My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Manic Monday

Just another manic Monday, made more so by virtue of my not having been in the office since last Thursday at noon.

Those three and one-half days sure zipped by in a heartbeat.

I am feeling some bloggy malaise, so I will resort to answering questions from the comments. Besides which, they are questions which ought to be answered!

Snow (heal quickly, Snow!) asked:

What’s your method of doing a picot edge on a toe-up sock? I always do picot from the top down. Are you doing the same thing, but sewing down the facing half rather than k2tog-ing like you do in top down?


That’s what I’m doing. I do the picot (k2tog, yo around), then knit 4 rounds plain. Then I do a stretchy sewn cast-off, then turn the facing to the inside and sew it down loosely. That last bit of sewing the facing down is sort of a PITA, but it does work, and the socks come out looking quite nice. Somewhere in my cluttered brain I sort of think that there ought to be some sort of way to knit the facing down at the end, but I haven’t really thought that through and besides, I’m too lazy to try to actually figure it out.


Leslie asked:
Beautiful mahogany socks. I love the picot edge. Because of you (dammit), I ordered the same colorways and am now on a waiting list. Which is okay, because I’ve never knit a sock in my life and am starting my first pair with your Toe-Up pattern. I’d like to use the Figure 8 cast on method. Could you tell me where I could find instructions on that?

Happy to enable you into a purchase, Leslie. Hee hee hee!

There are instructions for doing a figure 8 cast-on in this article from Knitty a few years back.

Laura asked in the comments a couple of days ago if I was doing another Summer of Lace this year. Hmmmmmm, I dunno. At the moment, lace is not calling to me. I have seen mention on some blogs of something called the Amazing Lace, or something like that, though. so clearly someone is knitting lace this summer!

Tiger Socks, Revisited

Another photo of the tiger socks I completed last week, being modeled by the KOARC.


Lefthanded Knitting

I’ve gotten a couple of comments recently about the fact that I am lefthanded — as evidenced by a photo of me signing a book at MDS&W. Yes, I am a lefty, but I do not knit lefthanded — I knit from left needle to right needle.

Not Just Bloggy Malaise, But Knitting Malaise Too

Sadly. I had lots of knitting time yesterday but actually did very little knitting. I have, however, finished Deirdre’s back.


And I have made a start on the front.


But, I am bored with it, so I’m just plodding along.

Perhaps when they turn the a/c on in my condo building later this week, my knitting mojo will be back in full force.

Lucy is looking forward to the a/c as well. It can’t be comfy wearing a fur coat when the weather’s warm. Fortunately it hasn’t been too hot here, and I do have fans running, but I don’t think Her Highness likes having her fur ruffled by fans.

Here she is, doing her impression of the Sphinx, in front of an 8-pack of paper towels.



  1. Lucy gives the distinct impression that she knows exactly how well that pose shows off her beautiful ruff!

    I love the closeups of that sock, btw – another site added to my list of “must purchase sock yarn from NOW” sites…

  2. Here’s the URL for the Amazing Lace blog:

    You should definitely check out the blogs of the two women who are hosting (Theresa and Rachel, listed in the sidebar). They both knit wonderful stuff.

  3. Those picot edges are now calling to me too! Have you no shame?

    Lovely Tiger socks!

    Finally, Lucy looks gorgeous… again.

    Loved reading your book! It was my treat, as I, alas, couldn’t make it to Maryland. πŸ™

    Knit on.

  4. I love when kitties do their Sphinx impressions!

    Also: You? Lazy? Please. I think you’ve knit more since Christmas than I have in my three-year knitting career. πŸ™‚ Must…catch…up…

  5. Milinda says:

    I ordered some sock! from Lisa last night and was shocked to get an almost immediate response. Thank you for the review of the yarn. I cannot wait to get my hands on some for myself.

  6. I ordered my Dave (Cabin Cove) yarn and am being resolute in resolve to not order any more from anyone (except maybe for the next chemo cap for my buddy). I love Lucy’s ruff — of course one could say “I love Lucy”! (sowwy, couldn’t help it).

  7. I’m a lefty-writing righty-knitter, too. It’s hard to explain to some people how to know when to adapt to right-handed methods (stick-shift driving, knitting) and when to stick to your Southpaw ways (writing, kickboxing).

    Just saying.

  8. Love the socks…..what elegant tiger socks..what a great model!…… enjoying watching the list of “appearances” grow…….

  9. I thought your book said you started knitting as a lefty? Or was that just a delusion on my part? Could be.

    I can’t bend or swivel my right wrist nor use that thumb so knitting lefthanded is not optional for me. Hence sometimes having to resort to going to Knit Happens just to ask Holly or whoever to demonstrate a technique because what they produce on the back of their work is what I see when I knit! It’s a bit unorthodox I suppose but knitting inside out works just fine for me and I knit well, 1/10ths as prolifically as you.

    Those tiger socks are cute! But why do they look striped differently? Another delusion on my part?

    And you won’t sucker me into those dark socks… Nope. Nope.

  10. Gee, I sure wish my knitting malaise looked a bit more like yours.

  11. Ah, that CLASSIC, the kitty-sphinx-and-paper-towels. Always a favorite. Seriously though, Lucy does look a little uncomfortable and perturbed with her fur coat. Just like an aloof sphinx.

  12. ooh, you just had to bring attention to the 8-pack, didn’t you? Too bad, you missed. I already swallowed my coffee.

    Anyway, Lucy looks beautiful.

    BTW, I need some translation from Wendy-ese to English. Yeah, for the phrases “Very little knitting.” & “Not a lot of progress.” Anyone? Thank you in advance. πŸ˜‰

  13. About your picot edging-
    I like to pick up stitches from the 4th row (for me 5th) above the k2tog row and knit it together with the last row before I do the sewn cast off to secure the edge down. This is MUCH stretchier for me – since otherwise I tend to sewn down too tight.
    Your mahogany socks are beautiful!

  14. You have to wait til you condo turns on your AC?? Yikes! No wonder Lucy is as still as a Sphinx!
    For someone with knitting malaise that looks like a whole lotta Deirdre to me πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you for explaining how to do the picot edging on the toe up socks. I’ve always wanted to try that and wondered how I could since you now have me hooked on toe up socks.

    Lucy is so beautiful!

  16. Some friends and I were discussing left-handed knitters the other day. We were thinking that continental would be make sense for lefties, and wouldn’t need to be “reversed”. However, none of us are left handed. Was our conclusion correct? Or do left-handed people actually have a better time knitting in the opposite direction? Do you know other left-handed knitters?

  17. Juliette says:

    Well, you are well on your way to a “Spring of Socks” perhaps you can fold the summer into it?

    I am loving the socks btw

  18. I’m so amused. Lucy’s sphinx impression looks just like my dog’s. Teehee.

    Anyhow, thanks for the guidance for picot edged toe-up socks. I’ve been wondering about that myself πŸ™‚

  19. Regarding picot and folded hems from the “other” way, I just pick up a (WS) stitch from the corresponding row, k2tog, pick up and k2tog, and bind those two stitches together in the usual fashion. Does that make sense?

  20. Omg, THANK YOU for showing how to do picot edging on toe up socks. I’d tried a picot cast off but it was terribly sloppy. I did make it to MS&W with high hopes to see you! but we ended up fleeing the crowds before noon. πŸ™‚ Also, love the mahogany. πŸ™‚

  21. Sorry I missed getting you to sign my book at the S&W.

    Lace isn’t really calling to me right now either. Socks, lots and lots of socks, are calling to me. Isn’t it strange how we go through phases like that?

  22. Oh crap! Now you have that song stuck in my head!! Get it out! Get it out!! LOL

  23. Hi Wendy! I always, always use your toe up pattern for knitting my socks. Love it, as I never have to worry about running out of yarn at the wrong point (like right before ending the toes.) I always do a short row heel. Are there instructions for other heels, done toe-up? I’d like to try some others, just for variety. (I do like the short row, though.) Maybe you have patterns for it in your new book. My copy arrives on Friday from Amazon, so I’ll check in there. Lastly – love the pictures of your beautiful Lucy. We had to put our beloved 17 yr. old cat to sleep two weeks ago, and it was SO hard. Reading about Lucy makes me look forward to getting another one, when we are ready for that. Blessings to you!

  24. I really do love that mahogany sock. Maybe that’s why I recognized it so easily at MDS&W. I just made a Rick-Rack bag and it required a creating a welt by knitting the current row to one 5 rows earlier.(does that make sense?) It seems like that ought to work for creating a picot edge on a toe up sock too. Just a thought.

  25. “I’m too lazy…” Yeah, right…

    You are about the least lazy knitter I have ever seen!

  26. For someone with blogging malaise, you still summoned up a pretty fine entry. I love those tiger socks. You enabled me to order a ball of that Opal, along with a ball of the Petticoat. And last night, that yarn arrived along with a lovely package of yarns from Lisa Souza! It’s getting expensive reading your blog. Or perhaps I’m just easy.

  27. Wendy, I’m not even confessing to all the crack, I mean yarn, that you’re enticing me with! Let’s just say that the Tiger Sock yarn looks mighty familiar. I have checked out the Knitty article and will probably practice the Figure 8 cast on on some leftover yarn before I begin with the lovely Koigu. Thanks for the guidance!

  28. Yes – you put it so well – that lace is not calling to you right now – that’s so how knitting works for me. I just started focussing on lace because it was “calling” to me – you really get knitting and express it so well. Sorry to hear that you have blog blahs – and sorry I missed you at MD S&W – the crowds, the crowds were unbelievable! The tiger socks are awesome – remind me of Calvin and Hobbes whenever I see them – Love the picture of Lucy – it really captures something about her – her regalness.

    Love to Lucy!

  29. I love the idea of doing a picot edge on a toe up sock like sewing down a facing… but that’s something I’ve never needed to do yet in knitting. Are there any resources out there to tell me how to do it, or do I just need to wing it and hope for the best?

  30. I have knitty and bloggy malaise too. It comes and goes. Too bad I don’t think I’ll ever find my house cleaning mojo. That would sure help a lot!

  31. Pretty socks! Pretty Diedrie! Stunning Lucy!

    For some reasomn socks are calling to me but I have 5 projects with time deadlnes looming -beware the little voice in the pbrain that says but socks are little.

  32. janet d says:

    thanks for the figure 8 reference, going to give it a try!

  33. i like to knit down my hems to the row before the picot edge starts, rather than sew them. i pick up stitches from that row through the back loops and knit them together with the ones on the needle, binding off at the same time. if needed, a life line running through the row to be picked up might help keep it all straight.

  34. Isabelle says:

    Now that I’ve completed my first-ever sock using your pattern and am one-third of the way through its mate (sorry, using Magic Loop method), with plans for a second pair (not only does practice makes perfect but it’s a great rationalization for strategic stash acquisition), I re-read your Knitty article on toe-up cast-ons. Even though I love working short rows (!), I’m intrigued by the easy toe. When you use this toe, do you turn the heel using short rows or do you use another technique? Using short rows at both heel and toe ensures that they match – which pleases my compulsive side – but I may need to adjust. Any knitterly wisdom would be great.

    Thanks, as always, as always for the inspiration. Give Lucy a scratch behind the ears for me.

  35. I LOVE that mahogany colorway-and the picot edge is fantastic-I’ll be trying it on my next pair!
    I picked up your book this weekend at my local mega-bookstore and promptly read every word. I couldn’t put it down, even though I had my dd’s socks glaring at me, waiting for me to finish their toes. I’ve added several of your designs to my list of things to knit.

  36. Wendy, where’s Liam?

    I can’t find that pattern anywhere. I knew in my heart that the reason I couldn’t find it anywhere is because I’d find it in the book. *sniff*

    I have such love for the Liam.

  37. Wendy I just started your generic toe up sock pattern last night and I am loving it!! Won’t be trying the picot edge for awhile as this is only my second sock – tragic but true ;-} But I think it’s beautiful and will try it sometime in the future.

    To Sheri in the earlier comment, sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. If you haven’t seen the Rainbow Bridge poem go to It provided us with comfort when we lost our 17yr old dog a couple years ago. (Be prepared with a couple of tissues)