remember the buzz when Steph was there last year and now it is your turn to hobnob with your faithful readers. The book is wonderful.
    Thanks for the Show & Tell. Someone said that it is like getting discovered by Oprah…You’s the Queen. :oD