My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sucking Up the Row Gauge Blues

Now I got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’ sucking up the row gauge blues.

Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Well, yeah. Not a whole lot of progress on my poor sleeve. Due in part to the Cable That Sucks Up Row Gauge and due in part to the fact that of you wanna make progress on your sleeve, you sorta have to knit on it for more than an hour.

This too shall pass.

The sleeve was going to accompany me on my book jaunt this weekend. Here’s where I’m gonna be:

June 3, 2006, 12-2pm: Carodan Farm, Stanardsville, VA. I’ve long been a customer of Carodan Farm’s online shop, so I am very much looking forward to visiting them in person!

June 3, 2006, 5-8pm: Holly Spring Homespun, Powhatan, VA. I understand that there will be wine and cheese involved here! I visited Holly Spring Homespun for the first time in December of last year and am very much looking forward to seeing Kathy again. As an added bonus, I’ll get to see my buddy “Alice in Richmond!”

June 4, 2006, 2-4pm: The Yarn Lounge, Richmond, VA. Another great shop I visited in December. Can’t wait to see what is there to tempt me now!

June 4, 2006, 6-8pm: Upstairs at Cafe Gutenberg, Richmond, VA. This is gonna be an informal knitting meet-up. L-B tells me she’s reserved the “big table” upstairs for us.

I hope if you are in the area, you’ll stop by one (or more!) of these events. Yep, L-B will be with me for the whole trip — yay!

More cause for celebration — I finished my Claudia’s Handpainted socks. Double-yay!


Now tonight I need to pick out a new sock project. Decisions, decisions.

Didja notice above where I said the sleeve was going to accompany on my trip this weekend? I fully intended to take it along (honest, I did), but that loudmouth handpainted laceweight cashmere from School Products simply would not shut up. In an attempt to placate it, I thought I would wind some of it into a ball. No dice. It was still screaming. And it was so incredibly tangled that it refused to be wound. Not in the mood for such shenanigans, I set it aside and wound the lovely handpainted laceweight wool I bought from Dave Daniels when he first launched his mercantile (hey — go check out his new store!)

Really — what else could I do?


So this yarn is going with me and I plan to knit it up into something pretty and lacey. So there.

I’ll not be blogging again til Monday evening, so y’all have a great weekend.

Lucy sez:


I get to have my daddy to myself again this weekend!


  1. I grew up in Virginia…I always wish I still lived there, but now I really REALLY wish I still lived there! Waaahh…a little whine & cheese… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great trip!

  2. Enjoy the trip! Cashmere should win over a sleeve any day!

  3. Ok, I’m a dodo brain. Yes, both the bird and my brain are extinct! I’ll miss you at Holly Spring because I got my dates confused and I’ll be in NOVA that day, but hope to catch up with you and L-B on Sunday in at least one of your venues. Have a smooth and safe travel down south! =)

  4. I can’t wait to hear/see what new habits Lucy picks up THIS weekend. Maybe she’ll get her own blog….
    Have a safe trip!

  5. Have a great trip and happy lace knitting!

  6. Ms. Sandra is right! I do intend to teach Lucy some new bad habits this weekend.

    First, we’re going to watch kitty porn while eating peanuts, popcorn and Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Dry Cat Food (mixed together kinda like Chex Mix) and doing shots of bourbon.

    Then Lucy’s going to teach me to use a litter box.

    Should be great fun!

  7. Wow 2 of my favorite sayings in one post. “Do you want cheese with that whine?” and “This too shall pass”. I, of course, got them both from my mother. Isn’t it amazing how these things are passed down? =)

  8. I used to live in VA too!! Not so many great yarn shops back then! Have fun Wendy!

  9. Don’t forget that the Greek Food Festival is also in Richmond this weekend – just a few blocks away from the Yarn Lounge! Now that’s a treat – get to meet Ms. Wendy, eat GREAT Greek food and go to the Yarn Lounge :>. That’s worth making the trip from Prince George, VA (about an hour away). Wendy, you may have just talked me into breaking into the Stitches East “kitty” I’ve been building since the first of the year. I know I won’t get out of the Yarn Lounge without something insisting it’s just GOT to come home with me.

    Grace and the socks look wonderful! Best wishes for a safe and wonderful book signing/meet weekend!

    Carol in Prince George, VA

  10. gosh, my parents live down there, 2 hours from richmond. should have gone to visit this weekend(but I wouldn’t have been there, lol.
    whaa, lucy withdrawel!!!
    Thanks for another fave added to mylist ( that yarn is gorgeous!!)have a safe and fun trip.

  11. Have a great trip. I hope the weather is nice.
    Thank you for using the word “shenanigans” in a sentence relating to knitting! (It made me laugh for some reason.)

  12. Don’t you just hate when your yarn won’t shut up? There are some especially loud specimens in my living room right now. I suspect that I’ll need to cast on more than one project this weekend to restore the peace in my home. Such the sacrifice!

  13. This might be a dumb question, but I am new to socks…On those Claudia handpainted socks, did the toes, heel, and cuff stripe up like that on their own, or did you need to do something different to make it do that? I like how the stripes on those areas are fatter, and how they are skinny on the rest of the sock!

  14. LOVE Claudie’s socks! Awesome colors! And Lucy is really beautiful! I’m sure you’ll hiss her bunches while you’re away. enjoy!

  15. Message for Lucy:
    So near and yet so far!
    Here’s looking at you kid!
    P.S. Possible bumpersticker: Virginia is Whine Country

  16. While neither original nor all that funny, I still have to say it:

    I love Lucy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I hate it when yarn screams. It’s so disturbing. The sleeve will still be waiting for you when you get home, so enjoy your lace knitting while you’re off galavanting around with your book.

  18. Have a fabulous weekend, Wendy. I hope Lucy enjoys her time alone with The King.

  19. Before it was Cafe Gutenberg, it was the Main Street Grill, owned by my brother! I spent many hours there. Have a great time in the Richmond area — I moved away years ago, but go back to visit a couple of times a year. Looks like there are a few new yarn shops I need to visit when I am there in July…

  20. anne marie in philly says:

    considering you are coming up to philly next weekend, I think it’s special that you opened up your current posting with a Jim Croce song riff (workin’ at the car wash blues, for those who don’t know).

    lucy is one lucky kitty! I like spending “alone time” with my 2 kitties when spouse is away.

    looking forward to welcoming you to my city next weekend!

  21. Hey,Lynn (above), e me if you see this to talk about wonderful memories of Main St.Grill! Are you Jeff’s sister or from the Bless family? See ‘ya on the tracks,Wendy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Carol Arena says:

    Wendy – are you going to be at the NYS Sheep & Wool in October??

  23. Ann in CT says:

    It’s probably to late now, but did you consider short sleeves? And I’m sure you’ve discussed it before, but I like to do both sleeves at once (I had a pair not match once, that was all it took). I don’t know whether it extends my stay on sleeve island, but I figure it balances out in the end.

  24. Ah yes, you must succumb to the lace, otherwise it hires out our pets as hit men and they practice their skills at keeping us up all night. It’s fact of life, we just have to face the music, and knit the lace.

  25. Hi Wendy –

    I read your book review on which says you started as a self-taught left handed knitter. Do you still knit left handed? Any by left handed, I mean holding the work in the right hand and manipulating the working needle in the left. Do you have to modify or “translate” patterns to knit them left handed?

  26. Lucy looks like she’s trying to hypnotize the yarn… or maybe it’s the other way ’round?

    Cute socks!

  27. Carodan Farm! I love those folks – I am neon green with envy, m’lady.

    BTW – I don’t see Chicago in that list on the right… QUE?

  28. Road trip……what fun……and wool too!…..hope you meet all your fans in VA…..come to CA!

  29. You would think I’ve never knit socks before with all of the questions I have about these toe up socks. O.K. on with the question. I finished one sock and cast off as loosely as possible and the cast off is too tight for my leg. I’ll admit that I didn’t follow your advice and do a gauge swatch so the socks are very tight anyway. I’ll call these socks “experience” and give them to my skinny daughter. My question is – is there another way to cast off loosely other than a regular knit one and pass the previous stitch over that you’ve found? My daugh4ter loves the socks already so it’s not a total disaster. I just have the chubby leg syndrome AND had trouble getting the bound off edge over my heel.
    Thanks for all of the previous advice and thanks for a great pattern that I know I will use again.

  30. Lucy seriously looks like she’s lusting after that yarn!

  31. Judy in MN says:

    Geeeeeze….I’m embarassed to say how long it took me to dredge Jim Croce up and match the melody with the lyrics. (and now I can’t get my brother’s voice singing that song out of my head–he did a fair to middlin’ impersonation of Croce)….”steadily depressin’, low-down mind messin’, working at the car wash blues.”

  32. Hey, Lucy! Your mommy’s on her way back now! You must insist on touring with her some day! Everyone asks about you!

  33. Hi Wendy–it was great to meet you yesterday! If I’d remembered that the yarn you were using was the CASHMERE, I would have oohed and aahed much, much more. Drat!

    I’ve added our photo to my blog, but unfortunately, it’s a teeny bit fuzzy around the edges…I hope yours turns out better than mine did.

    Thanks for being so willing to make nice with so many adoring fans waiting for a piece of you!

    Oh, and please thank L-B for being our photographer–I’m so glad I got to meet her, too.

    –Judy (a once-upon-a-time curly girl)