My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

You just knew I was gonna use that as a blog title when I finished the Tiger socks, right?


Because finish them I did, while watching The Maltese Falcon on TCM yesterday evening. Now the KOARC doesn’t have to hop around on one foot, wearing one lonely tiger sock.

Speaking of Tigers

I did indeed let Lucy sniff the tiger fur I pictured in yesterday’s blog entry. She seemed mildly amused, but was more interested in the plastic bag the fur is in, wanting to chew on it. That’s my girl.

So . . . Whazzup?



I immediately dived into my Lisa Souza Sock! yarn in the mahogany colorway and started a sock for moi. It is slow going, because I have to keep wiping away the drool as I knit. To say that I like this yarn would be the understatement of the year.

It’s slightly finer than Cherry Tree Hill or Socks That Rock and softer than the Opal that I was just using. It is delightfully soft and I love that it has the nylon content, which will make the resulting socks more durable. I also love that it comes in 4 ounce skeins with 450 yards/skein — plenty for a large pair of socks.

I understand from Lisa that the new version of Sock! yarn is just a tad heavier than this version so I’ll be interested to see how it compares. Because I . . . uh . . . already ordered some more from her.

Of course if I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have used the rosewood dpns with the mahogany colored yarn. Not my brightest move, you know?


In fact, last night when I was executing the short rows for the toe, I had to go stand in the bathroom where the light is the brightest in order to see the wraps to pick ’em up.

Still, I did not switch to the bamboo needles til I got home today.


Ahhhh, that’s better!


I abandoned poor Deirdre last night in favor of finishing up the Tiger socks. So there’s not a lot of progress here.



In yesterday’s photo of Lucy you might have noticed the little blue thing in front of her. That’s her new favorite toy, a catnip pillow given to her by L-B last weekend.


She never strays very far from it.


  1. Shelda says:

    Indeed I would have been disappointed had you *not* used that title!

    I also succumbed to the Lisa Souza sock yarn, and she indicated orders had been fast and furious since you posted on the blog.

    I can see at least one reason Lucy likes that pillow. It nicely accentuates her baby blues!

  2. Wendy, you are so cruel. First your book convinces me to actually knit socks and then you flash this gorgeous yarn (which of course I now want to own in every possible colorway). I am sooo doomed.

  3. English major, by any chance?…….lovely lovely socks…….and most contented Lucy!… reigns!

  4. That colorway is gorgeous! I might have to indulge on my May “free” day!

    Deidre is so pretty!

    The P-Man is a plastic chewer too, what’s up with that?

  5. Another Julie says:

    Whoops – just went online shopping again and bought some of Lisa’s Sock! yarn. There is a prediction that the Canadian dollar will be at par with the US dollar by the end of the year. I don’t know what that will do to the economy but it’s good news for online shoppers like me.

  6. What immortal hand or eye wouldn’t love the beautiful symmetry on those socks?

    Looking forward to seeing you at MDSW this weekend. We’re praying for sunshine around here.

  7. Wendy,

    I have to tell you how happy I am with your book. It’s great. It’s so much better than that shop owners book that was published last year.

    Hugs to Lucy.


  8. Yay, Tiger socks! I gotta be the first one to say it…They’re grrrrrrreat!!


    I too have ordered my Sock! stuffs, and fortunately before this post (which will undoubtedly lead to a second and even greater barrage of ordering.)

  9. Tygers are nice, but those Lisa Souza’s are yowza! Those are my kind of colors.
    Speaking of colors, that new toy flatters someone’s eyes very nicely. “”wink””

  10. I remember having to recite that poem in front of hundreds of strange people many moons ago… never again!

    Love the sock yarn *and* I love those needles… too bad they don’t make rosewood needles as 12 inch circs (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who have discovered liking to knit socks with something other than my trusted and well loved birch dpns).

  11. margaret says:

    hmmmm … my order of Sock! yarn contained a skein of “What A Melon” (which is going to be a toe-up F&F pair) with 510 yds, and so did the “Sapphire”, probably destined to be the Pomatomus from Knitty – so, a mite thinner than yours? I’m getting 8spi on 1.5mm – just have to watch my fingertips so they don’t get punctured with those thin suckas!

  12. Oy, Lucy!! You’re hooked on kitty pot! What will there be next? What nefarious drug of choice? We shall see ….

    Nice tiger socks. Love the new sock yarn, too. I’ll have to check out her site, for sure. How do you find it compares to, say, Koigu?

    After reading your blog for awhile, Wendy, I dared to begin knitting my newest pair of socks on size 0 Addis (first pair I’m Magic Looping, too, much to my suprise, as I’m an aluminum DPN addict). Compared to knitting socks on 1’s, 2’s and 3’s, it’s a very firm end product. And I just LOVE it. I was a bit intimidated by size 0’s, but no more!! Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy.

  13. Ooooh, the Tiger socks are gorgeous, and I love your new sock yarn too. Deirdre looks like she’s moving along really well so far so she probably won’t mind being set aside for a day or so. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lucy’s pillow matches her eyes….

  14. Love the tiger socks!

  15. I see you didn’t attempt ‘fearful symmetry’ and try to match the stripes…

  16. that lisa souza is the mistress of dyeing ๐Ÿ™‚ her rovings are also mahvelous…

  17. When I opened the door this morning, I found the pakage from Amazon Japan. Out of my pleasure, I hopped like a child. Since then, I have been reading all day. It was impressive to me that you commented in your book you still do not understand completely why your blog could be so pupular. Wendy, you blog is the only one blog that I visit everyday. Why? Because it encourages and inspires me most, and avobe all your houmor makes me happy and smile. You are a talented woman in many ways. Miki

  18. I’ve been eyeing the Lisa Souza yarn. The colorways look wonderful!

    Great tiger socks!

  19. Lisa’s great, isn’t she? I just ordered two skeins of her Sock! yarn, thanks to your ‘encouragement’ (actually, the photos alone are all the encouragement I need) about her yarn. I ordered yarn from her years ago, and she’s wonderful! I can’t wait to get my order from her, although I had to place it for solid colors since I’m going to use it in a Fair Isle sock combining a variegated STR color with the solids. So, you realize, I’m going to HAVE to place yet another order with her soon for a variegated colorway cuz, well, they’re gorgeous.
    Have you noticed a trend in knitting socks these days? It somehow entered my bloodstream as well, and I can’t get enough of knitting socks and different sock patterns these days! Methinks there’s a sock terrorist afoot! (groan – bad pun, but couldn’t resist)

  20. Great tiger socks and I love the new sock – such a pretty color. Miss Lucy looks quite content w/ her new toy. And really isn’t that what it’s all about?

  21. What is it with cats and plastic bags? My big girl cat Uma loooooves any plastic bag she can get. She also decided to dig out some yarn last night and kill it.

  22. Wendy– it’s getting expensive to read your blog!!! I went to Lisa Souza and just HAD to order 3 skeins of the Sock! yarn. It’s just too beautiful. Thanks for the link!

  23. The pillow matches Lucy’s eyes! Too cute – Lucy and the pillow.
    Sheri in GA

  24. kknippenberg says:

    Have you seen Lisa Souza’s LACEWEIGHT yarn? Again, amazing colors, and check out that yardage for that price!

  25. Carol Lee says:

    Just had to let you know how much I’m enjoying your book. Found it at Books A Million in Richmond (west end of town)- it was a great surprise, since I found it before the official publish date :>

    You did a wonderful job – thanks for the knitting and reading pleasure. May other books be in your future!

    Carol in Prince George, VA