My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Of Socks and Stupidity and Stash!

Because of some extended knitting time on Saturday, in the car on the way to MDS&W (because Phyl was nice enough to drive) and while I was hanging out with other knitters at the festival, I made some excellent progress on the first Mahogany sock. And I finished it Saturday evening.


Plain stockinette, with a picot edging at the top. I love it. So, I immediately started the second sock.

I was almost halfway through the shortrow toe before I realized that I had started the toe with 3 stitches too many — 37 instead of 34. Doh! So rip I did, and managed a toe with the right number of stitches this morning. I’m saving it for commuter knitting this week.

So. That’s the socks and stupidity covered. Time for the stash.

I did virtually no shopping yesterday, but I did pick up a few things at the Spirit Trail booth:


Sock yarn in three beautiful colorways!

And this glorious roving, a merino/mohair blend:


The colorway is very similar to my Mahogany sock, is it not?


There’s been more stash enhancing in the past few days chez Wendyknits . . .

L-B brought me this lovely handpainted wool/silk last weekend:


This is from Holly Spring Homespun, handpainted by Kathy. I love the colorway!

L-B also brought me a beautiful handcrafted shawl pin, which happens to have been made by my friend Alice’s husband.


These are also available at Holly Spring Homespun.

And last week I placed an online order with Dave Daniel’s new online shop, Cabin Cove Mercantile, for this beautiful laceweight yarn:


Lucy is interested because this yarn came from Lulu Kitty’s dad!



  1. Lovely sock yarn! That roving is nice too, how easy is it to learn to spin on a spindle while lying on a couch? only I may have some time to fill ๐Ÿ™‚ (see my blog for further explaination)

  2. BAD Wendy! I already have an unmanageable stash. I don’ need no stinkin’ temptation to inflate it.

    The Mahogany sock is gorgeous. I’ve never knit socks…may have to start. Maybe I could break the husband of his Paul Smith habit?

  3. I feel so bad, I somehow forgot to come see you! I had a serious post-koigu high. Yeah, that was it.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at MS&WF. Doesn’t Dave do wonderful colorways; I ordered his Cactus Flower and just love it. I’m trying to figure out what to make with it besides socks.

  6. Phooey! Now I’ve got to hightail it over to Dave’s store to get some yarn I’ve been eyeing before it’s gone! He’s got such a great eye for color. I’m glad Lucy realizes we should buy from friends whenever we can ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’ll be in NH this coming weekend, and I’m going to have to look for some of that mahogany roving. I.WANT.THOSE.SOCKS!
    Nice stash enhancement you’ve been doing.

  8. So *jealous*!! I so want to go to one of these fantastic festivals! Still trying to find one out here in the heartland..

  9. That Spirit Trail booth was hard to resist!

  10. darn wished that I remembered which area you were going to be located in, I walked just about everywhere looking for you!

  11. Oh yum!! All that sock yarn is just gorgeous. I’ve got socks on the brain lately. Getting the foot long enough is makin me crazy though. hehe

    Can’t wait to see more of your finished socks.

  12. Love all your new goodies but that roving is spectacular! Love your new socks too, perfect in their simplicity!

  13. What’s your method of doing a picot edge on a toe-up sock? I always do picot from the top down. Are you doing the same thing, but sewing down the facing half rather than k2tog-ing like you do in top down? I’m having a hard time imagining another way. Must be the painkillers.

  14. LOVE THOSE SOCKS!!! where might I fing a pattern?
    Thanks for all the info about your travels, just landed here and really like it. Thanks again, just stitchin’

  15. Dave’s stuff is just so so gorgeous. He really has a talent for color and spinning doesn’t he?
    It was great meeting you Saturday and thanks for signing my book!

  16. Wendy, Beautiful mahogany socks. I love the picot edge. Because of you (dammit), I ordered the same colorways and am now on a waiting list. Which is okay, because I’ve never knit a sock in my life and am starting my first pair with your Toe-Up pattern. I’d like to use the Figure 8 cast on method. Could you tell me where I could find instructions on that?

  17. Dave’s yarn is wonderful! He has a great color eye. Spirit Trails is on my list to try someday. Maybe she’ll be at Rhinebeck. Nice enhancements you have there!

  18. Tamara says:

    Looks like fun.

    That center Spirit Trail sock yarn is *amazing*. Wow. Do you have something in mind yet for the lace yarn?

  19. wow, love that mahogany sock! Such a lovely colour.

  20. Oh Wendy I was bad, very bad. I was in a YS in Hood River OR. Picked up your book and was leafing throught it commmenting to hubby behind me about “look look it’s Wendy’s book”. About 37 pages into it hubby said oh you’d better come look at this. And he showed me a basket of hand dyed hand spun. Brain turned off Wendy Knits brain turned on HDHS. HDHS was closer to the register on the way out. Got halfway to Portland and realized Wendy Knits never made it to the register.

    I am sooooo sorry. My bad.

  21. I warned my MSW compatriate that I was looking for a Famous Knitter while we were wandering around on Sunday…then I realized I never lifted my face higher than the vendors’ tables the whole time I was there!

    I could have walked right by **The** Wendy, and not even known! That would be so sad. I’d rather just assume I missed you altoghether instead of regretting my oblivious nature.

  22. Mahogany socks are just awesome, I love the colour. Some lovely additions to the stash.

  23. OH! I love them!!!