My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Of Socks and Needles and Lacy Ribs and Radios and Maryland

Wellllll . . . I turned the heel on my first Mahogany sock. Alert the media.


Since switching back to the Skacel bamboo dpns, I realized that I do like them better for socks than the rosewood dpns that I’ve been using. The rosewoods bend alarmingly while I knit with them. These bamboo needles seem more stable.

(Now that I’ve said that, watch me snap one.)

I was thinking about a bit of patterning for the leg, to make things more interesting, you know? A simple lace pattern seems in order. I was gonna use the lacy rib from Debi’s new pattern that she’s generously sharing with us — free!

But you know what? I really really like this yarn in stockinette. So these socks will be plain.


I’ll save Debi’s lacy rib for a plainer yarn!

Radio, Radio

Radio is a sound salvation
Radio is cleaning up the nation

I will be doing an interview this evening with Barbara DeMarco-Barrett for her show Writers on Writing, simulcast on KUCI (88.9 FM). Click on the link to listen to it as a live stream online. Did you miss it? Check back on the website — it should be made available as a podcast in the near future.

Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland

Life is but a dream.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend! Yay! And the weather doesn’t look quite as sucky as it did a few days ago! Double-yay!

A reminder — I’ll be outside the Main Exhibition Hall from 1-3pm on Saturday (May 6). If you’ve got my book and would like me to sign it, I’ll be happy to do so then. If you don’t already have my book and would like a copy, stop in at the Spirit-Trail Fiberworks booth inside the Main Exhibition Hall — they’ll have copies for sale. I hope to see you there!

Lucy Sez


I’ll just stay home and take a nap, thanks all the same.


  1. I’m praying for great weather this weekend, too! If I don’t see you at MSW, I’ll hope to see you in Richmond!

  2. Marti J. says:

    Wish I could be there to have you sign my book … but driving from California is a bit too long right now. Wish you’d come here on tour. I just got your book yesterday & have already read it through once, and am now going back to the patterns to try the toe-up sock. You rock, girl!

  3. Hope you have a great time and LOTS AND LOTS of people want your autograph.

    Have a great time and don’t buy too much yarn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I agree, those sock are perfection as is but thanks for the shout out! I know the lace will call you sooner or later ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a GREAT time and sell LOTS of books so you can consider that South Florida branch of the book tour!

  5. Alison says:

    Can’t wait to hear you tonight on the radio. I’m so excited.

    “Hello, my name is Alison, and I’m a Wendy Groupie.”

    It is at this point that I have lost ANY vestige of being cool to my kids, husband, coworkers or friends. But hey! At least I have lots of yarn, good knitting friends and lots to do with my hands …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The list is growing…….how wonderful…..happy interview…….”on the ra-d-ooooo”…..

  7. I’ll definitely be there! Hope to see you Saturday!

  8. Have a good time in Maryland! Oh, how I wish I were going….

  9. Wish you would come to central Florida so you could sign my book too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just bought it yesterday so I haven’t dived in yet. (I’m busy knitting socks. LOL)

    I’ve only had trouble breaking one brand of bamboo needles — they shall remain nameless here. I broke one the very first time I used it. I refer to them as “those dang shorts” as they are much shorter than most brands I have.

  10. Enjoy your radio interview! I don’t suppose there will be a transcript? Since you know, radio and I don’t exactly get along, for some reason….

  11. Oy… breakage. I snapped one of my first dpns the first time I used it. Now I won’t buy anything other than plastic in sizes under 6.

  12. Annette says:

    It’s nice to see your book getting so much exposure! I’m going to read it again and find a “project”.

    I took a sock class with Lucy Neatby at my LYS this past week. My head hurts! I brought a couple of my completed toe-up socks (one each in Koigu and Baby Cashermino) with me, and got plenty of nice remarks from fellow knitters. So I (quietly) mentioned your web address. Each method has its good points, but yours is definitely more calming! I prefer to knit a decorative stitch on the instep and then the whole cuff, to counter the (for me) boredom of stockinette.

  13. Are you concerned that after signing all those books your hand will hurt too much to knit? That would be a calamity!

    Amy in Austin

  14. Mary Pat says:

    That was a great interview about the book. It was suppose to be about the book; however, there was no mention of Lucy.

    I think maybe Lucy needs her own fan club.

  15. Juliette says:

    Just caught you on the radio — good job. The interviewer always seems a little unfocused, though. (Not just for you but all those KUCI interviews.) You handled it all with aplomb.

  16. Wonderful radio interview!

    Can’t wait to see you in New York!

  17. Great interview! I just finished reading the book today and enjoyed it tremendously. See you Sat. to sign my copy. Here’s hoping for nice weather!

  18. I hope there’ll be great wheather on the day of the festival!

  19. I agree with the prior commenters – the interview was great. Can’t wait to download the audio when it’s available from (well, actually from Ms. DeMarco-Barrett’s page at I believe it’ll be there sometime within the next week or so.

  20. Hi! I’m knitting my first toe-up sock…from your book! I’ll be there with it on Saturday!
    *fingers crossed for good weather*

  21. Wendy! I got your book yesterday in the mail – I’m loving every word. Since I live far far away from your tour spots do you think it’s possible for me to send my book to you for signing? Sorry to ask such a silly question in your comments.

    Hope you have a wonderful time and great weather in Maryland! Take your time with those signatures and don’t squeeze your pen too much – don’t wanna risk injury to the knitting hands!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’ll be there on Saturday for you to sign as soon as I buy the book!

  23. Suzanne says:

    I didn’t read this post until today so I missed your interview. I will look forward to it being offered as a podcast. Radio is awesome, isn’t it? I have been an NPR junkie for years and now I am finding all these wonderful podcasts to listen, too, also. It makes that nasty job of cleaning house a little more enjoyable!

  24. The sock yarn is gorgeous!! I will be at the festival in the morning,maybe able to stick around till your there.Last week I got some chiaogoo bamboos seem nice.

  25. I love your website. After seeing your Spanish Moss Sock project, I decided to pull my Spanish Moss sock yarn out of my stash and give it a try. I even used your toe-up pattern to try the short-row toe and heel. I started out on US0 and had to start over US1 dps. I changed the number of cast-on sts, based on gauge, since I was getting 9sts/1″. I had no idea I knit so tightly! Anyway, I am enjoying your book as well, a recent purchase. Unfortunately, going to work keeps interfering with my knitting/reading time. Thanks for the inspirational knitting!

  26. I am awaiting the UPS man to bring me your book today — I can’t wait! Althought I do hope he comes in the afternoon, or I won’t get anything else but knitting done today! Which isn’t so bad in the scheme of things…

    Curious as I am considering a rather daunting-looking feather-and-fan shawl lace pattern (my first lace pattern)…is lace coming back on the menu anytime soon, or was that a Summer 2005 thing? 2006 appears to be the Year of the Sock so far…looks like the makings of an interesting Astral Calendar for Knitters!

  27. Just five things to say,
    1.The sock yarn you’re working with is truly beautiful – glad you’re staying in stockinette-
    2. thank you for the free sock pattern
    3. can’t wait to read your reaction to your radio interview;
    4.see you at MD S&W; and
    5. Love to Lucy!

  28. You really think Lucy is laying there thinking I’ll just stay home and take a nap? NOOOOOOO. Lucy is laying on the list of kitty friends she has been writing ever since she found out you would be gone.

    She will be running a weekend of kitty classes with topics such as: how to position yourself in a 10×8 room so no human can move without stepping over you, capnip: harmless entertainment or addiction, tuna 101, follow the sun: how to sleep 10 hrs on the couch and never be out of the sun.

    Lunch will be served, friendships made, and cat hair deposited everywhere.

    When you arrive home she will be sleeping and lift her head just enough to give you the “I can’t believe you left me alone Wendy” look. And you will be none the wiser.

  29. That is quite possibly the most perfectly turned heel I’ve ever seen! (Note that I “tried” knitting socks, but to no avail. One was too short, one had a pointy heel.) Can you recommend a tutorial on how to knit such a nice heel?

  30. I like my skacel bamboo dpns too, and I especially like them not that I finally got some 6″ ones. Much better than the 8″. Have a great time at Maryland – I’m glad the weather is looking up for the weekend.

  31. Thanks for the heads up on the lace pattern. I’ve been trying to decide on something different for cotton socks & this might be the ticket.

    When do you think you might be coming to Cambridge, MA? Porter Square Books maybe? We have a big knitting crowd here that I know would be there.

  32. Joan in Reno says:

    One thing about bamboo needles, if you snap one it isn’t the huge tragedy breaking a rosewood would be. I got my book from Amazon last week and I love it. I’ll have to pass up Maryland this year. Have fun.

  33. I hope you have a wonderful time and the line for your autograph stretches for miles! And, of course, that you score some gorgeous yarn.

    I’m almost finished reading the book and I love it. Great job, Wendy!

  34. I got your book today. Such fun telling my daughter, “Look! This is THEEEE Wendy’s book!” Yes, she was impressed. The book is as good as I expected it to be, thank goodness!!

    So, when is the next one coming out? Not that I want last year’s shawl patterns you knit up or anything… (hint)

  35. Please come to New England! Even if you come out to the southernmost states like CT or RI (actually that would work better for me), it would be MOST awesome!!

  36. You’re in Maryland RIGHT NOW while I’m sitting at my lonely little reference desk in the library, chomping at the bit to get going so we can be in Maryland tonight…with plenty of time to be at the festival tomorrow…but that means missing YOU!!!

    I hope you have/had a great time.

    Congratulations again on the book!

  37. Andrea says:

    Well, I looked for you at the festival, but couldn’t find you. ๐Ÿ™ I’m sure I went to the right place, but someone was shearing a sheep instead of you siging books. (I also couldn’t find Spirit trail to buy the book, so I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.) It sure was a great day, though. Hope you had fun!