My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Knitting

Where was I?

Thanks for all your very kind comments about the Leaf Lace Shawl. Gotta say, I am embarrassed at how completely craptacular my photos of the shawl are. But it was sort of dark and rainy yesterday, so I couldn’t get a good natural light photo. Flash photos did not work out at all. I’ll try to get some better shots. But not today. After being nice and sunny most of the day, it clouded up and the sky got dark and ominous before I got home. so no good natural light photos today.

In the interests of full disclosure, I did not take the time to block this by wetting it and pinning it out — I simply went over it with a steam iron. That worked very well. Because of the high silk content, I didn’t want to attempt to stretch it. Also, because it’s a heavier yarn, I didn’t think I needed a full wet block — the weight of it keeps it stretched out to a certain extent. I think it turned out just fine as is.

So there you have it.

Why a Shawl?

There was a comment today asking what I do with my shawls.

I always keep a couple of shawls at the office — my office is underheated in the winter and over air-conditioned in the summer, but other parts of the office are far warmer. Shawls are great to throw over my shoulders when I’m at my desk. When I get up to go to a warmer part of the office, I can easily toss said shawl over the back of my chair.

I sometimes use a shawl as a big scarf over my winter coat. And some of my shawls are given as gifts to other people.

And some of them are process knitting — I knit them for the pleasure of knitting lace with nary a thought as to their final disposition.

Sock In Progress!

I have resumed commuter knitting on the sock I started last week. Here it is, in all its sockie splendour:


Look! A lace pattern that is NOT feather and fan around the leg. Alert the media!


This is a simple lace rib, done over multiples of 6 stitches thusly:

Row 1: (k2, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1) around.
Rows 2 – 4: knit

Easy as pie. And far more entertaining than plain stockinette.

Sweater in Progress!

I also resumed knitting on Deirdre and am at the point where I can start the armhole decreases on the front.


It’s funny — last week I got so sick of knitting this I could barely stand it. This week I happily picked it up and have been thoroughly entertained. Clearly, I am odd.

I guess a little cheating on the work-in-progress spices things up.

Be forewarned . . . there is more cheating-on-works-in-progress planned in the near future.


Lucy is appalled.



  1. You know, I’d ask to watch you knit, but then, I’m sure your hands would be a blur. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m in awe.

  2. Deirdre is turning out so pretty! And I love the lace rib – that might have go into my next set of socks…

    Finally got to sit down and read your book this week (with all pages right side up this time). Brava! Now we need to wait for book 2? (hint, hint)

  3. Lucy looks like a fluffier version of my Siamese, “Miss Kitty.” Do you think the two breeds are related?

  4. Yarn!! I need the name of that yarn… the colors are soooo gorgeous… please don’t tell me you spun it yourself… I would cry!

    I’m assuming the socks and the skeins ohsoprettily-on-the Dell are the same?

  5. Lucy looks like a fluffier version of my Siamese, “Miss Kitty.” Do you think the two breeds are related?

  6. Well, I’m not appalled, but then I cheat on my WIPs all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your freshly-wound yarn…might it be sock yarn?

  7. Nice progress on Deirdre – and pretty pretty new sock. I know you get millions of questions but can I ask how or where you store your knits? Dresser drawers? Surely not on hangers. Do you keep some kind of lavender or cedar things in there to keep bugs out or is there just no real concern about wool bugs where you live?

  8. Ah, but is Lucy surprised?

    Nifty lace pattern – added to my list o’ potential sock ribbings. Thanks!

  9. Hi Wendy! Love the new sock pattern. One question on it. You said it is over 6 stitches, but I only count 5 in Row 1 – the 2 knits, the slip, and the k2tog. Am I reading this wrong?

  10. Loving the color of that sock yarn! I frequently have the same feeling about not wanting to work on a project, going to something else and coming back and loving it again. Perhaps I am weird too. I really need to get around to making a shawl to keep in my office too. I’m always freezing…

  11. Love the lace rib….(am also counting 5..please educate)…and the shawl!….both pattern and yarn are divine…..

  12. First of all I would like to thank you for the toe-up sock pattern. I started my first sock ever on a road trip this weekend.
    Second, I didn’t get the shawl thing at first, but now that I work in an office, I definitely do! I also keep one on the back of my chair, and although many days I don’t need it, I am so thankful for having it the days I do! Plus, it brightens up my work space to have something pretty that I made draped over my chair. I really want to knit the shawl you have in your book! (I love the book too, I’ve been meaning to say that.)

  13. I LOVE that yarn on cables and ribs. The purple and blue absolutely SHINE and highlight the work! Love it!

  14. OH, LOL, thank you for answering about the shawl. Knitting just for fun. That never occured to me, not even once. I do that! Not right now, of course. Right now I have a few felted clogs for like 10 people and with the scraps I’ll make a couple more Kitty pies. I’ve got a Ragdoll too and he does mash out the one I made. The others fit, he mashes it out to Kitty Pancake, LOL
    But yeah, I tame my inner knitting demon by knitting soap sacks and washcloths as an outlet. I wonder what others feed their knitting demons?

  15. I vant your sock yarn! (And the tiger sock yarn, too!)

  16. KnitMary says:

    I get 6 sts. K2- one and two, sl1- three, k2tog -four and five and k1 = 6

  17. I adore that simple lace rib! I want to try it!

  18. Where did you get the sock yarn? I’m loving it.

  19. I love that sock pattern, the yarn colours look great.

  20. Love the lace rib on the sock. I noticed you do toe up like I do, and I’m at the gusset right now on my latest pair, so I think I’ll try your rib. Thanks!

  21. Your current sock is beautiful. What is that yarn on the Dell? It’s gorgeous.

  22. Yikes: it’s 6… it….pleading tiredness….while drooling over sock!

  23. A particularly good Lucy pic today…I love her looking up in horror at the cheatin’-heart-project- to-be!

  24. We knitters are a fickle bunch. The new yarn in your life looks lovely and I’m not so sure Lucy is appalled, maybe intrigued.

  25. I was having a bad knitting night so I logged on looking for a not-too-lacy edge for my sweater in process,(I’ve had to frog more times than I care to mention for such a simple project) and your current sock was the answer. Thanks so much.

  26. I dunno. Lucy looks to me like she just woke up from a lovely nap, and is pretty fond of Wendy!

    Btw, you’ve mentioned using Rowan Calmer several times. How do you wash your Calmer sweaters? I was planning to use it for the yoke of a nightgown for my mother, and assuming that being cotton and microfiber, it should be (gently) machine washable and dryable. But the label recommends dry cleaning (they seem to always do that), or very careful hand washing only. Thoughts? I could throw a swatch in the washer and take my chances, but perhaps someone else has already tried this?

  27. You’re playing mighty fast and loose with your knitting, Miss One-Project-at-a-Time.

  28. Oh, god, that yarn (on the computer) is gorgeous!!!! Those are all of my best colors all rolled up in one yummy yarn. You aren’t planning a secret pressie for me, by any chance, are you? Just thought I’d ask…

  29. Thank you so much. I was poking around for a simple, sort of lacey pattern to use with Trekking for the Trek-a-long. Your answer is perfect!

  30. You book made her long journey to my mailbox and I have enjoyed reading it. Your knitting and writing are inspiring!

  31. is there a Row 3 to your lace pattern?

  32. janice james says:


  33. I too am baffled by the pretty ribbing instructions. Mine doesn’t look like yours. Is Row 3 the same as the Row 1 pattern? Thanks!

  34. I too am baffled by the pretty ribbing instructions. Mine doesn’t look like yours. Is Row 3 the same as the Row 1 pattern? Thanks!

  35. I too am baffled by the pretty ribbing instructions. Mine doesn’t look like yours. Is Row 3 the same as the Row 1 pattern? Thanks!